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 Out of the almost 7,000 Gold grade Fish Jewels, they obtained 2,000 or so Gold grade equipment, 2,000 or so materials, a few hundred skill books, and 2,000 other items.

The Silver grade, Blue grade, and Normal grade Fish Jewels were all opened, creating an ocean of equipment and other items.

If they forged all of the Gold grade materials, that would be 5,000 pieces of Gold grade equipment in total for Great Qin. Every captain would be able to have a piece of gold grade equipment, and most Generals would have Legendary grade equipment.

All of the 60,000 soldiers had at least two pieces of Silver grade or above equipment now, and just from this, Great Qin's military strength had once again been boosted. It was now no longer something that could be resisted by ordinary people.

As for the Blue grade and Normal grade equipment and items, Zhao Fu planned on using them to exchange for people. This would allow him to greatly save on the costs of buying people.

Even though he hadn't been able to obtain one of the ten Legendary grade City Creation Stones, there was definitely no other faction that could compare to his gains, so Zhao Fu didn't feel too disappointed.

After taking care of these things, Zhao Fu returned to the real world and went to the Heaven Awaken World forum. He had been busy fishing during the Divine Fish Festival and didn't check the forum. He felt that big things had definitely happened, so he came to take a look.

He first took a look at who the owners of the ten Legendary grade City Creation Stones were, and he was quite surprised to find that not a single Legatee had obtained one.

They were all obtained by ordinary people who had been blessed by the heavens and destined to be extraordinary in the future. However, they had to hide the information about themselves as much as possible, or even one of the weaker large families would be able to destroy them easily in the real world. As such, none of them dared to reveal anything and chose to develop in secrecy.

The other big news was that the descendant of the Xuanyuan family had battled the descendant of Chiyou. Their battle had caused the heavens and the earth to go dim, and it had split mountains and rivers. The Regulus Sword and Chiyou Saber had created abnormal signs and given off immense might - it was possible that their grades had greatly surpassed Epic grade and were close to Divine Armaments.

In actuality, Zhao Fu knew of the grades above Epic from the information he had obtained from god Kerr. In fact, even Divine Armaments weren't the most powerful things.

In the end, the battle had ended in a tie, and both sides seemed to have been heavily injured.

Also, there had been many abnormal signs in different places during the Divine Fish Festival. These were all caused by the ordinary people blessed by the heavens, and Zhao Fu had a look through the information. If these people appeared before Zhao Fu, he definitely wouldn't spare them.

This was because killing them would result in him obtaining a lot of Fate. Even though they didn't possess as much Fate as a Legatee, it was still incredibly pure and concentrated.

Zhao Fu also read that there were three places where rainbow divine fish had appeared - the first was in the ocean, and it looked like a whale; the second was in Seeping River, and it looked like a carp - the one Zhao Fu had caught; and the third was in a large lake, and it looked like a catfish.

The first had been found by a person by coincidence. That rainbow divine fish had been very gentle and didn't attack anyone; it would only swim away when it detected that there were people wanting to harm it.

The second had been caught by an extremely mysterious person, who had obtained a Fish Jewel. Countless people guessed as to who that person was, and most guessed that it was the owner of Heavenly Sword City.

The third seemed to have been angered by something. It created massive waves that drowned tens of thousands of people and was killed by two City Lords in the end. However, it didn't drop a Fish Jewel.

There were some other less important matters, and Zhao Fu read through them as well. Just as Zhao Fu was about to re-enter the Heaven Awaken World, Wu Qingniang called him and said that she wanted him to establish friendly relations with the Soldier Alliance.

The Soldier Alliance was the top faction in Soldier Forest, and it was said that Wu Qingniang's relationship with the Alliance Master was quite good. Before, Wu Qingniang had asked Zhao Fu to meet him, but he had refused.

After a lot of development, Heaven's Choice had become a large faction within Demon Tree City, and it had 20,000 or so people.

Zhao Fu could understand Wu Qingniang's intentions - she wanted them to ally together into an incredibly powerful faction to become the overlords of the Forest of Horrors.

Zhao Fu replied that he understood and chatted for a bit before hanging up and returning to the Heaven Awaken World.

By now, it was daytime in the Heaven Awaken World, and Great Qin had resumed its normal operations. The Merchant Alliance and various productions started to become busy again, and the soldiers started to go out conquering again. Zhao Fu wanted to quickly level up the Great Qin Town because they were less than 100,000 EXP away, and it wouldn't take long.

At that moment, a hooded Great Qin Assassin walked in to report a matter that caused a light smile to appear on Zhao Fu's face.


Within Orc City, Gunador frowned as he looked at the ten or so Orcs lying within the tent. Their bodies were incredibly hot, and their faces were pale with cold sweat all over their bodies. They seemed to be incredibly sick and weak.

The Orc Shamans continuously fed these Orcs medicines and cast their healing skills, causing a green light to fall on their bodies. However, these things didn't seem to help, and the Orcs continued to look just as weak and pained.

Gunador couldn't help but ask, "Just what sort of sickness is this? Why are these medicines and your healing skills wholly ineffective?"

The Shamans were also sweating nervously and didn't know how to reply. "Respected Vice-Lord, we also don't know what sickness they have. If it's a normal sickness, our healing should have been effective, but none of our medicines or skills have been useful at all."

These ten or so Orcs were elites of Orc City. All of them were S grade, and they were greatly nurtured. Their cultivations were nearly Stage 2, and the reason their cultivation had been so fast was because of how many medicinal pills they had consumed. It was because of Hidden Evil that they were like this.

They had never thought that Zhao Fu would've put a slow-acting poison in the medicinal pills, and after such a long time, Hidden Evil had been gradually accumulating within their bodies. Even normal antidotes wouldn't work, much less these healing skills.

Unless it was a very advanced Antidote Pill, nothing would be able to heal them. However, none of them knew that this wasn't a disease but poison. Moreover, even if they did know, they didn't have advanced Antidote Pills.

Hidden Evil Grass was a Stage 2 poisonous grass, and if it was consumed for a long time, even Stage 5 Antidote Pills wouldn't be able to fully cure it. Even if the Orc City had Stage 5 Antidote Pills, they would only have a few at most.

Gunador looked incredibly perturbed as he ordered, "Keep trying whatever you can think of; we have to cure them no matter what. They're our best soldiers, and we can't let anything happen to them!"

The Shamans quickly nodded worriedly.