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 Even though the Goblins had a numerical advantage, the Minotaurs weren't weak, and they gave off surprisingly-powerful auras. They continuously punched out, causing wind to howl as they blasted back multiple Goblins with each punch.

The Goblins started to retaliate, and the ordinary Goblins raised their wooden clubs and fearlessly rushed up. The Hobgoblins unleashed large waves of sword light and spear light, the Goblin Rock Throwers threw rocks with all their might, and the Blue-Red Goblins sent out fireballs and iceballs.

The battle between the two sides was incredibly intense, with body parts and blood flying everywhere, resulting in very loud battle sounds.

Every time a Minotaur punched a Goblin, the immense force would shatter the Goblin's bones, injuring the Goblin heavily or killing him instantly.

As for the Goblins, the ordinary Goblins would draw the Minotaurs' attention while the Hobgoblins would use their terrifying sword light-covered swords to stab into the Minotaurs' bodies, after which a few fireballs and iceballs would hit the Minotaurs, causing them to cry out and fall to the ground, dead.

Zhao Fu hid and watched this abnormally fierce fight. Both types of creatures were quite unintelligent and bloodthirsty, and they battled with all of their might.

However, the situation still favored the Goblins because they had overwhelming numbers - roughly 500 of them. The Minotaurs continuously fell, and not a single one of them ran away, fighting to their last breath.

In the end, the Minotaurs all died, and the Goblins had suffered around 300 casualties. At that moment, Zhao Fu and his people started to attack.

Swish, swish, swish...

Arrows streaked through the air, falling like rain on the Goblins, who had just started to relax.

Chi, chi, chi...

Blood flew everywhere as half of the remaining Goblins immediately died. Those who survived were scared into immediately running - they weren't like the Minotaurs who were determined to fight to the death.

However, these escaping Goblins were stopped by Shieldbearers and Infantrymen and immediately killed. Zhao Fu felt quite happy as he ordered his soldiers to clean up the battlefield; it was the first time that they had obtained so many items and corpses so easily.

After cleaning up everything, Zhao Fu continued to carry out this plan. This time, Zhao Fu lured over a group of 150 or so Cat Demons, which were incredibly fast. Zhao Fu was forced to take things seriously, or else he would be caught by these Cat Demons.

On the other side, Zhao Fu's soldiers had lured over 1,000 or so Goblins. This time, the 1,000 Goblins and 150 Cat Demons arrived roughly at the same time, and they roared at each other before immediately clashing.

This battle was even more bloody than the previous one. The Cat Demons slashed out with their sharp claws, splitting the Goblins' bodies into pieces and causing internal organs and blood to fly everywhere. Whenever they bit with their mouths, they would pierce the Goblins' bodies completely, killing them instantly.

Even though the Cat Demons were incredibly powerful and ferocious, there were many Goblins, including Blue-Red Goblins. Whenever iceballs hit Cat Demons, the iceballs would freeze them and cause their movements to slow down.

Whenever that happened, countless Goblins would rush up - Hobgoblins swung their weapons, cutting the Cat Demons apart, while other Goblins would even charge up and use their mouths to bite the Cat Demons' bodies, tearing off chunks of meat and hair. Countless fireballs would also blast the Cat Demons into pieces, making the scene incredibly gory.

After the battle ended, the Goblins were the victors again. However, the victory had cost them greatly, and only 200 or so Goblins remained out of the original 1,000.

Zhao Fu once again ordered his soldiers to attack, and soon, the injured and tired Goblins had been dealt with.

Next, Zhao Fu found roughly 500 poison Cat Demons, pleasantly surprising him. He didn't do anything to them and first returned to order his soldiers to lure out some Goblins before returning to lure out that group of Cat Demons.

This time, 2,500 or so Goblins faced off against around 500 poison Cat Demons!

The battle was abnormally fierce, but this time, the situation favored the Cat Demons. This was because not only were the Cat Demons incredibly fast, but their claws and fangs were also covered with poison. When they cut open a wound, poison would immediately enter and spread throughout the Goblin's body, causing the Goblin to foam at the mouth and die.

No matter how desperately the 2,500 Goblins retaliated, they were unable to resist the 500 poison Cat Demons. The Goblins continuously died, while the Cat Demons suffered slight casualties.

In the end, when there were only 500 or so Goblins left, the Goblins started to run away. There were still around 300 Cat Demons left, and because they had no intention of sparing these Goblins, they started to chase the Goblins.

At that moment, a person appeared between them - he wasn't an emissary of peace but a herald of death.

When they saw Zhao Fu suddenly appear, some of the Cat Demons remembered that he was the person who had lured them over, so many of them started to rush at Zhao Fu.

At that moment, Zhao Fu stabbed the Sky Demon Sword into the ground, and demonic qi instantly dyed the ground black. A black substance rose up from the ground and covered the area around Zhao Fu, forming a ten-meter wide black hemisphere around him.

The Cat Demons opened their mouths, baring their fangs as Zhao Fu raised one hand and his King's Seal appeared on his palm. A terrifying black light shot out as a formless energy spread out.

Swish, swish, swish...

Black spikes that were one meter long and five centimeters wide stabbed out from the black hemisphere before shooting outwards, hitting anything within 1,000 meters of Zhao Fu.

Whether they were the escaping Goblins or the attacking Cat Demons, all of them felt a sense of terror, and they desperately started to run away. However, they were still pierced by the black spikes, riddling them with holes and making them die a cruel death.

Zhao Fu had used his City Lord Seal's power and slightly changed the King's Profoundness - Demon Domain - Ten Thousand Burials skill. The ground all around him was covered with one meter long black spikes and countless Cat Demon and Goblin corpses.

After the black hemisphere dissipated, it turned into demonic qi that returned into the Sky Demon Sword. Zhao Fu felt quite pleased as he looked at the corpses, and he had his soldiers start clearing up the battlefield.

Now, there were 2,000 or so Goblins remaining at the Goblin Village. Zhao Fu didn't plan on continuing to have two forces clash. Instead, he decided to start luring the Goblins out and killing them with his own forces. If he could lure out another wave, he would be able to attack the village afterward.

After ordering the Archers to attack the village, an ugly, three-meter tall Goblin appeared. His skin was black-colored, and he held a large machete and had a golden crown on its head. There were some cracks on the golden crown, but it still gave off a noble-looking light.

What surprised Zhao Fu was that this Goblin's name was displayed to be 'Goblin King!'

After the Goblin King appeared, he roared, and that roar reverberated within the surrounding 1,000-meter area. He led the remaining 2,000 Goblins to rush at Zhao Fu.