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 Xianru felt a bit surprised and wondered where Zhao Fu was taking her. They first took a teleportation channel before arriving at another city.

It was quite lively here, and it was a flourishing city. There were tall structures everywhere with clean and ordered roads. There were many Humans and Outlanders, and even though there were many races, they all lived in harmony without any conflict.

It was also very beautiful here - there were flowers everywhere, causing the air to have a faint fragrant smell, and butterflies flew about.

On the streets, no matter who it was, they would respectfully say upon seeing Zhao Fu, "Your Majesty!"

Xianru now knew where she was - this was the place that the entire world was most curious about... the Great Qin City!

Xianru felt quite amazed and happy, and she couldn't help but look at Zhao Fu's back. She understood that Zhao Fu completely trusted her now.

Zhao Fu had long since trusted Xianru, but because Great Qin's foundation wasn't firm yet, he hadn't brought her here. Now, it was already a Basic City, and he had roughly 600,000 indigenous residents. With such a firm foundation, he could now bring her here.

"What are your thoughts? You're the first player to come to the Great Qin City," Zhao Fu smiled as he turned and looked at Xianru.

Xianru lightly laughed as she replied, "Incredibly blessed!"

Zhao Fu smiled as he said, "Let's go. I'll take you to meet everyone. From today onwards, you officially belong to Great Qin."

Xianru happily nodded in response.

Afterward, Zhao Fu took Xianru to his residence's courtyard, and many of his subordinates met her for the first time. They were all quite surprised that Zhao Fu would bring a player to the Great Qin City.

Zhao Fu first had Xianru get to know everyone. Then, he gave her permission to enter the Great Qin City and perform ceremonial rites. Whether it was in terms of knowledge or abilities, Xianru was quite profound, and Zhao Fu needed such a person.

This was something that Xianru had been waiting for a long time, and no matter how steady-tempered she was, she couldn't help but feel happy, and her Fate greatly increased.

Afterward, Zhao Fu received some news regarding Heaven's Choice - some people from Soldier Alliance came and wanted to see him.

Zhao Fu had almost forgotten that he had agreed to try to get along with Soldier Alliance for Wu Qingniang. As such, he went to Demon Tree City, where there were three people waiting in Heaven's Choice's hall.

There were two men who were around 20 or so years old. One of them had a fairly stalwart-looking face, while the other looked quite refined. There was also a young woman who looked quite pretty.

As Zhao Fu walked in, the young woman hummed, "So you're Zhao Fu; you're quite good looking! We're from Soldier Alliance."

Because they were within Heaven's Choice's territory, Zhao Fu didn't wear his cloak, so his appearance wasn't hidden. This was the first time someone had said that Zhao Fu was good looking - in actuality, he had always had decent looks, and after obtaining various Legacies, they had slightly changed his appearance to make him look even more handsome and unique.

Out of these three people, Zhao Fu knew one of them - it was a stalwart-looking person, Dong Junhua. He had never expected him to be willing to come here and give him face - no, it was giving Wu Qingniang face.

When he heard the young man's words, Zhao Fu had an apologetic smile on his face as he replied, "Apologies, I've been too busy recently and haven't found the time to visit all of you yet."

Dong Junhua stood up and smiled as he said, "No worries. We all wanted to see what sort of person Heaven's Choice's legendary leader was. I see that you're not ordinary at all."

After speaking, Dong Junhua stretched out his hand and said, "Also, this is my little sister Dong Ying and my friend Ren Changzhong."

Zhao Fu politely smiled at each of them before saying to Dong Junhua, "Alliance Master Dong is the one who's extraordinary. Soldier Alliance is the top faction in Soldier Forest, and Alliance Master Dong reigns above everyone there."

The two of them first exchanged courteous words and expressed some considerations of forming an alliance. Zhao Fu could tell that Dong Junhua greatly liked Wu Qingniang, and Dong Junhua asked him how she was doing. What's more, Dong Junhua's little sister even referred to Wu Qingniang as her future sister-in-law.

Zhao Fu didn't care much about this; he was only interacting with Soldier Alliance to appease Wu Qingniang. Whether it was Soldier Alliance or Heaven's Choice, those factions were both tiny chess pieces in Zhao Fu's eyes.

After seeing the three of them off, Zhao Fu went back to his own matters.

On the way back, Dong Junhua suddenly asked, "What do you two think of Zhao Fu"

Dong Ying thought for a moment before replying, "He's not too bad! He's quite nice, and we can be friends with him. It's said that he's extremely powerful, and I wonder how he got his hair so long and his eyes to become blood-red; they look so unique. Could it be that he fused with some sort of bloodline? At first, I thought he was an indigenous resident.

"Also, big bro, why are you suddenly asking this? Is it because big sis Qingniang seems to care about him quite a bit and asked you to help him? Big bro, are you jealous?" Dong Ying suddenly thought of something as she stopped walking and stared at Dong Junhua with wide eyes.

Dong Junhua lightly laughed and didn't try to hide it as he nodded and replied, "I am indeed a bit jealous, but I feel that he isn't as simple as he looks. I'm afraid that Qingniang won't be able to control him."

By his side, Ren Changzhong, who hadn't spoken this entire time, finally said, "Zhao Fu indeed isn't simple at all, and even though he was doing his best to suppress it, his aura is incredibly terrifying. It has a very powerful fiendish air to it, and he has most likely killed many people. Even if it's not 10,000, it's at least a few thousand."

When she heard Ren Zhongchang, Dong Ying was given a big fright, and she cried out, "Zhongzhong, don't scare me like that! I have a pretty good impression of him, so why are you making him out to sound like a murderous demon king?"

Ren Zhongchang looked at Dong Ying seriously as he replied, "After you know his true nature, you'll know that he's more terrifying than a murderous demon king."

"Alright, stop trying to scare me!" Dong Ying's hairs were all standing on end after being looked at like that by Ren Zhongchang, and she hugged Dong Junhua's arm, looking quite frightened.

Ren Zhongchang didn't say anything else and lowered his head as he thought to himself. He wasn't trying to scare her; rather, he felt that Zhao Fu was truly quite terrifying. This was especially so for his blood-red eyes - he felt that he had seen them before somewhere.

Dong Junhua smiled as he patted Dong Ying's head and said, "Yingying, there's nothing to be afraid of. He doesn't seem like someone who goes around slaughtering innocent people; I'm just worried that he's incredibly ambitious. From his eyes, I can tell that he wants to conquer the entire Forest of Horrors or even proclaim himself as a King or Emperor. I should tell this to Qingniang to tell her to be on her guard."

"Oh!" Dong Ying replied before asking, "Will we work together with Heaven's Choice then? What should we do now?"

"Of course, we have to maintain friendly relations - this is beneficial to both Heaven's Choice and Soldier Alliance. I heard from Qingniang that the real world will be devoured by the Heaven Awaken World in the future, so we must strengthen Soldier Alliance. We'll need to become a powerful force in the future, and I'll perhaps even become a King - only then will I be able to match Qingniang's status and properly marry her."

Dong Junhua smiled as he spoke to Dong Ying, his gaze and heart both incredibly resolute, making Dong Ying feel great admiration towards him.

Elsewhere, Zhao Fu also suddenly thought of something.