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 There were about 100 or so people on the Ancient Beauties Rankings, and Zhao Fu only looked at the first ten or so. These women had inherited their ancestor's genes, and all of them were exceptional beauties, most of whom excelled at something.

However, the Ancient Beauties Ranking only had people from China. Moreover, there were women whose looks weren't inferior to those on the list, such as the star Su Yuyan.

Out of the top ten people, Zhao Fu only recognized Wu Qingniang. With her looks, she did indeed deserve to be ranked third.

Zhao Fu didn't spend much time reading through the Ancient Beauties Ranking, and he soon moved on to other things. He took a look at the Heaven's Pride Rankings - the top rankings didn't change much, while the latter rankings constantly changed. Of course, the person who hung at the top was Great Qin's Legatee.

Zhao Fu wasn't too surprised by this - he knew what sort of position Great Qin held in everyone's hearts at this point. He decided that he would act more low-profile in the future and not draw as much attention to himself.

Zhao Fu also saw another piece of news that was quite surprising - there had been a few successful coup d'etats staged in a few small countries, making the real world seem like it was filled with a dangerous aura.

Moreover, the number one country in the real world, America, didn't have any Legacies because it was a relatively new nation. Even though it was powerful in the real world, it was quite weak in the Heaven Awaken World, so America targeted the Native Americans.

The Native Americans had quite a few legacies, but most of them had been taken by America. History had repeated itself, with one side oppressing the other.

Zhao Fu was quite concerned about this, and he read more into it before he continued to look at some other things. After finishing his food, he returned to the Heaven Awaken World.

After returning to the Heaven Awaken World, his body had slightly recovered. Great Qin's population was now at 650,000, and its military had swelled to 120,000 soldiers. Most of the new soldiers were Orcs - after all, now that Great Qin had obtained an extra 220,000 people, Zhao Fu had to put them to work.

The Orcs were powerfully built and stronger than Humans, and they were quite ferocious, making them good soldiers.

It was a pity that only 50,000 or so soldiers had Stage 1 or above cultivation out of the 120,000 soldiers. All of the Blood God Pills from before had been given to those soldiers, so the lowest cultivations were around Stage 0-7. However, they had no more Blood God Pills.

As for all of Zhao Fu's Generals and Commanders, they had broken through to Stage 2 because of the Stage 2 Blood God Pills from the Minotaurs.

Only after his soldiers' cultivations were higher would Zhao Fu be able to start acting against Heavenstone City. He had never forgotten about the grudge from that day - he was determined to take down Heavenstone City and kill that City Lord and that Young Lord.

Zhao Fu felt that he had enough soldiers. However, most of their cultivations were a bit lacking, so Heavenstone City's matter would have to wait for now.

Now, the most important matter for Great Qin was obtaining more Blood God Pills. The historical remnant exploration team, which had 1,500 soldiers, had been created, and the command medallions had been prepared.

The Goblins within the historical remnant were already a threat, and the Stage 2 Cat Demons and Minotaurs were even more dangerous. They would be quite difficult for his soldiers to deal with.

If Zhao Fu was with them, he would be able to guarantee a low number of injuries or casualties; if it was anyone else, there might be many injuries or casualties. However, the historical remnant was quite big, and it would require too much time to explore. Zhao Fu couldn't put all of his time into this because there were many other things that he needed to take care of from time to time.

At that moment, a soldier came to report something good: the Gnomes had finished researching Stage 1 Ballistae.

Because of how big and powerful Stage 1 Ballistae were, it was only natural that it would take a long time to research them.

Zhao Fu had regained a trace of his strength, and even though he was still incredibly weak, walking around was no problem. He went to the Gnomes' workshop and saw a ferocious-looking ballista at the front.

The Stage 1 Ballistae was roughly as big as the previous one, but it looked quite different: it was more refined and could shoot two bolts at once, which was one less than before, but each bolt was far more destructive.

Ordinary ballistae could already cause great damage, and a single bolt was enough to pierce through a Goblin and kill the Goblin instantly. However, a single bolt was unable to instantly kill Minotaurs because their lifeforce and defense were quite powerful.

Now, with Stage 1 Ballistae, this problem would be resolved. Stage 1 Ballistae would be enough to kill Minotaurs as long as they didn't move around too much.

Stage 1 Ballistae required Blue grade material to create every part, including the body, the bowstring, arrow shafts, and arrowheads. Only then would the Stage 1 Ballistae be able to unleash their true power. Fortunately, Blue grade material was nothing to Great Qin.

Zhao Fu immediately gave the order to mass-produce the Stage 1 Ballistae, and he asked the Gnomes to research even more powerful ballistae. Even though the Minotaurs weren't as big of a problem anymore, there were still the Cat Demons.

The Cat Demons were simply too fast, and if there was nothing suppressing them, they could pose a great threat. Zhao Fu ordered his people to look for ways to suppress them or slow them down because he wouldn't be able to lead the teams in the future.

After an entire day, Zhao Fu had recovered by half. He had consumed many medicinal pills, and Asani had continuously used her high-grade healing skill on him.

At that moment, a soldier came to report that he had found a high-grade magic skill called Gravity Element on the market, which could manipulate the gravity within a certain range. It could be used to increase the gravity within an area, suppressing the Cat Demons and reducing the need for Zhao Fu to personally lead the exploration team.

This skill was quite rare and expensive, but Zhao Fu still decided to buy it. Soon, the historical remnant exploration team set off.

Zhao Fu ordered them to explore the outer regions and not go in too deep because he wasn't sure what was in the depths. He felt that it would be fairly dangerous, so he would take a look himself when he had the opportunity in the future.

"Your Majesty, this subordinate has captured a Wild Boar King," a soldier respectfully reported as he half-knelt.

When he heard this, Zhao Fu smiled and ordered the soldier to show him. They arrived at an open area that had a massive wooden cage. Inside it was a 150-kilogram boar restlessly charging at the cage, trying to escape.

Zhao Fu looked at the Wild Boar King and found that its stats weren't very high. It only had Stage 1 strength, which wasn't very strong. As such, Zhao Fu took out the golden King's Crown.

Even though this King's Crown was quite beautiful, it was a western-style crown. As an Eastern King, Zhao Fu was reluctant about wearing it, but eastern-style crowns weren't suited for battle. As such, Zhao Fu decided to not put on the crown if he wasn't fighting.