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 After looking at these quests, Zhao Fu planned to go to some shops to buy some things before returning to the Great Qin Village. Suddenly, someone cried out behind him.

Zhao Fu turned around and saw a beautiful woman with delicate and exquisite facial features and a graceful and charming bearing. She was wearing a light green dress and gave off a gentle and weak aura, making those who saw her want to protect her.

Her status seemed to be quite extraordinary as well. She was followed by 10 or so people, some of whom seemed to be in charge of protecting her while the others seemed to be a part of the same family, and they all gave off extraordinary auras. Right now, the Heaven Awaken World was a world for powerful families, and normal people simply could not compare to those from powerful families.

Nearby, a pompous young man saw the young woman and a look of delight appeared on his face as he loudly called out, "Rou'Er!"

Following this, he took a group of thugs over and passed by Zhao Fu and Bai Qi.

The young woman addressed as Rou'Er slightly frowned when she saw the pompous young man.

The thugs saw two people wearing cloaks, and they felt quite displeased that the cloaked men had the audacity to stand in their way. They were used to acting without regard for others, and one of them said, "Piss off! You peasants saw the young master coming, yet you're not getting out of the way? You're seeking death!"

Bai Qi coldly harrumphed. He could endure humiliation, but how could he let someone humiliate Zhao Fu, the future Emperor of Great Qin? When the thugs were about to grab Zhao Fu, Bai Qi immediately acted. He sent one of the thugs flying 7 or 8 meters with one punch before quickly beating the others to the brink of death.

The pompous young man looked at Bai Qi with fear and said in a threatening tone, "I'm the Zhou family's second young master; if you dare to touch me, you'll die a pitiful death."

In response, Bai Qi sent the pompous young man flying with a kick.

The onlookers were incredibly shocked when they saw the pompous young man sent flying, but they also felt quite happy. Most of them had been bullied or offended by him at some point, and they couldn't help but wonder who the cloaked men were to dare to hit the Zhao family's young master.

Nearby, Bai Qi's ferocious actions made Zhao Fu feel quite awkward. Zhao Fu knew that Bai Qi was more suited to leading troops in battle, but Zhao Fu didn't have many capable people by his side, and Bai Qi's stats were already quite good. As such, Zhao Fu could only use him as a bodyguard for now. After the Great Qin Village became stronger, Bai Qi would definitely be the Grand General.

From the pompous young man's words, he was most likely a member of one of the powerful families around Holy Light City. Moreover, because fighting was not allowed in main cities, Guards would soon come. Guards began as Stage 1 soldiers, and they could cultivate, making them stronger and stronger as time went on.

Zhao Fu didn't want to bring himself any unnecessary trouble, so he said, "You can stop now!"

"Yes, Your Majesty!" Bai Qi replied as he cupped his fists together.

The normal people nearby did not notice anything, but the young woman and the people from her family paused in surprise. They knew what this title meant: only someone with an Empire legacy deserved to be called Your Majesty, while those from ordinary families could only be called Young Master.

No wonder they dared to openly hit the member of the Zhou family - they did not place the Zhou family in their eyes at all, and in fact, the Zhou family might even have to send people to apologize.

Just as Zhao Fu was about to take Bai Qi and leave, a soft voice said from behind him, "Sir, can you wait a moment?"

Zhao Fu turned around to look at the young woman addressed as 'Rou'Er' and softly asked, "What is it?"

The young woman smiled and stepped up, saying, "This little woman is the Jiang family's Jiang Rou; I wonder if I can make friends with sir."

Since the person in front of her was the Legatee of an empire legacy, his status was incredibly distinguished, and he would be the future leader of a powerful family. Any family would want to befriend such a person.

Zhao Fu turned and looked at Jiang Rou and thought for a moment before replying, "Perhaps in the future if we have the chance. I have some things to do, so I'll be leaving now!"

Even though Zhao Fu didn't like the descendants of large families, since she had treated him with respect, he would also respond with respect.

"Can you tell me your name then?"

Jiang Rou was disappointed by Zhao Fu's refusal, but she still wanted to learn more about him and find out which empire's Legatee he was.

Now, no matter if it was Holy Light City, Demon Tree City, or Soldier Forest, all of them were occupied by powerful families. Now that an empire's Legatee had suddenly appeared, the situation in the Forest of Horrors would once again change.

Zhao Fu thought about it and chose not to tell her his full name. Instead, he only told her that his surname was Zhao before quickly leaving.

Soon, the news that an empire's Legatee had appeared in Holy Light City spread throughout the Forest of Horrors. Even though the main cities were not connected, teleportation channels from player villages could be connected to any of the 3 main cities. As such, the players in Demon Tree City and Soldier Forest quickly heard about this as well.

Zhao Fu and Bai Qi arrived at a shop, and Zhao Fu asked, "Hello! Do you have any Holy Light type skills here?"

The shop owner was delighted that some customers had come in, and he took out three skills for Zhao Fu to choose from.

The first was [Holy Light Technique], an F- grade skill, the lowest type of Holy Light skill. If it was used against a Human, he or she would only feel a powerful light shining on them, while Demons and Undead would be burned and banished. This skill cost 20 silver coins.

Zhao Fu thought that the price was quite steep. Normal F- grade Physical skills only cost 10 or so copper coins, but this skill cost 20 silver coins, which was equivalent to 2,000 copper coins. However, when Zhao Fu saw that Fireball, an F grade skill, cost one gold coin, Zhao Fu didn't have anything to say.

Th second Holy Light skill was [Holy Light Bullet], and F grade skill, which was similar to Fireball. It had explosive effects and was slightly less powerful than Fireball, but it dealt extra damage to Demons and Undead. This skill cost 70 silver coins.

The third skill was [Holy Hall Magic Seal], a C- grade skill. After using it, a sun-like imprint would appear on one's palm, allowing one to deal massive amounts of damage to enemies. The price for this skill was 30 gold coins.

Zhao Fu couldn't help but sigh at the third skill's price. Even the powerful families that used money from the real world to trade for copper coins would only be able to make a few thousand copper coins in a day. This skill cost 30 gold coins, which was 300,000 copper coins. Even the powerful families wouldn't be able to afford such a thing.

As such, Zhao Fu gave up on it and looked towards the first and second skill.

In the end, Zhao Fu bought 20 Holy Light Techniques and 5 Holy Light Bullets, costing him 750 silver coins in total. Luckily, Zhao Fu had brought the Blue grade weapons to sell, or he would not have had enough money. After buying so many of the skills, the shop had barely any left.

Afterwards, Zhao Fu went to Holy Light City's teleportation channel with Bai Qi, and he stretched out his hand, only the Great Qin Village's name appearing. This was because other villages had chosen to hide their teleportation channels - if one opened his or her teleportation channel to the public, anyone could be sent to his or her village, so Zhao Fu also chose for his teleportation channel to be hidden.

Moreover, entering main cities through teleportation channels did not cost money, but leaving cost 20 copper coins. The money was automatically deducted by the system, and it was impossible to use the teleportation channel without enough money.