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 After his consciousness returned to the real world, Zhao Fu felt extraordinarily hungry, which he was familiar with. He drank some water to fend off the hunger temporarily before asking his bodyguard to buy him a meal.

Zhao Fu then checked his phone, and he found that he had a text and a few missed calls from Wu Qingniang.

Zhao Fu looked at the text and found that it was Wu Qingniang asking him how his meeting with Dong Junhua went. Zhao Fu thought about it, and he found that his impression of Dong Junhua was decent and that he had a good personality. Dong Junhua would most likely be able to rally people to him.

As such, Zhao Fu answered truthfully, and Wu Qingniang didn't reply for a while - she was most likely within the Heaven Awaken World. Soon, the bodyguard returned with food, and Zhao Fu ate as he went through the Heaven Awaken World forum.

A lot had happened recently, making the forum seem quite chaotic, and more conflict had erupted between historical figures and their descendants.

The historical figures were all loyal to their lieges, and it was only natural that they would want their descendants and families to also be loyal. However, times had changed, and no one was rigidly loyal.

Some historical figures had even been persecuted by their lords, such as Bai Qi and Shang Yang. It was unlikely that their descendants would want to serve Great Qin, and they may perhaps even hate Great Qin or want to avoid it.

The one that was affected the most was Great Ming, which had less well-known Generals than the other Dynasties. The descendants most likely hated Great Ming as well because the Great Ancestor Zhu Yuanzhang had killed almost all of his meritorious subjects.

Some people had been extremely pitiful - they had been extremely loyal to him but died horrible deaths. Each Dynasty had rulers who had executed meritorious subjects, but Great Ming was the worst of them all.

Moreover, these descendants were mostly talented people, but because of what had happened in history, they had to be careful.

Zhao Fu saw a lot of information like this on the Heaven Awaken World forum, and Zhao Fu discovered some information about Meng Tian's descendants. In the end, Zhao Fu decided to leave them to their own designs.

There was something else that caused Zhao Fu to frown - the descendants of the 'Overlord of Western Chu,' Xiang Yu. Out of all of the historical figures, the one that Zhao Fu hated the most was Xiang Yu.

In actuality, Zhao Fu himself didn't have any antagonistic feelings towards Xiang Yu - after all, they were from different times, and there was nothing between them personally. In fact, to some, Xiang Yu was a hero and worshipped by many. However, the hatred Zhao Fu felt towards Xiang Yu went to his bones.

"You destroyed Great Qin, killed 200,000 of Great Qin's soldiers, destroyed Epang Palace, and slaughtered my people. Back then, the prophecy became true: Though Chu has but three clans, Qin will surely be destroyed by none other than Chu. This time, Great Qin will definitely destroy Chu, and I'll spare no one from the Xiang family: whether they're male, female, young, or old!"

Zhao Fu's gaze was incredibly cold and his body gave off a chilling intent. This wasn't intentional on his part - he felt no personal hatred towards Xiang Yu, but because of Great Qin's legacy, his hatred towards Xiang Yu ran deep into his bones and heart. This wasn't something that he would let go of until one of them was dead.

After looking at the information about Xiang Yu's descendant, all of Zhao Fu's blood seemed to be boiling, and hatred seeped out from his heart.

The State of Chu had obtained a lot of Fate because Great Qin's demise was mostly because of Xiang Yu, while Liu Bang had simply reaped what he had sown.

Xiang Yu had been a great General and quite adept at leading his army. He was fairly famous even among the famed Generals of China, but he had been obstinate, self-opinionated, arrogant, and indecisive. He was a good General but couldn't be a good King. As such, he had walked down the Path of Overlords and lost to Liu Bang's Path of Kings.

At first, Xiang Yu's descendant hadn't dared to reveal anything about himself, as he knew that there were two Empires out to kill him: it was not just the Great Qin Empire but also the Great Han Empire. Now that two of the five Great Dynasties wanted to kill him, it was only natural that he didn't dare to reveal anything about himself.

Now that he had suddenly destroyed a few large families in his area and become the most powerful faction in the region, news about him had started to spread. Zhao Fu had a look at the region and found that it was quite far away from Great Qin, so he would have to wait for a while before engaging in a massive battle.

Zhao Fu felt quite confident, but because he was sure that Xiang Yu's descendant was quite capable, he still felt a bit of pressure.

The next piece of news surprised Zhao Fu. It was a person called Gu Qingyang. That person had obtained the favor of a City Lord, and he had been chosen to be the City Lord's son-in-law, making him the next City Lord.

Zhao Fu couldn't believe such a thing was possible - Gu Qingyang was quite lucky to have obtained a system main city for free, and so early at that. With a system main city backing him, his future would be limitless. It was also said that the City Lord's daughter was as beautiful as a goddess, and she was one of the most beautiful women around.

Zhao Fu wondered what the City Lord had seen in Gu Qingyang, and it wasn't a big deal that Gu Qingyang's information had been exposed. He had joined up with a Legatee and received protection; otherwise, he would've died when his information was revealed.

This piece of news made countless people feel envious - not only did he have a beautiful wife, but he also had a system main city. Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile; he wasn't envious but rather quite amused.

Next was an Ancient Beauties Ranking created by someone. It was a ranking for beautiful women, and most had devastatingly beautiful looks. Apart from being beautiful, the other requirement was that they had to be the descendant of an ancient beauty.

Ranked first was Nü Lü, who was the descendant of Nü Wa. She was described as a kind beauty who gave off a motherly air.

Ranked second was Da Fei, who was the descendant of Da Ji. She was described as an enchantingly beautiful woman who could bewilder the masses.

Ranked third was Wu Qingniang, who was the descendant of Wu Zetian. She was described as a domineering beauty who had an overbearing and invincible air.

Ranked fourth as Shi Yuyan, who was the descendant of Xishi. She was described as a weak beauty who gave off a frail air and made others want to protect her.

Ranked fifth was Yang Yuyan, who was the descendant of Yang Guifei. She was described as a voluptuous beauty who had a seductive figure that could cause any man to burn with lust.

Ranked sixth was Wang Xihan, who was the descendant of Wang Zhaojun. She was described as a wise and understanding beauty. She was definitely someone who would make a good and kind wife and mother.

Ranked seventh was Du Xiaoyu, who was the descendant of Diao Chan. She was described as the most beautiful beauty, and it was to the point that her beauty could move one's soul.

Ranked eighth was Zhao Hanyue, who was the descendant of Zhao Feiyan. She was described as the dancing beauty. She could perform dances that could captivate countless people.

Ranked ninth was Bao Qing, who was the descendant of Baosi. She was described as the beauty with the most beautiful smile; a single one of her smiles could cause the destruction of a city.

Ranked tenth was Feng Shiyu, who was the descendant of Feng Xiaolian. She was described as a pampered beauty and had a pampered and noble air about her.