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 Just then, Zhao Fu had used the City Lord Seal's power. A City Lord Seal's power was almost as powerful as a Nation Armament, and most importantly, it didn't consume any Fate.

However, Zhao Fu couldn't use the City Lord Seal's power at his every whim or fancy because it could affect the city. However, using it in key moments wouldn't be too big of a problem.

Zhao Fu rode on Little Black as he walked towards Bodili and said, "Orc City is fated to lose. If you surrender to me, I promise to treat you well, and you may have great achievements in the future!"

Zhao Fu felt that whether it was strength or potential, Bodili was quite good, so he wanted to try recruiting him.

"Hmph!" Bodili coldly harrumphed and stood up as he replied, "Human, I'll never betray Lord Kaki!"

After saying this, Bodili wielded his mace and rushed towards Zhao Fu again.

Zhao Fu frowned and casually swept out with another massive arc of black sword light. Bodili's expression became serious, and he used his mace to block. However, that black light easily sent him flying again.

Even though Bodili's strength could rival a Stage 4 expert, he simply couldn't stand up against Zhao Fu, who now had a City Lord Seal. Right now, Zhao Fu's strength was above even a Stage 4 expert's.

"I'll give you one more chance. Will you surrender to me or not?" Zhao Fu's gaze became cold, and he spoke with a murderous tone. If Bodili refused to surrender, he would have to kill him.

Bodili once again climbed up from the ground and said, "Human, don't be carried away by your wishful thinking. I, Bodili, will only submit to the great Lord Kaki. Even if you kill me, Lord Kaki will definitely take revenge for me."

Seeing Bodili stand up again and rush at him, Zhao Fu no longer held back.

Bodili, covered with blood, howled as he rushed over. Zhao Fu expressionlessly slashed out with his sword, causing an extremely sharp black sword light to flash, which seemed to cut through space itself.


A head flew high into the air as a massive amount of blood spurted out from the neck, and Bodili's corpse powerlessly crashed to the ground.

Zhao Fu put Bodili's head and the rest of his corpse into his King's Ring before turning to the other Orcs. The less than 100 Orcs who were still standing were massacred in an instant by Zhao Fu's over 10,000 soldiers.

Afterward, Zhao Fu ordered his soldiers to tie up the Orcs on the ground so that they could be dealt with after all of this was over.

This happened with all of Great Qin's other teams. They used the Hidden Evil branches to stimulate the Hidden Evil within the Orc soldiers' bodies. Compared to the normal Orc residents, these soldiers had been consuming medicinal pills with Hidden Evil for a long time, and now that it had all been suddenly stimulated, they all collapsed to the ground.

The other teams also killed the ones who were still able to fight and bound up the rest, and all of the teams started to head towards Orc City from different directions.

They first set up an isolation barrier that cut off teleportation channels within 100 kilometers of Orc City. However, they didn't activate it yet because the Orcs could become wary and Zhao Fu's plan might be exposed.

Of course, the Orcs had no idea that the 20,000 Orcs who had gone out had been easily dealt with by Zhao Fu and that their number one soldier, Bodili, had died.

Zhao Fu went to a high area and looked at Orc City, a massive, crude-looking city, and he ordered people to start infiltrating it to carry out the next step in the plan.

Right now, the biggest variable was those 200,000 Orc residents. Even though Zhao Fu knew that they had been taking in Hidden Evil for the past three days, he wasn't sure what the effects would be like. As for the Orc soldiers, he wasn't too worried about them.

There were also the high-ranking Generals of Orc City. They most likely hadn't consumed any Hidden Evil, but there weren't many of them. His own Generals and Commanders would be able to deal with them.

The greatest threat was City Lord Kaki. Zhao Fu's impression of City Lord Kaki was incredibly low, and he didn't want to recruit him - even though that was completely impossible.

The reason that Zhao Fu ordered his people to infiltrate Orc City was to see if they could work with the 20,000 slaves.

It would be ideal for them to attack from inside while Great Qin attacked from outside, but even if they didn't help Great Qin, Zhao Fu couldn't allow them to help the Orcs.

If those slaves helped the Orcs at a crucial moment, in order to protect his own soldiers, he would have to kill the slaves.

Included among those who infiltrated were Old Logue and Doke. After all, they were from the two main races that were enslaved by the Orcs.

Old Logue, Doke, and the others disguised themselves as slaves who were returning from transporting rubbish out of the city, and they successfully entered the city. Afterward, they started to look for the leaders among the slaves - after all, since the slaves lived as a community, there would naturally be leaders.

After entering the city, Doke used his sensitive nose to find where the Kobold slaves were gathered, and Old Logue and the others temporarily followed behind him.

Seeing the scene before him, Doke felt a pain in his heart. The houses here were built from wood and torn cloth, and they were unable to stop the wind or rain. There were many Kobolds gathered here, and they all looked quite skinny and injured. Their eyes were completely dim, looking like stagnant water.

Even though Doke didn't know these Kobolds, as part of the same race, he could feel their pain and suffering. His heart felt incredibly heavy, and after going up and asking, he was led to the leader of the Kobolds. The leader was a middle-aged Kobold with many wrinkles on his face, and he had a sorrowful look on his face.

Doke first checked if there were any other people around before looking at the middle-aged Kobold and asking sincerely, "Do you want to leave this place?"

When he heard Doke's words, the middle-aged Kobold numbly looked at this unfamiliar Kobold, a trace of hope flickering in his eyes. After all, no one wanted to be physically and verbally abused as a slave.

"Do you have some way?" the middle-aged Kobold asked as he felt quite excited and looked at Doke.

Doke nodded earnestly as he replied, "Our Majesty is about to attack, and everything has been prepared. Orc City will lose without a doubt, and we want to give you an opportunity to escape bondage."

"What? You want to attack this city?" The middle-aged Kobold looked quite shocked and couldn't believe his ears. From what he knew, Orc City was the most powerful faction within 10,000 kilometers, and this position had never been shaken before. Orc City was a synonym for death itself, so how could this middle-aged Kobold believe that someone wanted to attack it?

When he saw that the middle-aged Kobold was starting to doubt him, Doke said, "Our Majesty is the Legatee of an Empire, and he has many cities like this one; taking down Orc City will be incredibly easy."

In order for the middle-aged Kobold to be willing to fight, Doke had to exaggerate Great Qin's strength. Afterward, he took out his Legendary grade spear and showed it to the middle-aged Kobold, saying, "In fact, we even have hundreds of pieces of Legendary grade equipment."

The middle-aged Kobold looked over and found that it was indeed a Legendary grade piece of equipment, making him feel incredibly shocked and delighted. He felt that Doke was only a minor figure, and if such a minor figure could have a Legendary grade piece of equipment, just how powerful would this faction be?