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 In the next two days, Zhao Fu and his soldiers continuously killed Goblins until they had formed enough command medallions to bring the other soldiers in.

During those two days, Zhao Fu had killed many Minotaurs and obtained many Ancient Powers, most of which he gave to the Archers and Shieldbearers - for now, the Infantrymen didn't receive any.

Zhao Fu only used the Infantrymen to deal with some ordinary Goblins. He had them help the Shieldbearers with defense, so he didn't give them Ancient Powers. If he had surplus Ancient Powers, he would distribute some to them.

In total, there were 300 or so soldiers, and Zhao Fu wanted to start delving into the depths of Gloomy Jungle. These days, they had remained on the outskirts and obtained many good things, but Zhao Fu was quite curious about what would be inside.

Zhao Fu didn't know just how big the historical remnant was, and during those two days, they had only explored the outskirts.

After leading his soldiers for a while, they suddenly heard the sound of battle from ahead.

Zhao Fu ordered his soldiers to stop while he stealthily went up and jumped on a large tree. He saw 30 or so Goblins hunting down a Cat Demon.

There were three types of creatures living in the historical remnant: Goblins, Minotaurs, and Cat Demons. They constantly fought, and Zhao Fu found that the Goblins would fight with Minotaurs and that the Cat Demons would hunt Goblins for food.

There weren't many sources of food in the historical remnant; it was mostly black fruits. Because of competition for food, conflict would always spark among the three different types of creatures.

Even though the Cat Demon had Stage 2 strength, it was surrounded by 30 or so Goblins and having a hard time.

The ordinary Goblins acted as meat shields at the front while the Hobgoblins continuously attacked from behind them, and Goblin Rock Throwers threw rocks from a distance. Under their continued attacks, the Cat Demon was killed, and ten or so of the Goblins were killed.

Zhao Fu came back to his soldiers and led his soldiers to kill these Goblins. The Archers rained down arrows on the unprepared Goblins, instantly killing 80% of them. The Infantrymen then ran up, easily killing the rest. After collecting the spoils, they continued onwards.

An hour later, Zhao Fu stopped and found that there was a Goblin Village in front of them. The village was next to a small mountain, and because the Black Goblins weren't very intelligent, this village didn't have many structures. Most of the 'buildings' were crudely made of wood and stone, forming basic shelters. If it wasn't for the fact that Zhao Fu could see the exposed City Heart, he wouldn't have thought that it was a village.

The village was a Silver grade village, and the City Heart gave off a silver light that gave off a dark aura. When he saw this, Zhao Fu was pleasantly surprised.

Before, Zhao Fu had obtained a few Goblin Profession Change Stone Steles - Hobgoblin, Blue-Red Goblin, and Goblin Rock Thrower - but he had been unable to use them. This was because ordinary Silver grade villages were useless, and Zhao Fu needed a special Goblin Village to use those Profession Change Stone Steles.

Because of the dark-silver light from the City Heart, this meant that it was most likely a special Goblin Village. However, there were many Goblins here, roughly 6,000, so it wouldn't be easy to deal with.

It was a pity that if Zhao Fu had brought all of his Hundred Ghost Illusionists, the Dark Ghost World that they could create would have been able to cover 80% of the village, causing 80% of the Goblins to be unable to fight. If that were the case, he would've been able to easily take down the village, but he only had 30 Hundred Ghost Illusionists.

The Dark Ghost World created by the 30 Hundred Ghost Illusionists could only cover three kilometers, and it could only drag 1,000 Goblins at most into the illusion - this clearly wouldn't be enough.

Zhao Fu started to think - with his 300 or so soldiers, he wouldn't be able to take down 6,000 Goblins. After thinking for a while, Zhao Fu came up with two ideas.

One of them was to lure them out in groups before getting rid of them. With how unintelligent they were, it would be easy to trick them, and it wouldn't be too difficult or dangerous.

The other method was to use other forces to deal with the Goblins, which were the Cat Demons or Minotaurs.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided to go with the second method. The best scenario was where he reaped the rewards at the end while the others fought. After all, as long as the creatures within the historical remnant died, they would still drop items. This would be much easier overall.

This method required Zhao Fu to personally act, as his soldiers wouldn't be able to outrun Minotaurs and Cat Demons. Zhao Fu hadn't known a lot about the situation within Gloomy Jungle, so he hadn't brought any of Great Qin's Assassins, who would have been quite suited for this task.

After making his decision, Zhao Fu started to act. However, after looking around, he didn't find any big groups of Cat Demons or Minotaurs, so he could only change his plans and have his soldiers go lure Goblins while he went to find Cat Demons or Minotaurs.

Zhao Fu first sent ten Archers to lure some Goblins out of the Goblin Village. Because these Goblins were quite ferocious and not very intelligent, Zhao Fu wasn't sure how many Goblins they would lure out, so he didn't send too many people.

Archers had decent Agility stats, and they could use their bows and arrows to attack from a distance, which would reduce any injuries or casualties.

The Archers obeyed and started to stealthily make their way towards the Goblin Village. They then fired arrows into the village, alerting the Goblins within.

At that moment, hundreds of Goblins rushed out, brandished their weapons, and yelled, causing the ten Archers to immediately turn and run.

Elsewhere, Zhao Fu had found 50 or so Minotaurs. He grabbed a handful of pebbles and threw them at the Minotaurs, hitting seven or eight Minotaurs. This instantly enraged them, and their eyes turned blood-red. They breathed out white fog as they rushed at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu grinned and retreated not too quickly or too slowly. With Zhao Fu's current strength, if he wanted to run, the Minotaurs would be left far behind.

The Archers lured the hundreds of Goblins to an empty area before quickly disappearing. This area was quite close to the Goblin Village but far away from where Zhao Fu was with the Minotaurs, so they could only have the Hundred Ghost Illusionists cast Dark Ghost World and wait for Zhao Fu to return.

A while later, Zhao Fu lured the Minotaurs to the area before suddenly disappearing. The ghostly qi dissipated, and when the hundreds of Goblins and Minotaurs saw each other, they gave off a ferocious battle intent, immediately clashing against each other.