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 "Guest, apart from Ceylon Spice, Westpan City has many other good items, such as ores and furs. I'm sure you'll be pleased with them."

After everyone had left, Belin smiled and started to introduce the items that they had.

On the surface, Zhao Fu pretended to attentively listen, but in actuality, he didn't care about these things. The only thing that he wanted was to inundate Westpan City with equipment and medicinal pills.

After Belin finished his introductions, Zhao Fu took out the equipment and medicinal pills that he wanted to trade.

This surprised Belin. He picked up the equipment and looked at it, and he sniffed at the medicinal pills. A look of delight appeared on his face. Since Zhao Fu was willing to use so much good equipment and medicinal pills to trade, Westpan City would become much more powerful as a result.

If the trades were all conducted with equipment and medicinal pills like these, it would be an incredible trade for Westpan City, and this could even continue into a long-term relationship. However, Belin wasn't sure if Zhao Fu had more equipment and medicinal pills like these - it would be a pity for this to be a one-time deal.

"Guest, will you be using equipment and medicinal pills to trade in the future as well?" Belin asked. Because of the profits Zhao Fu brought, he spoke with great courtesy.

Zhao Fu could tell what Belin was thinking, and he retracted his aura before calmly replying that he would continue trading with equipment and medicinal pills in the future as well.

When he heard Zhao Fu confirm this, Belin felt quite delighted. If they could continue obtaining equipment and medicinal pills like this, Westpan City's status would continuously grow, and Westpan City would become more powerful.

Right now, he was only Westpan City's Minister of Internal Affairs, but if the City Lord was pleased with him because of the equipment and medicinal pills, he would most likely be promoted.

Belin inwardly rejoiced - all of this was because the Humans were so greedy and competitive, resulting in this stupid tycoon being willing to pay ten times the price from before.

"Sir Belin, I also need some slaves of any race. Are you able to facilitate this? I'm willing to pay a high price for them!"

On one hand, Zhao Fu wanted to flood Westpan City with equipment and medicinal pills, and on the other, he wanted to obtain more people like he had from the Orc City. If he didn't take advantage of all opportunities, that would be a waste.

"Slaves?" When he heard this, Belin slightly frowned. To any city, population was incredibly important, and Kobolds didn't normally enslave other races. They weren't as vicious as the Orcs and didn't normally attack other villages.

Even when they did attack and conquer other villages, they would kill everyone in order to prevent any future troubles from springing up. Belin felt quite troubled by Zhao Fu's request - after all, he was only the Minister of Internal Affairs and had only been ordered to facilitate trades with the Humans. He had no jurisdiction over military affairs like this.

However, because Zhao Fu said that he was willing to pay a high price, Belin felt quite tempted and thought about it. In the end, he sent a soldier to the higher-ups to report this, and after hearing their reply, he smiled as he said, "Guest, we can trade slaves with you, but the price will be quite high."

Zhao Fu didn't care at all - the greedier these Kobolds were the better. Even though it seemed like Zhao Fu was being taken advantage of, Westpan City was actually slowly coming into Zhao Fu's hands.

"That's no problem; if Westpan City can provide high-grade slaves, I'll be willing to pay even more!" Zhao Fu said, seeming as if he had extraordinary wealth.

Belin was feeling ecstatic, and he now felt quite curious as to Zhao Fu's identity. First, he was quite powerful and had so much equipment and medicinal pills - he definitely wasn't an ordinary person.

However, seeing that there was nothing wrong with the equipment and medicinal pills, Belin decided not to probe into Zhao Fu's identity. As long as he could provide benefits to Westpan City, it didn't matter who he was.

Afterward, Belin carried out the transaction with Zhao Fu. Both sides received what they wanted, and they happily concluded this trade.

Elsewhere, the various factions angrily returned to their headquarters, feeling incredibly infuriated that Zhao Fu had taken all of the benefits for himself. The six biggest factions were clearly the angriest, especially since they had suffered such humiliation.

How could they swallow their pride and accept this? After all, they were the six biggest factions. Since everyone else was also angry towards Zhao Fu, they gathered some other factions and decided to kill Zhao Fu.

In total, they had gathered 10,000 or so people, and all of them had decent strength. Since that person was so strong, would he still be so domineering in the face of so many people? This time, they wanted to see his true strength.

Ideally, they would have him kneel down and beg for forgiveness before they killed him. Perhaps he had many good things on him; otherwise, he wouldn't be able to purchase everything for ten times the previous price. What's more, the profits he would gain would be quite small.

After concluding the transaction, Zhao Fu left Westpan City and flew towards the place where his teleportation channel was. He couldn't establish it too close to Westpan City, or it would be detected easily.

As such, this teleportation channel was ten or so kilometers away. However, when Zhao Fu was halfway there, countless arrows suddenly started flying at him.

Seeing so many arrows, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised and immediately used his King's Domain to block some of the arrows. Because there were simply too many arrows, Zhao Fu was forced down to the ground.

Following this, a sea of people rushed out of the forest around them and surrounded Zhao Fu. There were at least 10,000 people, but Zhao Fu's expression didn't change much.

At that moment, the leaders of the six biggest factions walked out and evily looked at Zhao Fu. One of them loudly laughed and said, "You dared to kill someone from the Wu family; today, you're bound to die. If you kowtow to me, I'll let you die a decent death at least."

"That's right! If you kneel and call me granddaddy, we'll leave you a complete corpse. Don't think that you're invincible just because you're strong; we have over 10,000 people, and all of them are fairly strong. You'd best think this through," another person coldly called out.

"Exactly! Kowtow to all of us and call us granddaddy. This is your punishment for acting so arrogantly before," everyone else laughed.

Zhao Fu stood his ground, a cold look in his eyes. Even though there were 10,000 or so people in front of him, most of their cultivations hadn't broken through to Stage 1 yet, so he could deal with them. If he used his City Lord Seal's power, not a single person here would be able to stop him.

In fact, Zhao Fu could even kill everyone here. However, dealing with 10,000 or so people would be quite troublesome, and what's more, they were quite close to Westpan City. If Zhao Fu used his City Lord Seal, Westpan City's City Lord would definitely detect this.

However, Zhao Fu had other ways to deal with them, so he didn't fear these 10,000 people.

"You want me to kneel?" Zhao Fu started to laugh, "You think a group of trash like you can defeat me? I didn't even go to make trouble for you, yet now you've come to find me? You're seeking death!"