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 After looking through the Great Qin City's new stats, Zhao Fu waited for the soldiers to return. Not too long after, the Generals and Commanders brought their soldiers back and gathered in the now-City Hall.

After everyone was back, Zhao Fu started to discuss with his subordinates the matter concerning Orc City, and they started to make detailed plans.

They allowed the rest of the soldiers to take a good rest because the battle the next day would be the first large-scale battle that Great Qin would engage in.

Early the next morning, the birds chirped loudly, and the sky was quite bright. There weren't many clouds in the sky, revealing most of the deep blue sky.

Over these three days, Orc City had more or less returned to normal. After eating Zhao Fu's medicine, none of the Orcs were falling sick anymore. Bodili and a few other Orc Generals split into four teams with roughly 5,000 Orcs each, and they went out to conquer.

Orc City also had teleportation channels and 14 Subsidiary Orc Villages. Orcs only wanted Orc Villages, and they would destroy any other villages.

In this world, it wasn't just the Humans but even Outlanders who felt antagonistic towards any other race. Zhao Fu had many different Outlander races living under his command, and while he would always stand on the side of Humans, he would treat his Outlanders well as long as they were loyal to Great Qin.

Great Qin's 60,000 soldiers split into four teams with Zhao Fu, Bai Qi, Wei Liao, and Wang Jian each taking command of one of the teams. Zhao Fu's team directly went to seek out Bodili's team through the intelligence that they had received.

Bodili was riding a gigantic wolf and leading the Orc soldiers onwards. If there were any Orc Villages, they would conquer it and make it a Subsidiary Village; any other village would be massacred and destroyed. However, because they were still trading with Zhao Fu, they still kept some of the lower Grade Humans.

Zhao Fu sat on Little Black's back on top of a hill as he looked at Bodili in the distance, a cold glint in his eyes. He started to give out orders and prepared some black branches.

These branches were the branches of Hidden Evil Grass. These branches were near the roots of Hidden Evil Grass, and they couldn't be refined into Hidden Evil. However, they could accelerate the effects of Hidden Evil.

After being burned, the branches would give off a white smoke that would do nothing to normal people, but it would trigger the Hidden Evil that was dormant within the Orcs' bodies.

Even though this method was quite despicable and shameless, all was fair in war; after all, the winner was the king, and the loser was the bandit. Since this was the case, why would Zhao Fu stupidly engage in a direct fight in the name of fairness?

This was simply impossible. As such, Zhao Fu ordered hundreds of his Assassins to start operating. They quickly darted between the trees, and soon, they caught up to Bodili's team.

Bodili led around 5,000 Orcs, and because of how powerful Bodili was, Great Qin's Assassins didn't dare to go up against him directly. As such, they placed bundles of the Hidden Evil branches a bit behind the team of 5,000 Orcs.

The bundles were as thick as an arm and 15 centimeters long. After being set alight, white smoke streamed out of them.

There was some distance between the Orcs and the bundles because Bodili was too powerful and the Assassins would be discovered if they went too close. As such, they had to rely on the wind to blow the smoke over.

The white smoke was blown along by the wind from behind, making Bodili feel quite wary. Just as he was about to say something, the Orcs within the smoke fell down and looked incredibly pained as they struggled on the ground.

Bodili was startled and immediately cried out, "Get away from the white smoke!"

However, at that moment, Great Qin's Assassins rushed close and lit up bundles of Hidden Evil before throwing them into the team of Orcs.

After seeing what had happened to the Orcs who had been affected by the white smoke, the remaining Orcs completely panicked and started scattering.

However, bundles of black branches were continuously thrown at them, and any Orc who breathed in the white smoke fell to the ground.

By now, Zhao Fu brought out his 10,000 or so soldiers and started to light up bundles of back branches and throw them at the Orcs.

"Respected Orc friends, how have you been?" Zhao Fu rode on Little Black and slowly cantered forwards as he smiled.

Right now, the entire Orc team had been surrounded by Zhao Fu, and less than 100 could stand.

This was exactly what Zhao Fu wanted - to take down the Orcs easily. These Orc soldiers had all consumed Hidden Evil for extended periods of time, and a lot of Hidden Evil had accumulated within their bodies. Today was the day Zhao Fu had been waiting for.

Bodili looked at Zhao Fu and the soldiers surrounding him, and he realized that Zhao Fu was here to kill him. He roared, "Shameless human! I'll kill you!!"

Bodili furiously exploded out with his strength, which was enough to rival a Stage 4 expert. The gigantic wolf below him could feel its masters rage, and its eyes furiously glared at Zhao Fu before howling and rushing over.

When he saw that Bodili didn't seem to be affected by the white smoke, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised. It was likely that the higher-ups of Orc City didn't use the medicinal pills that he provided. Instead, they had their own high-grade ones.

Facing Bodili's furious onslaught, Zhao Fu smiled and stood his ground. Thousands of Archers behind him simultaneously drew their bows, and countless arrows shot out towards Bodili.

Bodili waved his mace, and the air seemed to explode as a massive image of a mace appeared and knocked away some of the arrows.

However, there were simply too many arrows, and they seemed to come from all directions. A few arrows made it through and pierced Bodili's body, but with how powerful his body was, it was as if he hadn't been hit. He continued to rush on towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu still didn't move, and he had a confident smile on his face as he watched Bodili rushing towards him. Zhao Fu ordered, "Kill the big wolf below him!"

Swish, swish, swish!

Arrows once again streaked through the air, and Bodili wildly brandished his mace, knocking away most of the arrows. However, he was unable to stop all of them, and no matter how he dodged, a few more arrows hit him, and his wolf was hit by ten or so arrows as well.

Both of them started to bleed profusely, but Bodili continued to wrathfully glare at Zhao Fu. His wolf also savagely stared down Zhao Fu, looking as if it wanted to eat him.

By now, Bodili had almost reached Zhao Fu. Countless Shieldbearers started to gather in front of him, but Zhao Fu waved them away.

"Arghhhh!!!" Bodili roared out and gripped his mace with both hands as he mustered his strength and vigorously attacked Zhao Fu, giving off an incredibly mighty aura.


A gigantic sword hum rang out as a black sword light filled with dense sword qi slashed out, sending Bodili flying. The wolf below him was instantly split in two, causing its blood to fly everywhere.

Only after flying ten or so meters and crashing through multiple trees did Bodili stop, a bloody gash on his body. His expression was quite shocked as he cried out, "Human, you're actually a City Lord!"