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 Zhao Fu held the King's Crown with one hand and pointed with his other hand as a sharp black sword light shot into the Wild Boar King's head.

Immediately, the Wild Boar King's massive body powerlessly crashed to the ground, and blood quickly flowed out of a hole as wide as a finger in its head.

At the same time, the King's Crown in Zhao Fu's hand gave off a formless energy that covered the Wild Boar King's corpse. A blood-red translucent string floated out of the Wild Boar King's body and was absorbed into the King's Crown.

Zhao Fu immediately felt a slight change within the King's Crown. Even though this change was quite small, it was enough to slightly restore the King's Crown - that blood-red string-like thing had most likely been King's aura.

Now that Zhao Fu had so many soldiers, he didn't need to go out to look for King creatures by himself. He could order them to bring back such creatures and then kill them himself. This way, he wouldn't have to waste any time on this matter.

As such, Zhao Fu ordered his soldiers to continue bringing such creatures back.

Afterward, Zhao Fu took one of his Hobgoblins to a large empty space before giving him the dark-silver City Creation Stone and asking him to establish the village.

The Hobgoblin obeyed and pressed the dark-silver cube against the ground. A dark-silver wave of light rippled out, after which a few ruined buildings slowly appeared.

Before, this village had been an Advanced Village, but because it had been relocated, it had become a Basic Village again. The ruined buildings needed to be restored, and after making the Hobgoblin the Village Chief, Zhao Fu went to the Barracks.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised to find that there wasn't a single Profession Change Stone Stele in the Barracks, so he took out four Profession Change Stone Steles and placed them there.

The four Profession Change Stone Steles shined with light before fusing with the Barracks, and Zhao Fu received a system announcement that he could now develop soldiers of those four professions.

There were only 100 spots for the Goblin Club-Wielders, 30 for the Goblin Rock Throwers, ten for the Hobgoblins, and two for the Blue-Red Goblins.

The four professions were very limited, and even though the numbers were quite low right now, the Profession Change Stone Steles could be leveled up together with the village. As the village leveled up, the number of positions for each of the professions would also increase.

Out of the four professions, Zhao Fu only cared about the Hobgoblin and Blue Red Goblin professions; the Goblin Club-Wielders and Goblin Rock Throwers were simply too weak.

The Hobgoblins could use different types of weapons, and it was a good melee-type profession. The Blue-Red Goblins were a magic profession, which was fairly rare in the Heaven Awaken World. Zhao Fu had always wanted to create a team of mages.

After looking at the Goblin Village's information, Zhao Fu moved some Goblins from the other villages to here and had them change professions.

Zhao Fu then sent out these new soldiers to hunt for King creatures. Not only would they be able to obtain EXP from killing creatures, leveling up the village, but they would also be a great help because they were fairly strong.

At that moment, Guo Binglin came up and cupped his hands before saying, "Your Majesty, this subordinate has something to report."

When he heard this, Zhao Fu motioned for Gou Binglin to speak. However, just as Guo Binglin was about to speak, Zhao Fu sensed something, and his expression became serious as he raised his head.

A black star had appeared in the sky, giving off a powerful cross-shaped light. It was quite abnormal for a black star to appear in the blue sky because this was a General Star - the Army Destroyer Star!

At that moment, it wasn't just Zhao Fu but all of the Legatees, various espers, ability users, and ordinary people in China who noticed the Army Destroyer Star in the sky.

The Army Destroyer Star gave off a powerful black light and an immense air of conquering. Just the pressure it gave off made it impossible not to notice.

The Army Destroyer Star was something usually only top-grade Generals could unlock. What's more, this wasn't a General Star 'returning' but 'entering' one's life. Someone with a great General Fate had just been born.

Within a mountain village, a fairly honest-looking young man anxiously paced about within a room while a woman's pained cries rang out. A middle-aged woman said, "Daqin, just a bit longer. The child's about to come out!"

These were all ordinary people who wouldn't attract a lot of attention. The entire room was filled with a black aura - a type of black fiendish aura - that brought with it a dense air of conquering. It was like the aura of an army of millions of people, and even the small creatures within 10,000 meters were scared into running away.

The black star in the sky continuously gave off a brilliant black starlight, causing the wind and clouds to stir as a child came into this world.

The moment that the child was born, a black pillar of starlight descended from the sky and shined on the newly-born child. Countless black auras flooded into the child's body, causing it to shine with a black light. Of course, ordinary people were unable to see any of this.

"Waaaaaahhh..." Hearing the child's cry, a look of delight appeared on the face of the young man outside. Afterward, a middle-aged woman brought the baby out as she smiled. "A successful birth! Congratulations, he's a boy."

The honest-looking young man had a cheerful smile on his face and vigorously nodded as he carefully took the boy into his arms. Looking at his baby, a loving smile slowly appeared.

As the baby boy was born, the black star slowly disappeared, as did all of the abnormal signs.

Everyone looked away. This was the first time that a General Star had entered someone's life, and the Army Destroyer Star at that. This person would definitely become a General whose name would shake nations in the future, and he would be an immense talent.

"Is it possible to find his location?" Zhao Fu watched as the black star disappeared and asked He Xianru, who had come to his side.

Anyone, not just Zhao Fu, would want a General like this. He definitely wouldn't be any weaker than the historical Generals, and if he could recruit him, it would be like having an extra historical figure.

Right now, most of the historical Generals' General Stars and Fate had been temporarily sealed. After the Heaven Awaken World devoured the real world, all of those would be unsealed. As such, having a General Star during the early stages was a massive advantage.

He Xianru had an apologetic smile on her face as she lowered her head and replied, "Your Majesty, I can only divine that the child is slightly south-west of the center of the Midland Continent. A person who has a General Star has great Fate, so I can't find his precise location."

When he heard this, Zhao Fu sighed. The center of the Midland Continent was quite far away from Great Qin, so even if he knew the precise location, he wouldn't be able to acquire this person.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu's gaze fell on Guo Binglin, who had been waiting by his side. He remembered that his report had been cut short, so he asked, "Binglin, what did you want to report?"