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 "Your Majesty, the 20,000 slaves wish to see you."

Just as Bai Qi finished reporting and Zhao Fu sank into his thoughts, Doke came to report and cut off Zhao Fu's train of thought.

When he heard Doke's report, Zhao Fu nodded, and Doke brought 30 or so people to Zhao Fu. Half of them were Kobolds, and the other half were Goblins.

The Kobolds were led by a middle-aged Kobold while the Goblins were led by a relatively young Goblin. They all came up to Zhao Fu and respectfully kneeled, saying, "Thank you, Your Majesty, for your saving grace!"

When he saw this, Zhao Fu felt quite pleased, and there was a trace of a smile as he said, "You may all rise! From today onwards, you will belong to Great Qin, and I will give you a safe and peaceful life. You will not longer be slaves; you are all officially residents of Great Qin."

Hearing Zhao Fu's words, the Kobolds and Goblins let out sighs of relief. They were worried that Zhao Fu would treat them like slaves as the Orcs had, and they could tell that Great Qin soldiers were no weaker than the Orcs. Even if they wanted to resist, it would be impossible.

Moreover, when they heard that Zhou Fu wasn't going to make them slaves but even make them residents of Great Qin, they felt completely relieved and profusely thanked him.

Zhao Fu sent them off before coming to a large open area where there were countless Orcs bound with ropes. They were all starting to wake up with various expressions of bewilderment, fright, hatred, and fury.

They were all fairly weak still because Bai Qi had only given them a small portion of Antidote in order to prevent anything unexpected from happening.

After coming over, Zhao Fu said loudly in the Orc language, "Orc City has been conquered by me, and your City Lord, Vice-Lord, and number one fighter have been killed by my people. If you are willing to submit, you will be able to become part of Great Qin. If you're unwilling, I won't show any mercy."

After Zhao Fu made this announcement, he ordered people to split up the Orcs who were willing to submit and those who weren't, starting with the Orc soldiers.

Most of the Orc soldiers were very loyal towards Kaki, and they looked at Zhao Fu murderously, wanting to kill him. Some of them yelled, "Orcs will never surrender!" and tried to convince other Orcs not to surrender.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu's gaze became cold, and he dragged 5,000 of the most loyal Orcs in front of the others and made them kneel.

"Execute them!" Zhao Fu coldly ordered as his soldiers raised their swords and swung down heavily, causing many heads to fly off and many bodies to fall to the ground. Blood flowed out of their necks, instantly dyeing the ground red and causing a pungent smell to spread.

"Continue!" Zhao Fu looked at the Orcs, and his soldiers dragged out 5,000 older Orcs who had been serving Kaki for a long time, were incredibly loyal to him, and had also refused to surrender.

Zhao Fu didn't have much use for these older Orcs anyways, so since they wanted to die, he would fulfill their desires.

The older Orcs were dragged in front of the corpses of the Orc soldiers and knelt there. The older Orcs all had tough and unyielding looks on their faces, and they prepared to start yelling something.

"Execute!" Zhao Fu wasn't interested in listening to what they had to say, and he quickly gave the order. The soldiers once again swung their swords, causing heads and bodies to fall to the ground. Blood once again started to pour out, and the scent of blood became even more striking.

Now, the scene was much quieter.

However, Zhao Fu's cold voice continued to sound out, and another 5,000 Orcs were dragged out and executed. The scene started to become quite oppressive, and an atmosphere of fear started to spread.

This was a great massacre. It wasn't something caused by a battle but by a one-sided slaughter. 15,000 corpses lay on the ground, dyeing it completely red and creating a shocking scene.

Within the boundless darkness, a blood-red star shined with a demonic blood-red light. As Zhao Fu watched this slaughter, his blood-red eyes started to shine with a demonic light, and his heart became completely cold as he ordered the execution of another 5,000 Orcs.

Following this, as the slaughter continued, the blood-red star started to shine brighter and brighter, and Zhao Fu's heart became colder and colder. Soon, he ordered a group of Orc children, who were younger than ten years old and not much use as labor, to be dragged out.

The soldiers obeyed, walking into the crowd of Orcs and dragging out Orc children. The parents cried, wailed, and tried to stop them, but they were unable to. They could only kneel and kowtow to Zhao Fu, signaling that they were willing to submit.

However, Zhao Fu remained unmoved as if he was devoid of emotions. The soldiers dragged the children to the front, and Bai Qi and the other Generals and Commanders started to feel quite worried. If it was under normal circumstances, Zhao Fu would've stopped already. Why did he want to kill these completely innocent children?

Even though the Orc children were still quite pure and naïve, after seeing so many people being dragged up and beheaded, they knew what was happening and burst into tears.

"Execute!" Zhao Fu's voice started to sound evil as the soldiers obeyed and raised their swords, preparing to strike.

"Wait!" Bai Qi and the other Generals and Commanders couldn't watch on anymore and cried out.

Zhao Fu frowned and looked towards them. At that moment, they found that Zhao Fu's eyes were shining with a bright blood-red light, which looked quite horrifying.

Facing those two terrifying blood-red eyes, Bai Qi and the others' hearts trembled, and their bodies froze. A chilling feeling spread from their hearts, and they instinctively felt a sense of fear. The air seemed to freeze, and their hearts rapidly jumped, making them feel that it was difficult to breathe.

"Alright, release these children. See if there's anyone else who doesn't want to surrender and kill them as well."

Zhao Fu suddenly reverted back to his old self, and his eyes dimmed. The blood-red star in the boundless darkness also dimmed and returned to normal.

Bai Qi and the others had no idea what had just happened, but they let out a sigh of relief - Zhao Fu just then had been truly terrifying.

Zhao Fu hadn't noticed anything, and he left this matter to Bai Qi and the others.

A while later, Bai Qi and finished taking care of this matter. Because of the massacre Zhao Fu had just committed, most of the remaining Orcs were scared into submission and no longer dared to resist. After Bai Qi killed some of the remaining resisters, there were still 220,000 Orcs remaining out of the 250,000 residents and soldiers.

Zhao Fu was quite pleased with this. Right now, the Great Qin City had nearly 400,000 people, and now that they were adding 220,000 Orcs and the 20,000 original slaves, they would make up nearly one-third of the Great Qin City's population.