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 Gunador didn't know what to do because he didn't know the truth. As such, he could only see how things went. It wasn't a big deal for ten or so Orcs to get sick; rather, it was because they were elites that the city had been greatly nurturing.

However, a few hours later, a few more Orcs fell sick with the same symptoms. By now, Gunador felt that something was off.

Soon, there were around 50 Orcs who had fallen sick, and Gunador could tell how serious this matter was. He immediately gathered all of the leaders within Orc City and reported this matter to the City Lord, Kaki.

Within the City Hall, a valiant-looking Orc, who gave off a powerful aura and had braided hair, sat above - this was Kaki.

Kaki looked incredibly serious as he asked, "What's going on? Do we have any results yet?"

Gunador shook his head as he replied, "City Lord, we haven't been able to determine anything conclusively. All of those who fell sick did so incredibly abruptly."

Kaki said in a low voice, "Hurry and investigate it clearly; we can't allow this matter to get out of control!"

The Orcs all responded before leaving and investigating the source of this sickness.

They first gathered all of the sick Orcs and quarantined them because it was possible that they were infectious.

However, such sicknesses didn't break out for no reason - there had to be some sort of source. If it was a natural reason, it would be easy to figure out, and if it was caused by someone, there would definitely be evidence here and there.

Right now, only the higher-ups of Orc City knew about this, and they tried all sorts of ways to get rid of this sickness. The normal Orcs had no idea about this, and if this news was spread, it would definitely cause a lot of panic.

The Assassins who had infiltrated Orc City heard about this. After setting up this situation for so long, it was time to draw the net in.

After such a long time, Zhao Fu's Assassins had fully investigated Orc City - they had 270,000 Orcs in total and had 50,000 soldiers. 80% of them were Stage 1, and they also had 20,000 or so Goblins and Kobolds.

These Goblins and Kobolds were all slaves, and they weren't treated very well. They would often be beaten or even killed on the spot.

Zhao Fu felt that these 20,000 or so Goblins and Kobolds could be quite useful, and they could make a decisive difference in key moments.

However, right now, the priority was to raise the Great Qin Town to a Basic City, so they could only wait a few days before making a move against Orc City.

This was because after raising the Great Qin Town to a Basic City, Zhao Fu could condense his own City Lord Seal - with that seal, he would be able to control everything within the city. If anyone tried to attack the city, even if they broke into the city and reached the City Heart, the City Heart would release a powerful energy shield and protect itself if the City Lord Seal hadn't been taken.

Once Zhao Fu condensed a City Lord Seal, he could turn the city into a war machine. With the City Lord Seal, he could use the city's energy itself.

City Lord Seals were the core of a city, and if they were damaged or their energy depleted, the city would be negatively affected. In the worst-case scenarios, the city could be destroyed simply because of its City Lord Seal.

Zhao Fu wanted to first condense a City Lord Seal so that he wouldn't have to use his Nation Armament and consume a lot of Fate when fighting.

Another reason was that Hidden Evil had only just started taking effect, and only a few dozen Orcs had been rendered unable to fight. This was far from enough from what Zhao Fu wanted.

Zhao Fu wanted to easily take down Orc City - if he directly attacked now, Great Qin would suffer great losses. If they waited a few days for Hidden Evil to affect even more Orcs, it would make it easier for them to deal with Orc City.

There were also 220,000 ordinary Orc residents, but they wouldn't be easy to deal with. Even though they couldn't compare to the Orc soldiers, even normal Orcs had decent fighting power, so they had to find a way to deal with those 220,000 other Orcs.

Zhao Fu remembered that he would be going to Orc City the next day to exchange more people, so he could take a look to see how his plan was progressing.

"Send out my orders! Tell the conquering teams to conquer villages as fast as possible, even if that means disregarding captives, until the Great Qin Town breaks through to become a Basic City."

Zhao Fu's orders were soon transmitted to the various Generals, and they began to quickly attack and conquer other villages.

The next day, Zhao Fu brought equipment and medicinal pills to Orc City. Gunador's expression didn't change when he saw Zhao Fu, and he smiled as he said, "Esteemed guest, welcome to our city again!"

Zhao Fu also smiled as he replied, "Respected Vice-Lord, you're too courteous. We've known each other for so long now, so there's no need for such formalities."

Gunador smiled and quickly changed the topic, and after doing some casual chatting, it was as if they seemed to be a pair of close friends.

However, both of them clearly knew that they were only putting on appearances and using each other. If they had the opportunity, they would immediately destroy the other party.

Zhao Fu had long since seen through this façade, but he had to also put on a mask. After all, this was how the world worked - those who were too simple and direct had no way of surviving.

Afterward, Gunador took Zhao Fu to the where the people were held. Zhao Fu looked around and saw roughly 2,000 people, surprising him. It was the first time that the Orcs had brought so many people to trade.

"Respected Vice-Lord, how come there are so many of them this time?" Zhao Fu laughed as he asked testingly.

Gunador could tell what Zhao Fu was thinking and replied, "Our warriors continuously broke through a few villages, which is why we have so many of them."

In actuality, Orc City had many more Humans than this, but they either killed all of the high-Grade ones or kept them for themselves. The only reason there were more Humans and more humans that were of better Grade was because Gunador wanted to ask something of Zhao Fu.

Of course, Zhao Fu didn't believe Gunador's words, but because he wasn't stupid enough to expose Gunador, he nodded in satisfaction and prepared to take out goods to trade.

At that moment, Gunador suddenly said, "Esteemed guest, this time, we don't want any equipment or medicinal pills - we just want some high efficacy healing spirit medicines."

Zhao Fu had been keeping tabs on Orc City this entire time, and he knew that around 1,000 Orcs had fallen ill since yesterday. By now, the situation could no longer be hidden, and a sense of crisis descended on the entire city. All of the higher-ups of the city were going mad with worry.

They were unable to find the source, nor were they able to defend themselves or heal those who were sick. Even Kaki felt quite worried, and he ordered his subordinates to prioritize resolving the crisis.

Orc City had some basic medicinal grasses, but it didn't have high-quality ones. Originally, Gunador had asked Zhou Ming to buy some good medicines in the system main cities - Gunador liked to deal with Zhou Ming more because he was easier to control.

However, facing the unpredictable and unfathomable Zhao Fu, Gunador had to tread incredibly carefully.

The medicine that Zhou Ming had brought was completely useless, so Gunador could only hope that with Zhao Fu's abilities, he would have some effective medicines.