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 Afterward, Zhao Fu and his soldiers arrived at a large open area.

There were 20 or so Minotaurs there. Their skin was quite dark, and they had muscular bodies. Their eyes were blood-red, and their breath came out as white fog. They gave off the powerful aura of Stage 2 strength.

"Roarrr!!!" The 20 Minotaurs were already berserk, and they looked at Zhao Fu's party murderously as they charged over. As their massive bodies charged, thunderous thumping could be heard, and even the ground seemed to shake.

The Archers immediately started to shoot, and facing these arrows, the Stage 2 Minotaurs swung out their fists, sending out a wind that knocked the arrows away. The arrows that hit the Minotaurs only sank a few centimeters in.

The Minotaurs' muscles not only contained a lot of strength, but they also provided great protection. Even after taking many arrows, they were still completely fine.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu immediately ordered, "Illusionists!"

The ten Hundred Ghost Illusionists immediately raised their wooden staffs and chanted as eerie ghostly qi rose up from the ground.

As the 20 or so Minotaurs charged, they were instantly pulled into the Dark Ghost World. They had very low mental and spiritual defenses, so mental attacks were very effective against them.

Within the Dark Ghost World, the berserk Minotaurs swung their fists around, crushing the countless ghosts around them. However, no matter how they attacked, the ghosts would continuously attack, and they simply couldn't finish killing them. After all, they were all illusions.

Zhao Fu drew the Slaughtering Ghost Sword and walked into the ghostly qi-filled region. The Slaughtering Ghost Sword gave him resistance against ghost-type skills, and with his strength and King's Power, such illusions were essentially useless against him.

After walking into the region, Zhao Fu saw the Minotaurs dumbly standing still. Zhao Fu sent his King's Power into the Slaughtering Ghost Sword, causing it to shine with a sharp blood-red sword light.

Zhao Fu wanted to instantly kill these Minotaurs, as immense pain could drag them out of the illusion.

He went to the first Minotaur and slashed out, causing a blood-red sword light to flash, beheading the Minotaur instantly. Blood spurted out, and the headless corpse powerless crashed to the ground.

Zhao Fu then continued on to the next Minotaur and once again killed it in one strike. In less than three minutes, Zhao Fu had finished killing all of the Minotaurs.

The Hundred Ghost Illusionists then dispelled the Dark Ghost World, and the ghostly qi slowly disappeared, revealing the corpses. Zhao Fu had killed 26 Minotaurs in total, which had dropped 26 orbs of green light that were as big as fists and gave off an ancient air. They were Ancient Power.

Zhao Fu wasn't stingy, and he gave the 26 Ancient Powers to 26 of the Archers. Right now, the Archers were very useful, and because Ancient Power was a strength-type upgrade and the Hundred-Ghost Illusionist was a mental-type profession, the Hundred-Ghost Illusionists weren't very suitable.

Zhao Fu felt that the effects would be quite terrifying if he gave the Ancient Powers to some strength-based professions. For example, with the Goblin Warriors' two meter tall, sturdy bodies and the Strong Orcs, the effects would be simply astounding if they received the Ancient Powers. However, Zhao Fu still decided to strengthen the soldiers currently with him, as this would provide immediate benefits.

After using the Ancient Powers, the Archers gave off powerful auras, and their bodies also changed. They seemed to suddenly inflate, making them roughly two meters tall and covering their bodies with muscles. They gave off an oppressive air, and they were now as strong as Stage 2 soldiers.

Zhao Fu put the Minotaurs' corpses away and felt quite satisfied as they advanced forward. He hoped that he would be able to refine Blood God Pills out of these corpses, as this would greatly boost Great Qin's military strength.

Since the Goblins provided Stage 1 Blood God Pills, if the Minotaurs could provide Stage 2 Blood God Pills, Zhao Fu could not only nurture a large number of Stage 1 soldiers, but he could also start to nurture Stage 2 soldiers. In a world where people were only starting to have Stage 1 soldiers, he would be completely unrivaled.

Zhao Fu was slightly worried because these Goblins and Minotaurs were from the historical remnant. It was possible that they would be different than normal creatures, making it so that he wouldn't be able to refine Blood God Pills from their corpses.

Zhao Fu continued to lead his soldiers around the outer edges of Gloomy Jungle. Before entering the deeper regions, he would have to strengthen all of the soldiers.

Suddenly, very faint scratching sounds could be heard. They were very light, but they couldn't be hidden from Zhao Fu. His expression became serious as he immediately yelled, "Arrange the formation!"

The soldiers immediately became incredibly serious as the Shieldbearers raised their shields and formed a circular wall with the Archers, who all drew their bows, at the center.

Fifty or so cat-like humans jumped out. They were incredibly hairy, and their hair covered their appearances. The only thing that could be seen was their fangs - these were the Cat Demons that had caused Zhao Fu to suffer in the past.

After the Cat Demons appeared, they stared at Zhao Fu's party and bloodthirstily howled before turning into black blurs and rushing at them.

The Cat Demons were abnormally fast, and they arrived before them in the blink of an eye. Just as they appeared, the Archers shot out arrows, but because the Cat Demons were at Stage 2 and incredibly agile, only a small portion of the arrows hit their targets.

However, the Cat Demons that were hit had their bodies completely pierced - after all, they prioritized speed and had low defense.

Clang, clang, clang...

The Cat Demons' sharp claws slashed at the shields, causing sparks to fly as they tried to break through the protective wall.

When he saw these Cat Demons, Zhao Fu lightly harrumphed. The scene from back then wouldn't happen again; he was no longer weak!

"Slaughterfield Domain!" Zhao Fu yelled as he sent his King's Power into the Slaughtering Ghost Sword. The Slaughtering Ghost Sword shined with a bright blood-red light, and blood-red arcs of lightning flickered around it as Zhao Fu stabbed it into the ground.


A massive aura exploded out, causing the ground around Zhao Fu to crack. A blood-red barrier expanded out, forming a 1,000-meter wide blood-red energy barrier.

The Cat Demons' greatest asset was their speed, and if one could restrict their speed, one would be able to easily kill them. The 1,000-meter wide blood-red energy barrier covered all of the Cat Demons, who were all given a big fright. They tried to escape out of it, but Zhao Fu tightly gripped the Slaughtering Ghost Sword with both hands and sent even more of his King's Power into it.

Immediately, a formless pressure weighed down on the Cat Demons' bodies, causing them to slow down.