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 Zhao Fu went to the Dragon-Sealing Well and found that it was quite big, about 100 meters wide. It was made of white brick, and there were 36 black chains around it lowered into the well. The chains were extremely wide, being one meter wide each, and the well water was a dark green color.

"Is there really a dragon sealed in here?" Zhao Fu came to the well, grabbed a chain, and tried to pull it up. He could barely budge it, and he found that the chains were extraordinary heavy and most likely extremely long as well.

The Dragon-Sealing Well had only been discovered recently, and it was said that a few City Lords had personally come to take a look. However, they hadn't found much, so they had all returned.

Zhao Fu looked at the well for a while but didn't find anything special about it. It was unlikely that there was a real dragon sealed in here, or this would be a forbidden area and not be open to everyone.

Zhao Fu had come here to see if he could fish up some rare divine fish. However, it seemed deathly still within the well as if there weren't even bugs or grass, much less fish.

However, since he had made the journey here, Zhao Fu decided to at least try it out. He sat on the side of the Dragon-Sealing Well and put on some bait before lowering the hook into the water. Soon, he was surprised to find that a fish had bitten.

It was a violet divine fish, but Zhao Fu found that the fish within the well were a bit strange - they were fairly long and slim, their scales had a faint dark-green color, and they had slitted pupils.

Zhao Fu pulled this divine fish out of the water, and countless motes of light entered his body. Zhao Fu continued to fish, and soon, he caught another violet divine fish that gave him a Fish Jewel. Afterward, he pulled up an orange divine fish.

Zhao Fu was quite satisfied with this place, and his gains here were as good as at Seeping River. For the next two days, Zhao Fu remained here the entire time.

Nothing much happened during those two days, and at most, he fished up a three-colored fish. It was a pity that it didn't give him a Fish Jewel, but it was good that the gold divine fish and violet divine fish gave him many Fish Jewels.

Soon, it was midnight, and the moon shined brightly in the sky. Zhao Fu put away his fishing rod because the Divine Fish Festival had ended.

Zhao Fu went to the Exchange Stone Stele at Holy Light City. Before, Zhao Fu had wanted to use all of his Divine Fish Points to exchange for City Creation Stones, but because one could only purchase each grade of City Creation Stones once, Zhao Fu could only buy one of each type.

This left Zhao Fu with 200,000 Divine Fish Points, so he started to look through the list to see if there was anything else worth redeeming.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu remembered that Great Qin required a Stage 3 medicinal pill recipe, and he found a recipe for the Dead Tree Pill.

The Dead Tree Pill required a Dead Tree Heart as the main ingredient, rather than Windbell Fruits. However, since this was the only Stage 3 medicinal pill recipe, Zhao Fu still bought it and asked Zhang Baishu to modify it.

The Dead Tree Pill Recipe cost 200,000 Divine Fish Points, which depleted the rest of Zhao Fu's points.

After returning to the Great Qin Town, Zhao Fu started to go through the gains of all of Great Qin's subjects.

There were three Gold grade City Creation Stones in total from Zhao Fu, Bai Qi, and Wang Jian, 12 Silver grade City Creation Stones, 35 Blue grade City Creation Stones, and 104 Normal grade City Creation Stones.

They had obtained 154 City Creation Stones in total from the Divine Fish Festival, and adding on Great Qin's current villages, Great Qin now had 651 villages. Just from the villages alone, Zhao Fu was spawning roughly 4,000 villagers per day.

Adding on the people he bought from each of the regions, Great Qin's population growth was simply monstrous, adding up to roughly 10,000 people per day. What's more, this was not including the people added from conquering other villages.

After the Divine Fish Festival ended, Great Qin had 340,000 people, so Zhao Fu expanded the army by 20,000 soldiers. Now, Great Qin commanded 60,000 soldiers, of which 35,000 were Stage 1 soldiers. After all, most of them had taken the time during the Divine Fish Festival to rest and focus on cultivation.

The other soldiers' cultivations were all around Stage 0-6 to 0-7. With the Blood God Pills, their cultivations definitely wouldn't be weak either. Now, Great Qin's strength was pulling closer to a system main city's strength. Only by having similar levels of strength would he be able to fight against them.

Zhao Fu established the Clown Bone Fish Den in one of Great Qin's bodies of water and decided to apportion some resources to developing the Clown Bone Fish. In the future, if there were aquatic fights, the Clown Bone Fish would definitely be a valuable asset. Their sharp teeth could easily tear through flesh.

Next, Zhao Fu turned his attention to the Fish Jewels. There were 1.24 million Normal grade Fish Jewels, 300,000 Blue grade Fish Jewels, 60,000 Silver grade Fish Jewels, 6,723 Gold grade Fish Jewels, and 43 Legendary grade Fish Jewels.

The Fish Jewels at or below Silver grade were obtained by people in Great Qin, while 90% of those that were Gold grade and above were obtained by Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu had others open the other Fish Jewels, while he obtained the Legendary grade Fish Jewels. These would all unlock Legendary grade items.

Zhao Fu couldn't help but smile when he looked at those 43 Legendary grade Fish Jewels. He opened them all, and rays of violet light shot out before quickly disappearing.

This time, he obtained eight Legendary grade pieces of equipment, 13 Legendary grade materials, seven skill books, and 15 other items.

Zhao Fu directly handed out the Legendary grade equipment as rewards, while he put the materials away for Rhode to forge with when he reached that level. None of the skills suited Zhao Fu either, so he gave them out as well.

Of the 15 items, there were some that were particularly special.

The first was a Stage 5 medicinal pill recipe. What made Zhao Fu feel quite excited was that this medicinal recipe was for a pill called the Flying Spirit Pill, which required Stage 5 medicinal grass Flying Spirit Grass.

Even though Zhao Fu didn't even have Stage 3 medicinal pills yet and the leap to Stage 5 medicinal pills was quite big, with this medicinal recipe, they would be able to save a lot of time.

The second item was a type of incubating water called the Water of Life, which Zhao Fu immediately poured onto the dragon egg, greatly shortening its incubation period. Now, it would probably take around two months to hatch, saving him one month.

The third item was a bottle of poison called Poison Dragon Liquid - it was incredibly toxic, and even a powerful dragon would fall before it. With the amount it contained, it could be used three times.

The fourth item was a lump of black iron as big as a watermelon called Boundary Iron. It was a very special material not suited to be used for equipment. Rather, it was suited to being forged into something that would be used with the Heavenly Domain Stone. As such, Zhao Fu was pleasantly surprised to obtain something like this.

The fifth item was a crystal pendant called Stealther. It didn't have any stats. Instead, it had a single skill that provided one with invisibility. This was quite a special skill, and it would be incredibly useful at key moments.

There was nothing too special about the items, though Zhao Fu obtained another Flight Stone that was much better than the previous one.