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 Zhao Fu decided that he had to split these Orcs up to properly assimilate them into Great Qin - Great Qin should be primarily made up of humans, and he couldn't allow there to be too many Outlanders for fear of an uprising. Luckily, the solution was easy - right now, Zhao Fu's other villages were made up of 80% Humans, so by scattering the Orcs throughout those villages, he could make sure that the spawning rate of Humans would always make the number of Humans greater than the number of Orcs.

Next, Zhao Fu [Relocated] Orc City and obtained 400,000 EXP. It was a pity that the Orc Wolf Den was automatically relocated as well, and he didn't receive any EXP from that.

After returning to Great Qin, Zhao Fu decided to establish Orc City 1,000 kilometers away. He made Saar the City Lord and gave him an SSS grade Orb.

City Lord Kaki, Vice-Lord Gunador, and Bodili had all been SSS grade, and after refining their corpses, Zhao Fu obtained three SSS grade Orbs.

Because only an Orc could be the City Lord of Orc City and Saar was Zhao Fu's number one Orc General, Zhao Fu decided to give Orc City to him.

Zhao Fu then took out a stone seal - Orc City's City Lord Seal. Zhao Fu had picked up this City Lord Seal after killing Kaki, and it was a bit smaller than before. This was because Orc City was now a Subsidiary of Great Qin, and a portion of its power had been absorbed by Great Qin.

As long as Great Qin had the Great Qin Seal, he would be able to render Orc City's City Lord Seal useless. After Great Qin Seal obtained a portion of Orc City's City Lord Seal's power, it had become somewhat stronger.

Now that Saar had become the City Lord and controlled the City Lord Seal, he would have a heavy responsibility. As such, Zhao Fu also gave him a Stage 2 Blood God Pill to help him quickly raise his cultivation - in the future, he would be doing a lot of work.

As for the remaining two SSS grade Orbs, Zhao Fu decided to give them to Zhang Dahu and Old Logue, two of his oldest Generals.

They also had another 30,000 Blood God Pills from the Orcs' corpses. Most of the Orc soldiers had refused to surrender, and only 10,000 had surrendered in the end. Out of these 10,000 soldiers, 80% of them were at Stage 1.

Moreover, after taking down this city, Great Qin had received a lot of Fate, so the Nation Armament and Clan Armament had also become stronger.

It was impossible to hide the destruction of Kaki City from the three system main cities, as it was such a big event. The three City Lords talked with each other, and they found that since none of them had made a move against Kaki City, it had to have been that mysterious faction.

They were completely shocked as to how quickly and easily that person had taken down Kaki City - this mysterious person was simply growing too quickly, and that person was now a grave threat to the system main cities.

The three City Lords couldn't help but start to take this matter seriously, as it was possible that they would be next.

There was another faction that had quickly found out that Kaki City had been destroyed, which was the Zhou family. When the time had come to exchange again, Zhou Ming had happily brought his goods and anticipated a big return.

However, after arriving, he found that all that remained were ruins. The mighty and crude Orc City was gone, making him completely shocked - just which faction was powerful enough to destroy Kaki City?

Zhou Ming had immediately returned to the Zhou family and gathered information everywhere to try to find out who it was.

Zhao Fu didn't know any of this - in the following period, Great Qin entered a fairly peaceful state so as to properly assimilate everything from Kaki City and to do some building.

After the Great Qin City became a city, many structures had to be re-done, such as the city walls and some new buildings. At the same time, Zhao Fu ordered his people to start constructing a City Hall.

Now that Great Qin was a City, there was a need for a City Hall. Zhao Fu left this to the Gnomes. He told the Gnomes to design a majestic and imposing-looking City Hall while others would be responsible for the construction.

Zhao Fu didn't have much to do now, so he took out the One World Rod and fished at a small creek. His cultivation was now at Stage 1-9, and he was just a step away from Stage 2.

After becoming Earth grade and obtaining the One World Rod, his cultivation speed had become nearly ten times faster than before.

At that moment, a soldier came to report that He Xianru wanted to see him. Zhao Fu felt a bit surprised, but he still went to the Westfall Restaurant.

He Xianru was waiting for him at a table, on which there was a sumptuous feast prepared. Seeing that Zhao Fu had arrived, He Xianru smiled and stood up as she paid her respects, "Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu had a trace of a smile on his face as he walked in and nodded. He sat down by the table and looked at He Xianru as he asked, "What is it?"

He Xianru first bowed before sitting down beside Zhao Fu, and she poured him a cup of wine and said, "Your Majesty, this lowly one is here to apologize for her wrongdoings; I hope that Your Majesty can forgive me."

After hearing He Xianru's words, Zhao Fu's expression didn't change much as he sipped at his wine and said, "What is it that needs forgiving?"

A slight apologetic look appeared in He Xianru's eyes as she said, "Before, this lowly one hid her identity. I am indeed in the School of Gourmet, but I'm also in the School of Yin Yang and a Branch Arbiter of the Wood Branch of the Five Elements."

Hearing this, Zhao Fu's expression still didn't change much. He had more or less guessed something along those lines - with He Xianru's abilities and the help she had provided him, he already knew that she wasn't an ordinary person.

When she saw that Zhao Fu didn't react too greatly, He Xianru understood and lightly laughed as she said, "So Your Majesty already guessed!"

In actuality, she hadn't gone out of her way to keep her identity a secret. It was just that Zhao Fu was incredibly wary towards everyone after he started building up his faction. If she had told him that she was from the School of Yin Yang back then, he might have rejected her.

Zhao Fu laughed before saying, "With your skills, the fact that you didn't try to hide it, and the fact that I'm not stupid, how could I not have guessed it?"

"Your Majesty is indeed wise." He Xianru smiled as she explained, "The first time I met Your Majesty, this lowly one already knew who Your Majesty was. Your Majesty's Fate contains an incredibly murderous aura, and only the Great Qin Empire of the five Great Dynasties has such a thing. Also, this lowly one's surname is not 'He'; my name is simply Xianru."

Zhao Fu was quite surprised that she had known who he was from the moment that she met him. However, he didn't mind too much about her name.

"Is there anything else?" Zhao Fu asked, sensing that there was more.

Xianru smiled as she nodded and said, "Regarding the sealing matter, the Sect Master asked this lowly one to apologize on his behalf."

"I see. I'll let that matter go then." Zhao Fu decided that he would forgive the School of Yin Yang because of Xianru. He didn't mind too much either; after all, if he waged war against everyone who had gone against him, it would be impossible for Great Qin to fight against all of them.

"Thank you, Your Majesty!" Xianru had never thought that the matter would be resolved so easily. She once again bowed before putting some food in Zhao Fu's bowl and saying, "Your Majesty, please eat - the food won't taste as good once it's cold."

"No need. Come with me!" Zhao Fu called Xianru to follow him; he had other plans.