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 What Zhao Fu thought of was the Rolan Historical Remnant. Because he had been injured and his power sealed last time, he hadn't been able to go very deep into Gloomy Jungle. The Stat Gems and other items from there were all very valuable, so Zhao Fu thought about going there again.

With his current strength, it was worth going there again. There were many Stage 1 and Stage 2 creatures there, such as the Hobgoblins and Minotaurs. Perhaps he would be able to create Blood God Pills if he refined their corpses.

There were also Cat Demons that were all Stage 2. Even though they weren't humanoid creatures, if he could refine them, he would be able to obtain many Raising Stones.

After returning to the Great Qin City, Zhao Fu chose 300 or so elite soldiers, all of whose cultivations were above Stage 1. Their cultivations were around Stage 1-5, and they were soldiers who had been serving Great Qin for the longest and had a lot of battle experience. There were 100 Infantrymen, 100 Shieldbearers, 100 Archers, and 30 Hundred Ghost Illusionists. With such a team, Zhao Fu felt that he would be able to clear Gloomy Jungle, mainly because of the Hundred Ghost Illusionists' illusion abilities.

Zhao Fu took his team quickly to East Green and first had a look at Mountain Willow Town. Liu Subai's management was quite good, and Mountain Willow Town's development had been progressing quite quickly. Their military was also quite good, and they were now the most powerful force in the surrounding 1,000-kilometer radius area.

Zhao Fu had only provided equipment and resources, while everything else had been left to Mountain Willow Town. Occasionally, he would choose some elites to join Great Qin's army.

Afterward, Zhao Fu used the teleportation channel to reach a Xiongnu village that he had conquered before leaving. The Rolan Historical Remnant provided the perfect defense for it.

After such a long time, the village already had 800 or so people, and the 20 or so Goblins were still standing guard. It seemed that no one had attacked this place.

After coming to the Rolan Historical Remnant's large doors, Zhao Fu stretched out his hands and pushed them open. It was incredibly dark, making it difficult to see.

Zhao Fu only had 67 Gloomy Jungle command medallions, and because Gloomy Jungle was quite dangerous, Zhao Fu didn't take too many infantrymen. The main reason he had brought them was to kill troublesome enemies who appeared in large numbers.

In the end, Zhao Fu decided to bring 20 Shieldbearers, 30 Archers, six Blue-Red Goblins, and ten Hundred Ghost Illusionists. He gave them some torches before leading them in.

After walking through the passageway, Zhao Fu once again reached that dimly-lit jungle. It was just as dark, and the trees were incredibly dense with all sorts of strange cries coming from inside.

Soon, Zhao Fu saw some black Goblins carrying wooden clubs. The creatures within Gloomy Jungle were more ferocious and savage than the ones outside. After seeing Zhao Fu and his party, they raised their wooden clubs and rushed over.

There were 30 or so of these Goblins, and Zhao Fu didn't bother acting personally. 20 Shieldbearers raised their shields and blocked in front of him, forming a shield wall. The Archers started shooting, causing sharp arrows to tear through the air towards the black Goblins.

Chi, chi, chi...

The arrows pierced through the Goblins chests. All of the soldiers Zhao Fu had brought were Great Qin's elites, and all of their arrows found their mark.

The Blue-Red Goblins tossed iceballs and fireballs, either freezing the black Goblins or blasting them away. Very soon, the 30 black Goblins had been easily taken care of.

Almost all of the Goblins here dropped command medallion fragments, and only five fragments were required to form a Gloomy Jungle command medallion.

It was a pity that these Goblins only dropped command medallion fragments and no other items. Zhao Fu looked at the corpses and found that they were Stage 1, so he could at least use their corpses to refine Blood God Pills.

As Zhao Fu's party continued onwards, they encountered a group of 70 or so Goblins. In the group, there were Goblin Rock Throwers and Hobgoblins. Some Hobgoblins held swords, while others used sabers, hatchets, spears, or hammers. Their auras were more powerful than the other Goblins, and they were most likely above Stage 1.

Facing these 70 or so Goblins, Zhao Fu still didn't act. Even though these Goblins were stronger than the ones from before, they weren't very intelligent. They were less intelligent than even the Goblins outside and only knew how to charge at their enemies.

Great Qin's soldiers once again went into formation. This time, the Shieldbearers also equipped sharp spears. Their shields and spears were all Silver grade pieces of equipment, and they were incredibly sharp and firm.

The Archers started to shoot, getting rid of the Goblin Rock Throwers before focusing on the Hobgoblins, allowing the ordinary Goblins to rush up.

The ordinary Goblins waved their wooden clubs and ferociously ran incredibly quickly. However, the experienced Shieldbearers stood their ground with fearless expressions, gripping their spears and gathering their strength to stab out.

Chi, chi, chi...

Stabbing sounds could be heard as spears pierced through the Goblins' chests, killing them instantly. Other Goblins rushed up, and the Shieldbearers reformed their shield wall, and the Archers had finished dealing with the Goblin Rock Throwers and Hobgoblins by now.

Facing the ordinary Goblins at such close range, the Archers continuously shot arrows into their heads, instantly killing them. In just five or six minutes, they had finished killing the 70 or so Goblins.

The ordinary Goblins and Goblin Rock Throwers dropped command medallion fragments, but what interested Zhao Fu was the silver-white lights dropped by the Hobgoblins.

[Legacy: Silver Lake Immortal's Saber - Saber Essence]: The shard of a Legendary grade weapon, Silver Lake Immortal's Saber. Collecting 1,200 saber essence can allow one to fuse the saber essence into Silver Lake Immortal's Saber and obtain the Legacy attached to the saber.

[Legacy: Silver Lake Immortal's Spear - Spear Essence]: The shard of a Legendary grade weapon, Silver Lake Immortal's Spear. Collecting 1,200 spear essence can allow one to fuse the spear essence into Silver Lake Immortal's Spear and obtain the Legacy attached to the spear.

[Legacy: Silver Lake Immortal's Hammer - Hammer Essence]: The shard of a Legendary grade weapon, Silver Lake Immortal's Hammer. Collecting 1,200 hammer essence can allow one to fuse the hammer essence into Silver Lake Immortal's Hammer and obtain the Legacy attached to the hammer.

Zhao Fu found that there were seven types of essences: sword, saber, spear, hammer, bow, shield, and hatchet. If he could collect enough essences, he could form seven Legendary grade pieces of equipment and unlock the Silver Immortal Seven Battle Professions. There wasn't much information about these professions, and he would only find out more about them after unlocking them.

After putting away the corpses, Zhao Fu led his soldiers onwards.