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 Now that the Cat Demons had been slowed down, the Archers were much more effective. The Archers who had used Ancient Power fully drew their bows and sent out powerful arrows that completely pierced through the Cat Demons' bodies.

After being hit by the arrows, the Cat Demons immediately died. In just a few moments, all of the Cat Demons had been killed by the Archers.

The Cat Demons dropped quite a few gems; these were all Stat Gems, and they could be socketed onto equipment to give various stats and attributes.

The Stat Gems dropped by normal Cat Demons could give one stat point; those dropped by Elite class Cat Demons could give two stat points; those dropped by Chief class Cat Demons could give three stat points, and so on.

Stat Gems were quite rare, and even ordinary Stat Gems would most likely be as valuable as Blue grade equipment. If they farmed Stat Gems here, they would be able to strengthen Great Qin's equipment.

Zhao Fu wasn't very interested in ordinary Stat Gems, and he didn't plan to socket any on his equipment. After all, he had three Epic grade swords, so at the very least, he would socket Legendary grade Stat Gems into them.

After putting away the Stat Gems and the Cat Demons' corpses, Zhao Fu and his soldiers continued onwards. Soon, they encountered another group of Goblins.

There were 150 Goblins, and there were eight or nine Blue-Red Goblins among them. The Blue-Red Goblins were at Stage 2, and the fireballs that they threw were slightly black and incredibly destructive.

Zhao Fu immediately ordered the Hundred Ghost Illusionists to cast the Dark Ghost World. Ghostly qi immediately spread out, covering all of the Goblins.

Because the Blue-Red Goblins were of a magic profession and had Stage 2 cultivation, it wouldn't be too difficult for them to escape from the illusion. As such, Zhao Fu didn't bother acting himself. Instead, he took out some ballistae to wildly shoot towards the ghostly qi-filled region.

Immediately, pained howls started to sound out. Even though the ghostly qi obscured the view of the Goblins inside, Zhao Fu had remembered their rough positions, so he and his soldiers were able to continuously kill them. Because Goblins had low defense, after the ghostly qi scattered, only corpses were left.

After cleaning up, Zhao Fu and his soldiers continued onwards. The Enchantment Cards that the Blue-Red Goblins dropped were quite a bit better than normal Enchantment Cards.

Scratch, scratch, scratch...

It was that sound again. Zhao Fu immediately ordered, "Arrange the formation!"

In the next moment, Cat Demons leaped out. They were slightly different to the ones from before. Their fur and hair were a dark green color, and their claws were jet-black. Any plants that they touched immediately withered - it seemed that their claws contained a lethal poison.

These Cat Demons were most likely poison Cat Demons. Zhao Fu didn't know what sort of skills they had, but their poison would be quite difficult to deal with.

Zhao Fu had prepared all sorts of medicinal pills in his King's Ring, but he hadn't brought many Antidote Pills. They were all Stage 2 poison Cat Demons, so normal Antidote Pills wouldn't be very effective. As such, they had to be very careful.

Now, Zhao Fu had to act first - if these Cat Demons had the opportunity to attack, things could become troublesome.

A blood-red energy barrier rippled out, covering all of the poison Cat Demons. This caused them to pause, and feeling a formless energy bear down on them, they felt that the situation wasn't in their favor and immediately tried to run.

Seeing this, the Archers immediately attacked, and after the poison Cat Demons died, they dropped a dark-green gem.

[Stat Gem - Poison]: Grade: White, Description: Can be socketed on any equipment, giving the piece of equipment poison-type attacks and poison-type defense.

Zhao Fu had never thought that there would be a great variety of Stat Gems - these ones would be good for Great Qin's Assassins.

Now, most of Great Qin's elite Assassins had their equipment enhanced by Underworld Demon Crystals, and if they were also enhanced by these Poison Stats Gems, they would become even more powerful.

Zhao Fu felt quite pleased, and he put away the Stat Gems and corpses. After continuing onwards, they encountered a group of Minotaurs.

There were 30 or so Minotaurs, and as soon as they were spotted, they were trapped by the Dark Ghost World. Zhao Fu's Hundred Ghost Illusionists all had at least Stage 1 cultivation, so trapping these berserk Minotaurs was quite simple.

Because the Minotaurs had high defense, Zhao Fu didn't use the ballistae. Instead, he personally used the Slaughtering Ghost Sword to kill them.

The Minotaurs dropped 30 Ancient Powers, which Zhao Fu once again distributed to his soldiers. Now, whether it was the Shieldbearers or Archers, all of their bodies had become tall and muscular, and they gave off an air of oppression. Now, all of them could rival Stage 2 soldiers.

After killing these Minotaurs, Zhao Fu once again encountered Cat Demons. These Cat Demons were different from the ones they had encountered earlier; their hair and fur were snow-white, and these Cat Demons gave off a faint white light. If it wasn't for their fangs, they would have looked quite holy.

These light Cat Demons were different than the other Cat Demons; they had magic skills and could shoot out ten centimeter wide beams of light.

The beams of light were quite powerful, and they could instantly blast through a one-meter wide tree trunk. Luckily, the Shieldbearers had all used Ancient Powers, and they were able to stop the light Cat Demons' attacks.

Afterward, Zhao Fu drew his Slaughtering Ghost Sword and started a counterattack, and soon, they had killed all of the light Cat Demons. They dropped white Stat Gems that were about as big as fingernails.

[Stat Gem - Light]: Grade: White, Description: Can be socketed on any equipment, giving the piece of equipment light-type attacks and light-type defense.

Because he had obtained Poison Stat Gems earlier, Zhao Fu wasn't too surprised when he saw these Light Stat Gems. They continued onwards, and half an hour later, they saw a group of Cat Demons with black fur that had similar attacks to the light Cat Demons. However, rather than shooting out white light, these Cat Demons shot out black light.

After killing this group of Cat Demons, they obtained black Stat Gems that were the same size and shape as the Light Stat Gems.

[Stat Gem - Dark]: Grade: White, Description: Can be socketed on any equipment, giving the piece of equipment dark-type attacks and dark-type defense.

After Zhao Fu looked at the Dark Stat Gems and was about to put them away, he suddenly heard the Sky Demon say in a pitiable voice, "Owner, I want this!"

When he heard this, Zhao Fu felt a bit surprised, and he asked, "You can devour this Stat Gem's power?"

The Sky Demon sounded quite pleased as it replied, "But of course! I'm a Sky Demon, and absorbing pure darkness energy like this is very simple for me!"

Zhao Fu remembered that he had promised the Sky Demon Sword that he would find resources for it. Since he didn't have much use for these Dark Stat Gems anyway, he might as well allow it to devour some.

The Sky Demon Sword let out traces of demonic qi that surrounded the Dark Stat Gems. In just a few moments, the Dark Stat Gems turned into dust, and the demonic qi returned to the sword. The Sky Demon moaned before digesting the energy within the sword with a satisfied expression on its face.