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 King's aura referred to the special aura from a King. It didn't necessarily have to be someone with a King Profession but just any creature that had the title of a King, such as Gray Wolf King, Black Forest Horse King, Wild Boar King, etc.

Any creature with 'King' in its name would have King's aura, and the more powerful the creature was, the more powerful its King's aura would be. Conversely, the weaker the creature was, the weaker its King's aura would be.

For example, for creatures like a Wild Dog King or a Wild Chicken King, they would possess King's aura but very little of it.

At the same time, people also had King's aura. They didn't necessarily have to have a King Profession; rather, as long as they had a Royal Bloodline or were the Legatee of a King, they could be included.

In other words, direct descendants or Legatees of Kings would also have King's aura.

If a person killed or subdued someone else with King's aura, that person would be able to obtain that person's King's aura, though killing the person would result in more being gained. After all, killing meant erasing that person's existence, so all of that person's Fate would have nowhere to go, resulting in more King's aura being gained.

Zhao Fu felt that King's aura was quite similar to Fate; it was probably the purest essence of Fate that could make one a King. It was this sort of Fate that the King's Crown required in order to be restored.

In the future, if Zhao Fu killed Legatees, creatures with 'King' in their names, or those with Royal Bloodlines, he would be able to obtain a lot of King's aura. However, this was an Emperor Heaven Armament, and the amount of King's aura it required was like an ocean. Zhao Fu had no idea when he would be able to restore it.

If this item had fallen into someone else's hands, it would have completely changed that person's life or even destiny.

"Your Majesty, we came too late. Please punish us." At that moment, his soldiers hurried over, and seeing the rubble and destruction in the surrounding 10,000-meter radius area, they were completely flabbergasted.

They quickly came to Zhao Fu's side, and when they saw that Zhao Fu was covered with blood, they immediately knelt on the ground.

"You can all rise!" Zhao Fu had a trace of a smile on his face and put the King's Crown away before asking for the Special City Creation Stone.

The dark silver cube was indeed different than normal City Creation Stones, but it was difficult to say just what was different about it, so Zhao Fu looked at its description.

[Alad - City Creation Stone]: A City Creation Stone from the Alad World that can create a Silver grade Goblin Village.

The description was quite different compared to those of normal City Creation Stones - the fact that it came from 'Alad World' was very important information. Zhao Fu, who had information from God Kerr, already knew about this, so he wasn't too surprised.

Something else that made Zhao Fu quite delighted was that he had finally collected 1,200 Sword Essences. Before, he had killed many Hobgoblins outside of the historical remnant and gathered many Sword Essences, and now that they had killed so many this time, he had finally obtained enough.

Now, it was time to fuse them and create the Silver Lake Immortal's Sword. Zhao Fu took out the Sword Essences, which moved by themselves as if they were calling out to each other, and they shined with a faint light.

Suddenly, the Sword Essences shot into the sky, sparkling like bright stars as the image of a gigantic lake slowly appeared in the sky.

This lake was quite beautiful and extremely big, and it was to the point that Zhao Fu could not see its sides. The surface of the lake was extremely still without a single ripple, and there were some orange flowers and grass growing around it, creating a beautiful scene.

As the lake formed, all of the spiritual qi within the historical remnant started to gather, and the star-like Sword Essences slowly began to fuse.

Finally, a silver sword appeared in the sky, giving off a water-like aura as it descended, and Zhao Fu caught it in his hand.

It was a silver sword that was roughly one meter long and ten centimeters wide, and there was an image on the hilt that looked like a water immortal. Overall, it was quite a beautiful sword.

[Silver Lake Immortal Sword]: Grade: Legendary, Stats: Strength +20, Intelligence +20, Agility +15, Constitution +19, Description: One of the Silver Lake Immortal's seven pieces of equipment. It has a Legacy and can give the user the Silver Immortal Swordsman profession.

[Silver Immortal Swordsman]: A growth-type profession that wields powerful sword attacks. The user will inherit a type of martial conception - Silver Lake Conception.

After looking at these things, Zhao Fu found that this profession was quite powerful - putting aside the other matters, just the martial conception meant that this profession was quite advanced. This was because only people with high cultivations, usually above Stage 7, could comprehend a type of source energy.

The Silver Immortal Swordsman could directly inherit the Silver Lake Conception and wouldn't require one to comprehend a martial conception by oneself in order to grasp such power.

However, this profession and sword didn't suit Zhao Fu. There were six other pieces of equipment and professions, and Zhao Fu planned to give them to others.

Because he already had his King Profession, he wasn't very suited for this profession, so he put the sword away and planned to find it a suitable owner in the future.

Zhao Fu decided to stop the exploration of Gloomy Jungle here. Now that Zhao Fu had been seriously injured, he would have to take a few days to recover.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu mustered his remaining strength to go to the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation, and he placed a Black Goblin's corpse onto the formation.

Right now, Zhao Fu was most concerned with whether or not the Black Goblins' corpses could be refined. If they could, he would be able to develop a large number of Stage 1 soldiers or even Stage 2 soldiers.

Zhao Fu started to feel slightly anxious as he activated the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation. A formless energy brought the Goblin's corpse into the air, and its fleshly essence continuously melted, revealing an eerie skeleton.

Two orbs of light rose up out of the skeleton. Zhao Fu stretched out his hand, and they floated over. The first was a Grade Orb, while the second was a Stage 1 Blood God Pill.

Zhao Fu was ecstatic, and he placed a Minotaur's body onto the formation next. He obtained a Stage 2 Blood God Pill from it. He then obtained some Raising Stones from a Cat Demon corpse.

Now, Zhao Fu was completely reassured and went back to his room to recover from his injuries. He decided that he would form a team specifically to kill creatures within the historical remnant to provide Stage 1 and Stage 2 corpses for Great Qin after recovering.

Afterward, Zhao Fu realized that he hadn't returned to the real world for a while, and since he couldn't do much while he was recovering, he decided to return to the real world.