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 Guo Binglin once again cupped his hands and said, "Your Majesty, this subordinate discovered the location of a small city."

When Zhao Fu heard this, his frown disappeared, and a trace of a smile appeared on his face as he started to ask about it.

In order to upgrade to a Great City, Zhao Fu required three Basic Cities and six Basic Towns. These conditions were quite difficult to satisfy - after all, obtaining three Basic Cities was quite difficult.

Zhao Fu had long since ordered his people to search for Basic Cities, which were far more difficult to find than system main cities. Most regions didn't even have many cities apart from the system main cities because even a Basic City was already a war machine that had a City Lord Seal.

If a region had four main cities, it was almost impossible for there to be any other cities. This was because almost all of the resources and Fate would be split by the four system main cities. Only when there were two or three system main cities in a region would there be other cities.

Most of these cities were occupied by Outlanders because those occupied by Humans were mostly system main cities. The Ancient Fallen Clans like the Xiongnu started on equal footing with the players, so it was unlikely that they would be able to establish cities yet.

After talking with Guo Binglin, Zhao Fu found that this city was a Kobold city, and it was two regions away from the Forest of Horrors.

Zhao Fu immediately ordered his people to start making preparations. Of course, Zhao Fu wouldn't immediately go to attack it, and he would instead establish 'friendly relations.'

After recovering for a day, Zhao Fu's wounds had essentially all healed. He took a large amount of equipment that they had taken from Orc City - the Shattersteel Iron equipment - and Hundred Origin Pills with Hidden Evil, and he then went to that region.

Guo Binglin had already comprehensively investigated this Kobold city and told Zhao Fu all of the information.

The Kobold city was called Westpan City, and it was a bit weaker than the Orc City. There were 200,000 Kobolds in total, with roughly 50,000 soldiers. The City Lord's name was Westpan.

After using the teleportation channel that had already been created by Guo Binglin, Zhao Fu went to the front of Westpan City. Westpan City was mainly made of stone, and its design as also somewhat crude like the Orc City.

However, Westpan City was somewhat more refined and had more powerful defenses. There were many sentry towers that provided surveillance.

The Kobolds weren't as strong as the Orcs, nor were they as brutal. Instead, they were more focused on defense.

After coming to the city gates, Zhao Fu announced, "I'm a merchant!"

A Kobold soldier took Zhao Fu to a room where there were many other people with black cloaks waiting. Out of these people, a few were sitting down.

Seeing Zhao Fu arrive, none of them seemed to care, and Zhao Fu casually found a place to sit and wait.

Now, it was no longer as strange to trade with Outlanders. After all, everyone prioritized their own profits - as long as both sides benefit, anything could happen.

This was especially because Westpan City had developed a very special type of spice that was an exquisite type of spice. It was incredibly expensive, and given that Westpan City accepted all sorts of things to trade for it, many people were attracted by the potential profits.

Basically, everyone in the room was looking to trade. However, this was something that would offend the system main cities, so everyone was quite wary and wore cloaks.

After a while, a round-faced Kobold walked in and smiled as he said, "Everyone, the Ceylon Spice and all sorts of other items are ready. The highest bidder will obtain the items.

The Kobold brought out a 30-centimeter long box and opened it. An enchanting smell wafted out, filling the entire room.

Zhao Fu looked over and saw that there was a white powder within the box; this was most likely the Ceylon Spice.

"Let's go with the same rules as usual!" After the box was opened, a crude voice sounded out - it was one of the people sitting down.

Those who were sitting down most likely had important statuses. The person who spoke first was most likely from the most powerful faction; otherwise, he wouldn't have spoken so brashly and confidently.

Hearing this, the others all nodded, and they agreed to split the Ceylon Spice in the usual manner.

Every gram of the Ceylon Spice was more valuable than gold. Most people couldn't outbid these people from the powerful factions, nor was there anyone who dared to compete with them. As such, they completely ignored everyone else.

The others could only enviously watch. If they could bring this spice back and sell it to the system main city's officials, they would be able to obtain massive profits. In fact, they could even sell such a box for 10,000 or so gold coins.

They couldn't compete with these people from the big factions, and they had only come for some of Westpan City's other items.

The six people seated had already agreed on how to split the Ceylon Spice. The Kobold in charge smiled, and he didn't say anything. Every transaction brought great profits to Westpan City, so he didn't care how everything worked out. As long as the profit was sufficient, that was enough.

"Sir Belin, we've already come to an agreement. Let's go through with the transaction," the crude voice said

Even though he referred to the Kobold as 'Sir,' there was no respect in his tone.

Belin, the Kobold in charge, didn't mind this person's tone, and he prepared to agree and go through with the transaction.

"Wait!" A voice sounded out from the corner, and everyone turned to look at the person who had come in last.

"What's going on?" Everyone felt quite confused.

Facing these gazes, Zhao Fu walked up and said, "I'm buying all of this spice!"

The room burst into an uproar. This person didn't just want a portion of the spice; he wanted all of it. This was simply too domineering. Before, even the large factions had agreed to split it; he simply wasn't putting them in his eyes at all.

Immediately, the gazes of the people from the large factions became cold, and the crude voice called out mockingly, "Who's this country bumpkin who dares to compete with the Wu family? Don't you know me, Wu Long?"

Someone coldly laughed, "Minor figures like you should be more aware of your small status in front of us; if you're too stupid, you'll end up in a ditch!"

Someone else coldly harrumphed, "He's probably someone new who doesn't even know of our six factions. I'm sure he won't have what it takes to trade for this spice, so Sir Belin, it's best that you just chase him out. If Sir Belin isn't willing, I'm willing to teach this thing a lesson."