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 This price was slightly low, but Zhao Fu hated being spoken down to. However, Zhao Fu was conscious of the stakes at hand - if he cared too much about his status as Great Qin's Legatee, he wouldn't be able to achieve anything.

Zhao Fu didn't say anything, but he seemed quite hesitant.

"Human, don't be too greedy, or I'll slay you here!"

By the side, Bodili gave off a powerful aura. He was a fairly simple Orc and didn't know that Zhao Fu was suppressing his aura. As such, when he saw that Zhao Fu wasn't as strong as him, he immediately tried to threaten him.

The atmosphere because quite tense, and the other Orcs looked at Zhao Fu with menacing glares, seeming like they were preparing to attack as their powerful auras covered him.

If Zhao Fu was useless to them, killing him wouldn't be too big of a deal. However, right now and in the future, Zhao Fu was still useful to Orc City. Most of the equipment and medicinal pills that they used had come from Zhao Fu, so how could they just kill him now?

"City Lord, I also feel that this price is a bit too low. I'm sure that esteemed guest will be happy to agree if the price is a bit higher. Wouldn't you agree, esteemed guest?"

Gunador smiled as he stepped forward to calm down the situation. Seeing this, the other Orcs all gave Gunador face and backed down.

In actuality, Zhao Fu was willing to give them these medicinal pills for free, but that would arouse too much suspicion. Now that Gunador was trying to act as a peacemaker, Zhao Fu decided to agree to the better terms that he proposed. After this, both sides exchanged their goods.

After obtaining the precautionary medicine, Gunador first warily gave some to the slaves, and when he saw that they seemed completely fine, he started to distribute them throughout the city.

After taking this precautionary medicine, no one else fell ill, and the dark atmosphere hanging above Orc City seemed to dissipate. Gunador let out a breath of relief - it seemed that the crisis was finally over.

Things were over for Orc City, but they were only just beginning for the Great Qin Town. Now, Zhao Fu started to prepare for war.

The precautionary medicine would be consumed for three days, which meant that he had to prepare everything within three days.

The most important thing, of course, was leveling up the Great Qin Town. As such, Zhao Fu could only wait while the soldiers outside conquered as fast as they could.

Now that Zhao Fu had changed the priority from gaining population to simply conquering as fast as possible, everything went much faster. Zhao Fu continuously received announcements that said his subordinates had conquered villages, and the Great Qin Town continuously gained EXP.

After the first day passed, they had gained 30,000 or so EXP.

After the second day passed, they had gained another 40,000 or so EXP.

On the third day, Zhang Dahu strode over many corpses and arrived at the City Heart in the Village Hall, and he chose to conquer and [Relocate] the village.

"System announcement! Congratulations, the Great Qin Town has leveled up and become a Basic City!"

As soon as this system announcement sounded out, the entire Great Qin Town shined with a faint black light, and a powerful aura burst forth. Following this, a black-gold light shot into the sky.

In that moment, all of China's Legatees suddenly detected something and looked towards Great Qin.

Zhao Fu came outside and saw a black pillar of light shoot into the clouds. The blue sky was instantly dyed black, making it completely dark, seeming quite terrifying.

The wind started to blow, and clouds started to gather as traces of dragon-like black aura rose from the ground within Great Qin's territory and gathered towards the Great Qin Town.

This scene was quite impressive and awe-inspiring, and all of the people and animals within Great Qin's territory all stopped what they were doing as they looked at the black aura moving from their bodies and the ground.

Above the Great Qin Town, more and more black aura gathered, and it started to give off an incredibly ancient and terrifying feeling.

At that moment, Great Qin's subjects all kneeled down in unison.

Suddenly, the black aura gathered above Great Qin started to change. It started to flood towards the center of the Great Qin Town, and an incredibly terrifying suppressive aura descended from the air.

"Roarrrrrr!!!!" A gigantic dragon's roar sounded out as the black aura formed a black dragon that was over 1,000 meters long, and it gave off an incredibly domineering aura.

All of the Legatees felt this roar, and they understood that Great Qin was about to level up into a city. Countless Legatees could only sigh - Great Qin was simply unstoppable at this point.

However, now that the Divine Fish Festival had just passed, many of the Legatees were quite happy to see Great Qin show off its power like this. Many of those ordinary people had shined far too brilliantly during the Divine Fish Festival, suppressing even the Legatees.

Establishing a city was like sending out a message to the ordinary people that this world was still ruled by the large families in the end. Even if they now had some power, they still had to lower their heads to the large families.

At that moment, the ordinary people who had been blessed by the heavens - Gu Qingyang, Zhang Quansheng, Ye Ye, Liu Yubai, and others - all felt an intense feeling of suppression.

Countless people looked at Great Qin's direction with serious gazes, feeling a formless pressure. For these ordinary people, their paths forward would be incredibly difficult because their greatest enemies weren't the system main cities but the large families.

The system main cities were destined to be surpassed by and conquered by players, and in the end, the world still belonged to the large families. These large families definitely wouldn't show any mercy, and they would do their best to kill the rising stars.

The coldness and bloodthirstiness of the large families weren't things that ordinary people could imagine. What's more, they had historical figures, fortunes gathered over several millennia, and many talented people.

This wasn't something that ordinary factions could compete with. In front of these large families, these new factions had no chance against them.

If they had the opportunity, the large families would definitely act against these new factions. In the future, the large families and new factions would definitely become great enemies.

Even though Zhao Fu wasn't relying on anyone and hadn't received any help from the Ying family, he still counted as someone from a large family. After all, he possessed Great Qin's bloodline, which counted as a large family's legacy. This was something that he couldn't change.

Because Great Qin counted as a large family's faction, the other Legatees wanted Great Qin to put those new factions into their places and suppress their brilliance from the Divine Fish Festival.

The heavens had already blessed them with one opportunity. The heavens definitely wouldn't give them any more. In the end, the will of the heavens would stand on the side of the large families because the Fate that they possessed wasn't something the new factions could compare to.

At the Westfall Restaurant, He Xianru, who wore purple clothing and a veil, gave off a beautiful and mysterious aura. She suddenly felt her Fate change. She smiled as she lowered her head and thought to herself before muttering, "Looks like I should tell His Majesty everything, but I hope he won't be too angry!"