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 Even though his opponent was monstrously powerful, Kaki couldn't just give in and surrender. He once again explosively roared and completely released his Seal's power as he slashed out with his hatchet.

The entire sky seemed to tremble as a powerful aura of suppression descended, and the hatchet gave off massive light that seemed to be able to split open the heavens and earth as it descended towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu quickly dodged to the side, not choosing to meet the attack head-on.


A massive explosion sounded out, splitting open a 100 meter long crack in the ground.

After Zhao Fu dodged to the side, he wasn't in a hurry to attack. He could keep Kaki occupied while Bai Qi, Wei Liao, and Wang Jian could destroy the golden energy shield and conquer the city. It would still be his victory.

"Roarrr! Awooo!!! Skreeeee!"

The three massive beasts roared and mustered their strength as they once again vigorously charged against the golden energy shield with immense force.


Another massive sound resulted, but the golden energy shield was still fine - it was simply too sturdy. With the three beasts' strength, they would be able to demolish a small mountain, but they could do nothing to the energy shield.

Bai Qi, Wei Liao, and Wang Jian once again gathered their strength and continued to control the three beasts to charge against the golden energy shield. As they continuously attacked, the golden energy shield started to tremble.

Kaki immediately looked at Bai Qi and the others and struck back Zhao Fu before taking this opportunity to fly towards the three of them and start launching attacks at them.

Swish, swish, swish...

The soldiers on the sides grabbed this opportunity, and countless arrows and bolts flew through the air, covering Kaki. There were tens of thousands of arrows and bolts, and the sound that they gave off was simply terrifying.

Kaki didn't dare to be careless, and he continuously brandished his hatchet, creating many air blades and gusts of wind that slashed the incoming arrows and bolts away.

At that moment, Zhao Fu suddenly appeared beside Kaki, and Zhao Fu's sword shined with sword light as it stabbed towards Kaki's throat.

This sudden attack was incredibly ferocious, and Kaki threw his head back, narrowly avoiding this strike. However, Zhao Fu reacted instantly, slashing down and opening a small gash on Kaki's chest.

Kaki was infuriated and smashed his hatchet at Zhao Fu, knocking him back again. Zhao Fu's main task was to keep Kaki occupied as opposed to taking him down. Defeating him in a direct fight would be quite difficult.

"Roarrr! Awooo!!! Skreeee!!!"

The three massive beasts continued to attack. The blood-red eagle swooped down, using its iron-like claws to rake at the golden energy shield, creating a piercing grating sound.

The black tiger and green wolf charged forwards and slammed their bodies against the energy shield, causing low rumbles to sound out. The golden energy shield started to tremble, signaling that it wouldn't last for long.

When he saw this, Kaki felt fear within his heart. He retreated before saying to Zhao Fu, "Human, I only want the City Creation Stone; you can have everything else in Orc City, and I'll order all of the Orcs to submit to you."

Zhao Fu was quite surprised that this powerful Orc would back down. Zhao Fu wasn't interested in much in Orc City, but having 200,000 Orcs submit to him would be quite good because he would be able to boost his population by 200,000.

However, right now, all of the Orcs' lives were in Zhao Fu's hands, so why would he agree to Kaki's words?

"Apologies, but I want everything," Zhao Fu replied as he continued to attack, sending out multiple sword lights that were ten or so meters long.

Kaki became completely enraged and gripped his hatchet with both hands, swinging it upwards as a powerful hatchet light burst forth, shattering all of the sword lights that Zhao Fu had slashed out.

Zhao Fu once again slashed out, continuously attacking Kaki without a single care in the world. His single goal was to have Kaki's attention on him.

Under the attack of the three beasts, the golden energy shield continued to tremble more and more, and it couldn't last for much longer.

Kaki started to feel more and more worried - once the golden energy shield collapsed, he would without a doubt die.

"Arghhhh!!" Kaki roared as he raised his hatchet and an incredibly powerful aura burst forth from his body. A large amount of gray light gathered around the hatchet as a sharp aura started to spread out.

Behind Kaki, the image of a 10-meter tall Orc appeared and roared, shaking the clouds above. Kaki had unleashed his Ancestor's Might, and he slashed down with his hatchet.


An incredibly terrifying hatchet light was sent out, making it seem as if the heavens and the earth were being split apart, and even space seemed to be torn.

Zhao Fu was incredibly shocked, and he quickly dodged to the side while casting 'Godly Demon Shield.'

The Sky Demon Sword gave out a massive amount of black light as a four meter wide, ten-meter tall shield with a goat-headed demon appeared, and it gave off an incredibly firm aura as it blocked in front of Zhao Fu.

As the massive hatchet struck the shield, sparks flew before the shield collapsed. Zhao Fu immediately used his sword to defend and cast his King's Domain, but he was still blasted back by the attack.

Seeing this, Kaki didn't continue attacking Zhao Fu. Instead, he turned into a gray light and rushed towards the golden energy shield. If he could enter the golden energy shield, he would be able to take the City Creation Stone and escape.

Bai Qi, Wei Liao, and Wang Jian were quite surprised, and they stopped attacking the golden energy shield and controlled the three beasts to attack Kaki.

By now, Kaki was completely infuriated. He had just gotten rid of Zhao Fu, and now there were three massive beasts attacking him. He continuously slashed out with his hatchet, but they were completely fearless and continued to tie him down.

"Demon Sun!!" Zhao Fu finally steadied his body and wiped away a trace of blood, looking quite wretched.


A black pillar shot into the sky and pierced through the clouds, and a massive wave of demonic qi spread out. The sun in the sky was slowly dyed black, giving off a terrifying demonic light that bore down on all the creatures below.

Zhao Fu was currently using both his City Lord Seal's power and his Nation Armament's power, and as he slashed out with his sword, a shocking sword qi containing an incredibly destructive aura flew out.


The massive sword qi slashed Kaki away, and even the weakened golden energy shield was shattered by it.

At that moment, Zhao Fu didn't hesitate as he turned into a ray of black light and rushed towards the golden cube hovering in the air.

Kaki, covered by blood, saw this and also turned into a ray of light as he raced towards the City Heart. Bai Qi, Wei Liao, and Wang Jian controlled the three massive beasts to block in front of Kaki, but they were blasted away by his desperate attack.

By now, Zhao Fu had already reached the City Heart, and he stretched out his hand towards the cube. Seeing this, Kaki felt as if his eyes were going to burst, and he howled as he madly rushed towards Zhao Fu.