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 Hearing Gunador's words, Zhao Fu felt quite startled. Gunador tightly gripped his wooden staff with both hands before raising it high. A green light shot into the air, turning into the massive image of a wolf that gave off a boundless aura.

"Awoooo!!! Awoooo!!! Awoooo!!!"

The 40,000 to 50,000 Giant Wolves within and around Orc City raised their heads and howled as if they were being called by the gigantic wolf. Their eyes shined with a blood-red light, and they gave off bloodthirsty expressions and gnashed their teeth.

Zhao Fu suddenly understood what Gunador meant, and he hadn't expected Orc City to have so many Giant Wolves. If so many Giant Wolves charged at him at once, his 12,000 soldiers would suffer heavy casualties.

At that moment, a figure appeared beside Gunador and slashed at him with a large blood-red sword.

Gunador was completely caught off-guard and hadn't expected someone to suddenly appear next to him. He had no time to think or worry, and a green flame formed a protective barrier around him as he continued sending power into his staff.

In the air, the gigantic image of the wolf prepared to howl.

"Hah!!" Tuoba Qing cried out as she gripped her large blood-red sword, and there was a trace of a blood-red aura rising up from her. She sent her power into her sword, causing blood-red arcs of lightning to appear around it before slashing out.


A gigantic explosion rang out as the blood-red sword slashed against the green barrier, making it seem as if the air had exploded and creating a wild gale.


Long cracks appeared on the green barrier before it shattered, and the large blood-red sword continued towards Gunador's waist.

Gunador was given a big fright - he had never thought that a person who wasn't even Stage 2 yet would be able to slash apart his protective barrier. Right now, all of his power was gathered into the image of the gigantic wolf, but if he didn't do anything, he would be split in two.

At that moment, Gunador's expression became savage, and he decided to sacrifice his life. He wanted to draw the tens of thousands of Giant Wolves over - they all had Stage 0-6 to 0-7 strength and would deal a heavy blow to Zhao Fu's army.

Moreover, he needed to stall for enough time for City Lord Kaki to run. That way, even if he died, he would have no regrets. As such, he continued to send as much of his power into his staff as he could.

"Arghh!" A small and skinny figure suddenly appeared on Gunador's other side, slashing a dagger through the air that seemed to tear apart the air. It slashed off Gunador's hands, causing blood to flood out of the wound and for his hands and staff to fall to the ground.

The gigantic wolf image in the sky instantly disappeared, and the Giant Wolves within and around Orc City settled down again.

Little Sha had attacked incredibly suddenly, and he had shown no mercy at all, cruelly attacking as efficiently as possible. Not only did Little Sha have a 'Sin Devil' bloodline, but he was also SSS grade and had an incredibly cold personality. He became much more powerful with each passing day, and even though he was the youngest of the 12, he was already the most powerful out of them.


Tuoba Qing's large blood-red sword flashed through the air and split Gunador in half at the waist, and the others didn't even have an opportunity to attack.

After losing Gunador, the thousands of Orcs who had been sustained by his magic skill once again collapsed to the ground, their appearances quickly aging. Now, there were only 3,000 Orc residents who were still capable of fighting.

The 12 Assassin Legatees started a massacre on the city walls, and Zhao Fu gave the official order for his team to start attacking the city. The soldiers roared and started to march in sync, rushing towards the city.

Zhao Fu's gaze turned to Kaki in the distance, and he knew that he was flying towards the City Hall, wanting to relocate the city. As long as he could escape with the City Heart, he would be able to rebuild everything, and Zhao Fu's gains would be cut by more than half.

"Hmph!" Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and threw the Sky Demon Sword. A large amount of black sword light streamed out from it, and a gigantic demon image shot out from it, spreading its wings and grabbing the Sky Demon Sword as it rocketed towards Kaki.

Seeing the demon image shooting at him, Kaki hacked down with his hatchet, sending out three rays of light that were ten or so meters long and contained immense force.


A collision sound rang out as the gigantic demon image was shattered, and the Sky Demon Sword was knocked flying back.

In that time, Zhao Fu caught up to Kaki and stretched out his hand. The Sky Demon Sword turned into a ray of black light and returned to Zhao Fu's hand.

Kaki's expression was incredibly cold as he looked at Zhao Fu. Since his escape had been cut short, he could only raise his hatchet and valiantly rush at Zhao Fu.

"Godly Demonic Thrust!" Zhao Fu raised the Sky Demon Sword, which started to give off a dark, demonic light as a gigantic sword image appeared and clashed against the hatchet.

A massive explosion sounded out as the two powers clashed, turning into shockwaves that annihilated the houses below.

By now, Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao had reached the City Hall. They raised their General Armaments, and three pillars of light shot into the sky as the wind blew the clouds around. Three massive beasts appeared in the sky.

After appearing, the three massive beasts charged towards the City Hall, turning it into ruins. However, after this, a golden energy shield appeared.

At the center of the ruins, a golden cube hovered in the air on a stage with a 50-meter wide golden energy shield around it.

This was Orc City's City Heart!

Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao grasped this opportunity, and they slashed at the energy shield with their swords while the three massive beasts slammed against it.


A low rumble sounded out as the three massive beasts collided against the energy shield, but it didn't even ripple. After all, city-level energy shields weren't so easily destroyed.

This gave Kaki a big fright - if the energy shield was destroyed, the City Heart would be conquered, and his City Lord Seal would lose all of its power, turning into a piece of trash.

"Arghhhh!!" Kaki no longer hesitated, and he roared as an explosive power burst forth from him. Gray light shined from around him as a square stone seal with an Orc carved on it appeared above Kaki's head.

Zhao Fu's pupils constricted, and he raised the Sky Demon Sword as a black light shot into the sky. A dragon's cry sounded out as a black light appeared, and a golden square seal with a black dragon appeared above Zhao Fu.

Feeling this power, Kaki felt quite startled. As one of the City Lords of the Forest of Horrors, even though he wasn't as powerful as a City Lord of a system main city, he already knew that the most terrifying being in the Forest of Horrors wasn't the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon but some mysterious person.

Kaki had seen all of the abnormal signs caused by Great Qin, and only when Zhao Fu took out his City Lord Seal did Kaki realize who was in front of him. All of the dots now connected, and Kaki felt a wave of bitterness in his heart.