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 Zhao Fu had long since heard of Zhou Ming mass-buying medicine in the system main cities, so he knew what Gunador was thinking. However, he still pretended to be confused as he asked, "Respected Vice-Lord, what do you need healing medicines for? I have a few bottles of high-quality healing medicinal pills."

After saying this, Zhao Fu took out a few bottles of medicinal pills and handed them to Gunador.

Gunador was quite hesitant - after all, there were now 1,000 sick Orcs, and a few bottles wouldn't be of much help. He certainly couldn't tell Zhao Fu that so many of them had fallen sick.

"There's a village near our city that has broken out with some sort of sickness. Everyone who has been affected has felt his temperature greatly increase, and those who are sick are covered in cold sweat. Normal medicines have been ineffective, so we wanted to find some high-quality medicines to deal with the situation." Gunador did his best to lie, but it was impossible to tell if Zhao Fu would believe him. Nevertheless, he couldn't reveal the true situation to an outsider.

After hearing this, Zhao Fu acted shocked as he replied, "For so many people to get sick together, is it some sort of plague?"

Gunador felt quite shocked - he had suspected it to be some sort of plague, but he had no way of dealing with it.

"It might be! I wonder if esteemed guest has any medicines to deal with plagues?" Gunador slowly asked as he smiled.

Gunador couldn't let Zhao Fu know of Orc City's current situation at any cost, or they would be at a massive disadvantage.

Zhao Fu smiled as he replied, "Of course, I have medicine for treating plagues, but the price is, mm, a bit more expensive."

Gunador could tell what Zhao Fu was hinting at and inwardly let out a sigh of relief. If Zhao Fu was willing to gift it to them for free, he would suspect something.

"As long as your medicine is effective, it doesn't matter if it's a bit expensive," Gunador said cheerfully.

"But of course! Respected Vice-Lord, I'm sure that the great Orc City has conquered many villages. I wonder how many City Creation Stones you have?"

When he heard this, Gunador inwardly harrumphed and thought, "This sly human! He even wants City Creation Stones!" Even if they had to destroy them, he wasn't willing to give these things to him to strengthen his forces.

However, right now, he had no choice. Perhaps Zhao Fu's medicine really could heal the Orcs, so Gunador decided that losing some City Creation Stones wouldn't be too great of a cost. As such, he ended up agreeing.

In the end, Gunador ended up giving Zhao Fu 2,000 slaves and ten City Creation Stones in exchange for all of the medicine he had. Of course, Zhao Fu didn't have all of the medicine on him, and even if he did, he wouldn't hand all of it over. Otherwise, it would be far too suspicious to take out so much medicine.

The two of them agreed to carry out the exchange the next day so that Zhao Fu could have this day to make preparations.

After returning to the Great Qin Town, Zhao Fu felt that his thoughts had become quite clear. He ordered his people to mass-refine Hidden Evil and turn them into medicinal pills that contained mostly Hidden Evil.

Zhao Fu would give Gunador two types of medicines: one would have an Antidote that would only slow down Hidden Evil, making it seem like those who consumed it were recovering.

The other type would be made up of 90% Hidden Evil, 10% Antidote, and some other things. This medicine was for the other 220,000 Orcs - those who consumed this medicinal pill would immediately accumulate a massive amount of Hidden Evil in their bodies, but the 10% Antidote would temporarily slow down the effects.

The next day, Zhao Fu brought the two types of medicines to Orc City, and they quickly carried out the transaction.

Zhao Fu then said in a warning tone, "Respected Vice-Lord, plagues are incredibly hard to deal with, and if you don't take defensive measures, it's possible that others will also be infected. I have some precautionary medicine; would you like to give it a try?"

Of course, Gunador smiled and refused - first, he wasn't sure if Zhao Fu's medicine could really heal the sickness, and they had already lost a lot from this transaction. If they wanted to buy precautionary medicine, with how many Orcs there were, it would cost them heavily.

Even though Gunador had a big smile on this face, he started to inwardly despise Zhao Fu. He felt that Zhao Fu was an incredibly greedy opportunist, and if Zhao Fu had no more value to him, he would immediately kill Zhao Fu.

When he saw that Gunador wasn't currently interested, Zhao Fu didn't try to push him, but he expressed that he would be back tomorrow.

After Zhao Fu left, Gunador fed the medicine to a few sick Orcs to see how the effects were.

Gunador and a few Shamans anxiously waited beside them. If even Zhao Fu's medicine was ineffective, then they would have no way of dealing with the sickness.

After a while, the sick Orcs' body temperatures dropped and stabilized. Their sweat was no longer cold, nor were their expressions as pained.

The Shamans quickly checked on them before joyfully crying out, "Vice-Lord, they've been cured! That medicine is extremely powerful - after only this short while, they're already halfway to a full recovery!"

Gunador smiled and nodded - the situation had finally been resolved. He immediately gave the order for the rest of the medicine to be fed to the other Orcs, but he soon received news that more Orcs had become sick.

This made Gunador, who had just relaxed, to once again feel worried. Could it really be a plague? Even though they now had medicine that could cure the plague, they couldn't just keep waiting for it to strike.

Suddenly, Gunador thought about Zhao Fu's precautionary medicine. After thinking for a while, he sighed and planned on buying some, despite knowing that he would suffer a great loss.

The next day, Zhao Fu once again came to Orc City. Gunador had been waiting for quite a long time, but this time, he didn't directly exchange with Zhao Fu. Instead, he took him to a large hall.

All of the Orc City's higher-ups were present, and the person sitting at the center seat was the City Lord, Kaki.

Following behind Gunador, Zhao Fu completely suppressed his aura. After walking into the hall, he cupped his hands and smiled as he said, "I pay my respects to the respected City Lord!"

Kaki coldly looked at Zhao Fu, ignoring Zhao Fu's smile and respect, because he could detect a trace of danger from Zhao Fu. This made him feel antagonistic towards Zhao Fu.

He was the City Lord of Orc City, so there was no need for him to hide anything or use a façade. He didn't give Zhao Fu any face at all as he said, "What do you want this time? My city needs a large amount of precautionary medicine!"

Zhao Fu felt quite angry towards Kaki's attitude, but in consideration of the grand scheme of things, he held down his anger. However, his tone became much colder as he said, "I want City Creation Stones, people, and any other valuables!"

"I can give you 200,000 silver coins, ten City Creation Stones, and 3,000 slaves for your precautionary medicine. Is that satisfactory?" Kaki looked at Zhao Fu with an expression that said that he was looking down on Zhao Fu.