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 "System announcement! Would you like to conquer Kaki City?"

After Zhao Fu placed his hand on the golden cube, a system announcement sounded out, and he didn't hesitate to choose to conquer it.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have conquered Kaki City."

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have received 1000 Achievement Points."

"System Announcement! Congratulations, you have received ten War Points."

A trace of a smile appeared on Zhao Fu's face - it was all over. Zhao Fu's taut heart could now relax.

"I'll kill you!!" The City Lord Seal's power around Kaki slowly disappeared, and the stone seal above his head gradually lost its light before falling to the ground. Kaki's expression became incredibly savage as he rushed at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu coldly glanced at Kaki and casually waved his hand, sending out a formless energy that sent Kaki flying. Now, Kaki only had his Stage 4 cultivation, so how could he resist Zhao Fu, who had his City Lord Seal?

After being sent flying, Kaki crashed against a wall and coughed up a mouthful of blood.

"I'll give you a choice: submit or die. If you submit to me, you can continue being the City Lord of Orc City."

Zhao Fu held the Sky Demon Sword and walked over to Kaki as he looked at him. Since Kaki was a Stage 4 expert, Zhao Fu decided to at least try to recruit him.

"Hahahahaha..." Kaki wildly laughed. He, the City Lord of Orc City and the most powerful existence in the surrounding 10,000-kilometer radius area, had lost everything because of Zhao Fu. He would rather die than to submit to Zhao Fu, and he hatefully glared at Zhao Fu as he swung his hatchet at Zhao Fu in response.

Zhao Fu watched as Kaki swung his hatchet, and his sword, which was covered with black sword light, stabbed into Kaki's body. His energy exploded out from the sword, instantly turning Kaki's heart into mush.

Kaki continued to vengefully stare at Zhao Fu even as he died as if he wouldn't let Zhao Fu go even if he turned into a ghost. Afterward, he slowly fell to the ground as a corpse.

Bai Qi and the other Generals and Commanders came up and cupped their hands together. "Congratulations, Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu also smiled. He waved his hand and put Kaki's corpse away before ordering Bai Qi and the other leaders to take care of the rest. They gathered the poisoned Orcs, collected items of values, and calculated their losses.

Zhao Fu went to the City Heart. Ever since he had seen Orc City, he had wanted it for himself.

Right now, Great Qin was only a Basic City, and above it were Intermediate Cities, Advanced Cities, and Great Cities.

The scale of Great Cities was like system main cities, and all of the system main cities were Great Cities. That was why there were only three or four system main cities despite each region being so big.

Leveling up to a Great City was quite difficult - it not only required three Basic Cities but also six Basic Towns and the corresponding statuses. The three Basic Cities required three Viscounts, and the six Basic Towns required six Barons.

Now that Zhao Fu already had a Basic City and three Basic Towns, he needed two more Basic Cities and three Basic Towns in order to level up to a Great City. He had no idea when this would be possible.

Zhao Fu then looked at the Orc City's stats.

Village Name: Kaki City (Gold)

Level: Basic (2,500/1,500,000)

Village Area: 300 square kilometers

Village Territory: 5,180 square kilometers

Residents: 262,950/460,000

Military: 31,640/62,000

Popular Support: 85

Village Special Stats: Territory Crop Output +80%, Territory Crop Growing Time -80%, Population Limit +50%, Residents' stats can randomly +4, Soldiers' stats +4%, Population Attraction +70%, chance of attracting higher grade population +60%

Subsidiary Village Limit: 300

Subordinate Villages: None

After looking at the stats, Zhao Fu then looked at the professions it had. He didn't bother to look at the normal ones, only looking at the particularly special ones.

[Orc Wolfrider]: E+ grade Military, Description: Ferocious wolf-riding Orcs, one of the most powerful Orc military professions, Effect: Receives basic skill [Ferocious Charge].

[Orc Shaman]: D- grade Military, Description: Shamans who know some healing and witchcraft skills, Effect: Receives basic skill [Witchcraft].

The Orc Shaman profession had a limit of 50 people, and there was also a Strong Orc Profession Change Stone Stele.

After looking at these things, Zhao Fu went to the side of the Orc City and saw Giant Wolves that were two to three meters long that were sprawled on the ground, looking at Zhao Fu in submission.

Their Den was quite special because it was fused with Orc City. Now that Zhao Fu had conquered Orc City, this Den also belonged to Zhao Fu. As such, the Giant Wolves didn't seem ferocious at all, and they instead seemed quite mild towards him.

Zhao Fu went to the side of the Den and saw a rhombus-shaped blood crystal floating above a round stage. Zhao Fu walked over and looked at it.

[Orc Wolf Den]: (Basic Town 28,834/450,000) Grade: Gold, Description: A Special Den fused from an Orc Blood Crystal and a Wolf Den. It can spawn 45-75 Orc Wolves per day.

After looking at these stats, Zhao Fu felt quite satisfied towards this Den. With these Orc Wolves, he would be able to create 40,000 to 50,000 Orc Wolfriders.

Of course, Zhao Fu didn't want just Orc Wolfriders - he wanted as many other types of military professions as possible to prepare for future battles.

Afterward, Zhao Fu returned to Orc City. By now, Bai Qi had finished sorting out the various matters. When he saw that Zhao Fu had returned, he started to report, "Your Majesty, we took 250,000 or so Orcs captive and obtained 73 City Creation Stones from the Subsidiary Villages. There were also 340,000 gold coins and countless other items. Because we didn't engage in a direct fight, we suffered very light casualties."

Zhao Fu had already guessed that the result would be like this - after all, Hidden Evil was just too effective, and it had been able to cause all of Orc City to lose its defenses. In actuality, Zhao Fu had prepared another trap, which was the Shattersteel Iron equipment, but there had been no need to use it.

All of the equipment that he had given to the Orcs contained Shattersteel Iron, and upon clashing with Great Qin's weapons, the Orc's equipment would immediately shatter. This would have resulted in the Orcs losing their weapons and defensive equipment, while Great Qin would still have all of its equipment. No matter how ferocious the Orcs were, they wouldn't be able to defeat Great Qin's soldiers in that situation.

It was a pity that Hidden Evil had been too powerful, which made it so that there was no need to use the Shattersteel Iron equipment. However, they could still collect them again and continue to sell them to others.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised to obtain so many City Creation Stones. He had thought that the Orcs would've destroyed all of the villages that they conquered and wouldn't have kept any of the City Creation Stones.

Zhao Fu realized that Gunador, that intelligent old Orc, must have been extremely far-sighted. It was a pity that he was the one who had reaped the gains from this, while Gunador had been killed by his subordinates.

Zhao Fu felt a slight sense of sorrow - after all, they had been plotting against each other for so long, and everything had concluded today. However, he hadn't showed any mercy; even if there was a next time, he wouldn't hesitate to kill him.