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 "You!!" Hearing that Zhao Fu dared to say such words when facing so many people, such as calling them trash, everyone felt incredibly furious. They raised their various weapons and rushed over, wanting to turn Zhao Fu into meat paste.

The scene of 10,000 people charging was quite impressive, but at that moment, Zhao Fu's body suddenly disappeared.

This caused everyone to pause in surprise - how had this person suddenly disappeared?

At that moment, a ten or so meter long black arc suddenly flashed out, causing blood and limbs to fly. Thirty or so people instantly died, and their bodies fell to the ground with shocked expressions on their faces. None of them had realized what had happened before dying.

This sudden attack shocked everyone, but before they could respond, another two sharp arcs of light flashed out, killing more than 100 people. Not a single person could retaliate before their bodies were essentially split in two.

This strange and terrifying scene made everyone start to feel scared, and they started to retreat.

At that moment, another black arc of light flashed out, lopping off dozens of heads. The wounds were incredibly clean, and dozens of corpses fell to the ground.

This scene scared many people to the point that their legs became weak. However, someone yelled, "He can use some method to become invisible; everyone, be careful!"

Zhao Fu had used the Stealther's powers, and even if they knew about the invisibility, they still had no power to stop him. As such, the massacre continued!

Black arcs of light continuously swept out, cutting people's bodies in half. Some people shot arrows towards where the attacks came from, but they couldn't keep up with Zhao Fu's speed. Zhao Fu didn't remain in the same area; he moved around like a ghost, mercilessly hunting them down.

More and more corpses fell to the ground, and a gory smell spread out. The aura of death covered everyone here, and now, the situation was reversed - the thousands of people were scared of Zhao Fu.

At that moment, someone yelled out, "Everyone, quickly form groups with shields on the outside and protect those who can attack!"

People immediately started to form groups with shields on the outside, and the archers within drew their bows and warily looked around, preparing to attack.

This sort of method may have worked against normal people, but it was wholly ineffective against Zhao Fu. After all, Zhao Fu's own strength was equivalent to that of a Stage 4 expert, and it was incredibly easy for him to deal with these people, who weren't even at Stage 1.

A massive ray of black sword light suddenly appeared, as did Zhao Fu's body, in front of a group of hundreds of people.


A massive explosion sounded out as the black sword light instantly obliterated the shields and continued onwards into the crowd of people. Countless people's bodies were blown to bits by the sword light, causing blood and bits of flesh to fly everywhere, creating a gory scene.

In just an instant, hundreds of people had died, making the atmosphere incredibly terrifying.

This completely annihilated any hope that the others had - the difference in strength was simply too overwhelming. They had nothing that they could do about Zhao Fu's invisibility, and because he was monstrously strong, they could only start running away in fear.

Seeing the countless people running away, a cold smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face, and he looked at the six leaders. His body blurred before he appeared in front of them and coldly laughed as he asked, "Didn't you want me to kneel?"

Seeing that Zhao Fu had suddenly appeared before them, the six leaders cried out, "He's appeared! Everyone, kill him!"

However, by now, everyone was completely terrified of Zhao Fu and madly ran everywhere. The scene had descended into chaos, and because no one listened to the six leader's orders, only ten or so people, including the family leaders themselves, ran up.

Seeing the ten or so people rush at him, Zhao Fu stayed where he stood and waved the Sky Demon Sword, sending out an arc of light that seemed to tear through the air.

"Arghhhhh!!!" Pained cries sounded out as the ten or so people's legs were cut off, and they fell to the ground. Hearing these screams, everyone else started to run even faster.

Zhao Fu casually walked forwards. The Wu family's leader had a savage expression on his face. Even though his legs had been slashed, he grabbed his saber and swung at Zhao Fu's legs.


A scream of pain and the sound of bones breaking sounded out as the Wu family leader's arm was broken by Zhao Fu, who stomped on it.

Zhao Fu coldly looked down as he stomped down on the Wu family leader's head, asking him, "What did you want me to call you?"

"Screw you! I'll definitely kill your entire family!" Having his head pressed down against the ground by Zhao Fu's foot, not only did the Wu family's leader feel immense pain, but he also felt incredible humiliation as well.

Zhao Fu's gaze became colder, and a dark aura spread out from his foot, quickly covering the Wu family leader's body.

"Arghhhhhh!!!" the Wu family's leader once again cried out, feeling as if there were countless blades cutting him all over his body. Such pain was simply unbearable.

"Kill me if you dare!" the Wu family's leader howled. He simply couldn't endure this pain. Even though he would lose everything if he died, it wouldn't be a true death, and it would at least be better than taking this pain.

"What did you want me to call you?" Zhao Fu's voice once again coldly sounded out.

The Wu family's leader didn't reply, doing his best to endure the pain. He deeply regretted coming to make trouble for Zhao Fu. Wu Long was his little brother, and after hearing how his brother had been humiliated and killed, he had gathered the other factions and been certain that 10,000 people would be enough to kill Zhao Fu.

However, who could have thought that Zhao Fu would be so powerful? He was able to easily deal with 10,000 people. Regardless, the Wu family's leader was unwilling to say those humiliating words.

Immediately, the black aura covering the Wu family's leader's body suddenly entered his body. He felt his entire body, inside and out, being torn apart, and even his soul felt like it was being ripped to shreds. The Wu family's leader's face twisted, and the Wu family leader continuously shrieked.

These shrieks caused the other ten or so people on the ground to sweat cold sweat - they could tell that this pain was dozens of times worse than what they were suffering.

"What did you want me to call you?" Zhao Fu's cold voice once again sounded out.

The Wu family's leader couldn't endure such pain, and he just wanted to die. He threw away all of his dignity and continuously sobbed as he screamed, "Grandaddy... Grandaddy... Just hurry up and kill me!"

Only then did Zhao Fu take his foot off the Wu family's leader's head and retracted the black aura. The Wu family's leader was feebly lying on the ground, and he was on his last breath.

"What did you want me to call you?" Zhao Fu then turned to the others.

Feeling Zhao Fu's cold gaze, the ten or so people felt terror within their hearts, but they were unwilling to say something so humiliating.

Zhao Fu stepped out, and ten or so streams of black aura came out of his foot, entering their bodies. Screams continuously sounded out until some people caved in and called him Grandaddy in the end.

Just as Zhao Fu raised his sword and prepared to finish these people off, he suddenly thought of something and changed his mind.