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 The Goblin King was sent flying and crashed against a cliff face, causing most of the cliff to collapse, and a lot of dust filled the air, obscuring Zhao Fu's vision.

Their surroundings became silent, and after the dust cleared, Zhao Fu saw that the Goblin King's body had been buried by countless rocks, making it seem as if the situation was over. However, could it really have been that easy to kill the Goblin King?


A massive beast claw with chains wrapped around it suddenly appeared in the sky, and a shocking aura spread out, causing a wild gale to blow. The claw slapped at Zhao Fu, who was hovering in the air, making it seem as if the sky was going to crack.

Zhao Fu was hit by the massive claw, and his body was like a pebble that was viciously thrown to the ground, creating a ten-meter wide crater in the ground. Zhao Fu coughed up a mouthful of blood, and he felt that at least three or four of his bones had broken.

Swish, swish, swish...

At that moment, ten or so black chains stretched out from the mass of rocks and shot towards Zhao Fu, who was on the ground.

At that moment, Zhao Fu was given a big fright, and he disregarded his injuries as he rolled to the side. The ten or so chains stabbed into where Zhao Fu had just been, piercing one meter deep into the ground. If Zhao Fu hadn't rolled out of the way, he would have been pierced by all ten chains.

After missing, the ten chains retracted, and the pile of rocks covering the Goblin King exploded. The Goblin King was covered with blood, and he gave off a frightening aura. His large body had become much skinnier.

At that moment, the Goblin King looked quite strange - his gaze was quite dull, making him seem like a corpse, and there were three meter long chains around each of his wrists, while the golden crown gave off a strange light.

The golden crown seemed to have its own consciousness, and it had completely taken over the Goblin King's body.

Bang, bang, bang...

Heavy sounds could be heard as the Goblin King raised its large feet and rushed towards Zhao Fu, and Zhao Fu quickly climbed up from the ground.

By now, the Goblin King was about ten meters away from Zhao Fu. The Goblin King swung his arms, and the chains elongated and whipped towards Zhao Fu, seeming to cause the air to explode. In response, Zhao Fu quickly raised his sword and blocked.


The chains hit the Sky Demon Sword, resulting in a metallic collision sound and creating many sparks, causing Zhao Fu's hand to feel numb.

What was even worse was that Zhao Fu couldn't fully use the Great Qin Seal's power - it seemed to have been sealed within his body by the claw.


The Goblin King was like a stringed puppet, and he once again swung his hands, sending the chains whipping towards Zhao Fu again.

Zhao Fu was forced to dodge to the side, and as the chains hit the ground, they created another two-meter wide crater - it was evident how much power was behind these chains.

At this moment, Zhao Fu wanted to retreat - the Goblin King's power wasn't easy to deal with. No, rather, it was the crown's power that wasn't easy to deal with.

However, if he escaped, his 300 soldiers would definitely all die, and he wouldn't be able to obtain that Special Village.

Perhaps he would be able to collect the spoils and conquer the village if he could lure the Goblin King further away and give his soldiers enough time to kill those Goblins.

Zhao Fu felt that this would be feasible - after all, what Zhao Fu was after was the Special City Creation Stone. As for the crown, it wasn't that Zhao Fu didn't want it but that he wasn't confident that he would be able to obtain it. This was so even if he used his Nation Armament.

This was mainly because of his experience with the King Armament Shard - if even a shard was that powerful, what about this complete King Armament?

Zhao Fu immediately turned into a black light and sped away. The Flight Stone that he had obtained during the Divine Fish Festival was quite good, and his flying speed had greatly increased. In just an instant, he had flown 1,000 meters away.

However, the Goblin King seemed to have anticipated this, and he pressed his large hands against the ground.


A massive explosion sounded out as a formless energy spread out of the Goblin King's hands, causing a ten-meter wide crater to appear around it.

Bang, bang, bang...

Eight gigantic chains burst out of the ground, shooting into the sky and forming eight pillars of chains that were spaced evenly around a diameter of 10,000 meters.


As the eight gigantic chains straightened out, the heavens and the earth seemed to freeze as if they had been completely locked down.

Zhao Fu, who had been flying away, suddenly lost his ability to fly, and he fell from the air. Zhao Fu was quite startled, and he found that the surrounding 10,000-meter radius area had been locked down - he was unable to fly, nor was he able to escape past 10,000 meters away. The eight chains formed an extremely powerful barrier, and unless he destroyed it, he wouldn't be able to escape.

After using this skill, the Goblin King's eyes became even duller, and the Goblin King's body became slightly thinner again. It seemed that this skill had cost it greatly.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu felt that he had a chance at winning. He realized that these skills were consuming the Goblin King's lifeforce, but if the crown was that strong, why would it cost the Goblin King his lifeforce?

Also, Zhao Fu realized that for most consciousless King Armaments, anyone could use them. Those with consciousness had to acknowledge their master before they could be used, and they would be loyal; very rarely were there cases of King Armaments taking over their masters.

Finally, because of the information Zhao Fu had obtained from God Kerr, he knew what the claw and chains were - it was a creature called the God-Sealing Beast.

The God-Sealing Beast was quite powerful, and just like its name implied, it could seal even godly spirits. It seemed that using godly skills had caused the crown to suddenly devour the Goblin King.

Zhao Fu realized that this might not be a true King Armament, and he let out a sigh of relief. He decided to not use his Nation Armament - as long as he could stall for time and the Goblin King expended all of his lifeforce, he would win.

Bang, bang, bang...

The Goblin King continued to rush at Zhao Fu, but Zhao Fu's body suddenly disappeared.

Zhao Fu had used the Stealther item he had obtained from the Divine Fish Festival - the pendant that could give invisibility. With Zhao Fu's Assassin profession as well, he was able to hide his aura and presence as well.

The Goblin King couldn't find Zhao Fu, so the Goblin King could only look around and try to use his chains to hit the area around himself.

By now, Zhao Fu was standing 100 meters away. He didn't dare to stand too close because it was possible that he would be discovered or hit by the wildly thrashing chains.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu took out another Evil-Crushing Spear and sent his King's Power before throwing it at the Goblin King.

The Evil-Crushing Spears were Zhao Fu's most powerful long-range attack. It was a pity that the only ones he had were from the Ghost Festival and that he had no way of making more. Every time he used one, that was one less he could use in the future.

Seeing the terrifying silver light suddenly fly at it, the Goblin King was given a big fright, and he stretched out a big hand, causing countless black chains to shoot out from it and collide with the silver light.


A loud explosion resulted, and the silver ray of light scattered into tiny motes of light. After blocking this attack, the Goblin King's large arm became significantly thinner.