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 Currently, all of China's borders were threatened with war. Above was the Tsarist Empire, who glared at China like a tiger watching its prey, and below were various forces from Vietnam. To China's left were as many as 23 Indian nations and empires, and to its right was Goguryeo, Baekje, and Silla's provocations. There was also Oda Nobunaga's descendant, Oda Kamiya from Japan.

The Ancient Roman Empire had also been revived, and the Holy See started to create an army of Crusaders for religious purposes. In the west, it was said that King Arthur Pendragon's descendant, Tina Pendragon, had already obtained Excalibur.

At the same time, the descendants of the ancient Pharaohs had also started to rise in power, and there were also many barbaric tribes starting to develop.

The entire Heaven Awaken World seemed to descend into chaos, and less and less restraint was being shown. Because nations, faiths, and cultures were different, various factions started to wage war on each other. The most intense fighting was in cities that bordered counties, and blood started to dye the earth red in those places. Of course, the most chaotic place was China.

China had always been the overlord of the east, and it had offended many nations over the course of history. It had been spied on by countless people, and its land shared borders with many other countries, making conflict inevitable.

Zhao Fu read a few threads, and most of them were about how Chinese people living near the borders had been humiliated in various ways. Many people in the real world created threads mocking how powerless China was, making tensions in the real world quite high as well.

This completely infuriated many of China's Legatees. The state of Zhao's Legatee, Zhao Yang, was situated near a border. He gathered all of the Chinese people in the area and slaughtered 10 enemy villages, gaining a lot of reputation and fame.

That was the situation at the borders: either one faction would attack or the other one would. The land was filled with killing and darkness, and before anything had officially started, the world had descended into chaos.

If it was already like this now, what would it be like in the future?

Zhao Fu returned to the Heaven Awaken World and used a few days to block off all the other passages at the bone-filled space. However, he left a few open to start exploring them. At the same time, Zhao Fu ordered his soldiers to continue patrolling the area around the Great Qin Village. If they could find any villages, Zhao Fu would absorb them to increase the number of people he had.

This was something that he had to do: the threat of the 5,000 Orcs was simply too great, and if they were unlucky enough to be discovered, they would not stand a chance.

Zhao Fu went to the Research Workshop. He had not heard anything about the teleportation channels yet, so he planned to put that on pause to ask his Scholars to start researching skills that could allow him to see the grades of corpses. Lords could only look at the grades of their subordinates, so such a skill was incredibly important to him now that he had the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation.

Just as he entered the Research Workshop, Bai Shan came up to him with a look of delight as he reported, "Your Majesty! We've successfully researched teleportation channels!"

This was quite a pleasant surprise to Zhao Fu. Following this, he immediately ordered some people to build a teleportation channel in the Great Qin Village.

What they built was a Primary Teleportation Channel, and it could only transport 2-3 people each time. In order to create more advanced teleportation channels, the Scholars would have to do more research, and since this teleportation channel was sufficient, Zhao Fu asked the Scholars to start researching skills that would allow him to see the grades of corpses.

Now that they had teleportation channels, Zhao Fu changed his mind and decided to go have a look at a main city. After the teleportation channel was completed, it could connect to a main city's teleportation channel and take him there directly.

Zhao Fu called Bai Qi over and brought along the 236 silver coins they had accumulated and a few Blue grade weapons. He took the Blue grade weapons to make sure that he would be able to buy what he wanted.

Zhao Fu and Bai Qi stood on the teleportation channel, and when Zhao Fu stretched out his hand, he saw the names 'Holy Light City,' 'Soldier Forest,' and 'Demon Tree City'.

Zhao Fu thought for a moment, and Bai Qi and he both put on black cloaks to cover their appearances - he didn't want their appearances and identities to be revealed. As for where they were going to go, Zhao Fu thought about the Undead in the passage, so he chose Holy Light City. After a dizzying feeling swept over them, Zhao Fu and Bai Qi arrived at a very large stage. There was a heavy crossbow set up nearby, and there were many soldiers standing guard. Whenever something happened, they would immediately turn off the teleportation channel and kill any enemies that had entered.

Zhao Fu casually looked around before they went to a large street. The street was quite wide, and it was filled with shops. There were many people on the street, and it was bustling with activity.

Something interesting was that all sorts of players had their own stands to sell equipment and skills, and most of them were quite ordinary.

Zhao Fu looked around with interest. Because he didn't have anything planned, he just wanted to have a look around the city.

As he walked along the street, Zhao Fu realized just how massive Holy Light City was. It was able to rival the grand, ancient cities of the past, and it could easily accommodate more than 1 million people. It would take at least a few days to walk around the entire city by foot.

Soon, Zhao Fu and Bai Qi arrived at the Quest Centre.

There were 5 stone steles that were 4 meters tall and 2 meters wide. From left to right, they displayed different levels of quests, which were split into Easy, Normal, Difficult, Nightmare, and Hell.

Easy quests usually required the person to help people with fairly simple tasks such as finding ordinary materials.

The first stone stele was surrounded by people who were waiting for quests. Right now, 1 copper coin was worth $10, and completing just a few of these was already better than their normal wages. As such, many people were drawn to spending most of their time in the Heaven Awaken World.

The second stone stele was the Normal Quest Stone Stele, and there were also many people there, making it impossible for Zhao Fu to squeeze in.

The third stone stele was the Difficult Quest Stone Stele. There were much fewer people here because the quests usually entailed killing the leader of an Outlander tribe or finding a rare material.

Zhao Fu went to the fifth stone stele, the Hell Quest Stone Stele, and looked at the quests to satisfy his curiosity.

1\. Kill [Six Eyed Demon Flood Dragon]: Quest Description: The Six-Eyed Demon Flood Dragon is a Lord grade being that lives in the deepest part of the Forest of Horrors. Its strength is so terrifying that it can cause one to fall into the pit of despair. Rewards: 100,000 Merit Points and 1 piece of Legendary grade equipment.

2\. Kill [Orc Kaki]: Quest Description: The Lord of a small Orc city situated north of the Forest of Horrors who commands 40,000 or so Orcs. Rewards: 50,000 Merit Points and 1 piece of Legendary grade equipment.

3\. Search for [Saint Origin Fruit]: Description: Saint Origin Fruit, a Grade 7 Medicinal Grass that can heal all wounds and change one's grade. Reward: 20,000 Merit Points and 1 piece of Gold grade equipment.


After looking through these quests, Zhao Fu realized that the Six-Eyed Demon Flood Dragon was the biggest Boss in the Forest of Horrors, and it was most likely an existence that even main cities did not dare to offend. Who could complete such a quest?

The second quest required one to kill an Orc called Kaki, and it also seemed quite impossible - the 40,000 Orcs would not just sit by and do nothing. At the same time, Zhao Fu understood that there were no main cities north of the Forest of Horrors because there were powerful Outlanders there.

The third quest completely depended on one's luck. Someone might be incredibly lucky and fall into some sort of cave that had the Saint Origin Fruit. However, Zhao Fu was not attracted by the third quest's rewards because Bai Qi already had a Gold grade weapon, so Gold grade weapons were no longer as alluring to Zhao Fu.