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 When he saw this scene, Gunador felt immense pain in his heart, and he blamed himself for trusting this human so easily. Just when had they all been poisoned?

What was this thing? The only thing that he had been feeding the soldiers were medicinal pills.

Gunador was furious to the extreme, and he roared, "Human, you're far too shameless! I'll definitely kill you!"

"Me, shameless?" Zhao Fu coldly laughed before asking, "Respected Vice-Lord, have you ever truly viewed me as a friend? Have you ever thought about attacking me? We're all the same."

Gunador's face became red and started to twist - he couldn't respond to Zhao Fu's words. He could only murderously stare at Zhao Fu, wanting to jump down and end him there and then.


A mighty aura descended, causing the wind to howl as a powerful figure stood in the air - it was City Lord Kaki.

Tears streamed from Gunador's eyes as he looked up and called out, "City Lord, I should be put to death. It was all my fault."

Kaki's expression was cold, and he harrumphed before saying, "We'll deal with that after we've sent them away."

Gunador nodded and raised his staff, causing a green light to shine. The thousands of collapsed Orcs all stood up, and they gave off a blood-red aura that felt incredibly powerful, making them seem not as feeble.

At that moment, Gunador suddenly seemed much older. He had just used a portion of his lifeforce and the soldiers' lifeforce through a secret technique to temporarily suppress the Hidden Evil poison.

Kaki's cold gaze turned to Zhao Fu, and Kaki said, "Human, since you dare to attack my city, you must die."

For the Orcs, only by killing the leader of the Humans, Zhao Fu, did they have a chance at victory.

Zhao Fu looked up seriously at Kaki and lightly said, "Nothing is true!"

Swish, swish, swish...

Black-hooded figures suddenly appeared around Zhao Fu, half-kneeling as they respectfully called out, "Your Majesty!"

There were 12 people around Zhao Fu, and they were the 12 people who had obtained the Assassin Legacy.

After such a long period of time, all 12 of them had obtained the full legacies of their equipment sets, and they could control the second form of their weapons. All of their auras were powerful, strange, and mysterious.

"Kill Gunador!" Zhao Fu left Gunador to the 12 of them, whose cultivations were nearly at Stage 2, while Gunador's cultivation was at Stage 3. If they worked together, they would be able to deal with him.

Right now, Zhao Fu wasn't in a rush to attack the city. He would keep the City Lord occupied while the other three teams would attack the city.

The 12 figures around him disappeared and started to race towards Gunador. Kaki suddenly acted, taking out a large hatchet and turning into a gray ray of light as he sped towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu's feet lightly tapped off the ground, causing the ground to crack as his body turned into a ray of black light and met Kaki in the air.

"You're actually a City Lord!" After exchanging a single blow, Kaki was surprised to find that the person in front of him, who he had thought was just an unimportant figure, was actually a City Lord. After all, Zhao Fu had just used the City Lord Seal's power.

Zhao Fu didn't reply as his sword brought with it a massive sword light and slashed towards Kaki. The two of them engaged in a massive battle in the air, resulting in terrifying energy ripples to spread out.

Below, Great Qin's soldiers didn't advance, and they were only using arrows to attack the thousands of Orc soldiers on the city walls. Right now, they were consuming their lifeforce, and what they lacked most right now was time. They couldn't keep going on like this, but if they went down and faced the 10,000 or so soldiers, they would without a doubt die.

Gunador ordered a few of the Generals to form teams to lead residents to help defend the city. The Generals immediately descended from the city walls, but they found that Orc City had already been completely covered by white smoke.

Countless Orc residents had become incredibly weak because of breathing in the white smoke that stimulated the Hidden Evil in their bodies. Even though it wasn't as serious as the soldiers, because they had consumed a lot over three days, they still looked incredibly weak. They were sweating cold sweat and couldn't fight at all.

However, there were still some Orcs who had strong constitutions and could still fight, and they were quickly gathered by the Generals. There were 3,000 of them in total, and they quickly rushed to the city walls with weapons.

This was all of the fighting force in Orc City, and they were moved to the eastern wall to deal with Zhao Fu's attack.

However, the other three sides were under a ferocious siege. Even though they had some of the residents help, their fighting force was much too lacking.

The 20,000 slaves watched as the white smoke covered Orc City and countless Orcs fell to the ground with looks of pain, making it seem like a white hell.

Upon seeing this, the slaves felt incredibly delighted and were certain that Orc City was going to lose. The force attacking it was simply too powerful, and it seemed that Orc City couldn't retaliate at all.

In fact, they didn't even have to do anything in order to reap the benefits of success. This gave them a great opportunity, and the 20,000 slaves split into three teams to help Great Qin's soldiers. In fact, Bai Qi, Wang Jian, and Wei Liao didn't even have to use their General Armaments.

"Vice-Lord! The southern side has been broken through!"

"Vice-Lord! The western side has been broken through!"

"Vice-Lord! The northern side has been broken through!"

Gunador continuously heard reports from his subordinates, causing his heart to sink lower and lower. By now, he knew that Orc City was completely doomed.

Even the side of the city walls that he was personally defending wouldn't last for long. Great Qin was only using bows and ballistae so that they could stall for time. After all, they knew that the Orcs couldn't survive a battle of attrition!

"City Lord, hurry and leave!" Gunador knew that Orc City was done for, so he could only hope that Kaki would escape. Facing these tens of thousands of soldiers and Zhao Fu, who was also a City Lord, they had no hope for success.

With Kaki's strength, he would be able to rise again, but right now, Kaki wanted to take Zhao Fu down with him.

"Sky Demon Slash!" Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out, creating a terrifying arc of light that flew towards Kaki.

Kaki whirled with his hatchet, which seemed powerful enough to split open mountains, and he let out a gray arc of light that collided with the black arc of light, resulting in an almighty explosion.

At that moment, Kaki found that he was actually slightly weaker than Zhao Fu, and when he heard Gunador's words and the many system announcements, he knew that Orc City was finished. Even though he felt quite reluctant, he knew what he had to do.

Suddenly, Kaki unleashed a big attack, forcing Zhao Fu back, after which he turned and raced towards the City Hall.

Gunador saw Kaki rationally choose to run and felt quite delighted. He madly laughed and looked at Zhao Fu, who wanted to give chase, as he yelled, "Human, you can die with your soldiers!"