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 Dens were quite rare, and fish monsters were quite ferocious. If he could obtain this Den and raise an army of fish monsters, they would definitely come in handy someday. However, in order to obtain this Den, Zhao Fu would have to kill the Lord class fish monster.

By now, the Lord class fish monster had already been heavily injured. There were many injuries all over its body, but after it returned to its Den, it would receive some buffs - this included an increase in strength and regeneration.

Zhao Fu couldn't afford to let the fish monster do as it wished, so he drew the Slaughtering Ghost Sword and slashed out with it. A barrier expanded outwards, and the Lord class fish monster that was desperately trying to return to its Den was pulled into the Slaughterfield Domain, cutting off its path.

Seeing that it had been stopped, the Lord class fish monster turned around and fiercely gazed at Zhao Fu. Now that it couldn't return to the Den, it could only choose to go all-out.

Blue light continuously streamed out from within the Lord class fish monster's body, and the water gathered towards it, forming five fish monsters that looked exactly the same as it.

Because they were underwater this time, these five fish monsters were much faster than the previous ones. They instantly vanished and jetted towards Zhao Fu as they bit at him.

Zhao Fu's pupils constricted - this sort of speed greatly surprised him, but it was still within his grasp. Zhao Fu's body burst forth with power as traces of black aura rose up from his body. The Slaughtering Ghost Sword in his hand gave off a terrifying blood-red light, and ghostly howls could be faintly heard.

Suddenly, two of the fish monsters attacked Zhao Fu from in front of him. Zhao Fu's sword brought with it a wave of blood-red light, splitting the two fish monsters in half. However, at that moment, another fish monster rushed at him from the side.

Zhao Fu quickly used his sword to block, but immediately after, another fish monster charged at him from the other side, ferociously biting towards him and trapping him between two attacks.

Zhao Fu could only quickly retreat, dodging this pincer attack. The final fish monster tried to attack from behind, but he anticipated this, spinning and slicing it in half.

The Lord class fish monster took advantage of this situation. It opened its large mouth and gulped down a large amount of water before spitting out water like a cannon towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was caught off-guard, and he was sent flying back ten or so meters. The remaining two water fish monsters took this opportunity to attack.

Seeing this, Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and sent his power into the Slaughtering Ghost Sword, causing it to shine with a brilliant, blood-red light. Zhao Fu vigorously slashed out, creating a blood-colored crescent moon that destroyed the remaining two water fish monsters.

Suddenly, the Lord class fish monster appeared behind Zhao Fu and opened its mouth as it bit towards him. It traveled as fast as lightning and reached Zhao Fu in an instant.

However, Zhao Fu had predicted that this would happen, and in that moment of crisis, he turned and rammed his sword upwards, piercing through the Lord class fish monster's lower jaw.

The Lord class fish monster howled in pain, and Zhao Fu retreated slightly before putting the Slaughtering Ghost Sword away, drawing the Sky Demon Sword, and sending his King's Power into it. The sword gave off a massive amount of sword qi, and Zhao Fu gripped it with both hands as he slashed out with it.

A massive amount of black sword qi split the Lord class fish monster's head down the middle, causing its blood and brains to spill out continuously until it died.

It was a pity that the Lord class fish monster didn't drop a single item, which surprised Zhao Fu. It was the first time that he had been so unlucky as to not receive a single item from a Lord class monster.

In the end, Zhao Fu could only put away the Lord class fish monster's corpse - after all, its corpse contained many useful materials. Zhao Fu then headed towards the fish monster Den. After the Lord class fish monster died, the rest of the Den didn't have the strength to resist.

Zhao Fu went to the statue above the Den and touched it, and an interface jumped out.

[Den - Clown Bone Fish]: (Intermediate Den: 290,883/450,000), Grade: Gold, Description: A Clown Bone Fish Den that spawns 265-345 Clown Bone Fish per day.

It turned out those fish monsters were called Clown Bone Fish. The Den was also Intermediate level, which surprised Zhau Fu. He chose to conquer it and obtained 800 Achievement Points, and after choosing to [Relocate] it, the Great Qin Town obtained 230,000 EXP.

Zhao Fu was quite delighted to have suddenly received so much EXP. Now, Great Qin Town was less than 100,000 EXP away from leveling up into a Basic City - how could he not feel excited?

After Zhao Fu conquered the Den and chose to [Relocate] it, the Clown Bone Fish statue shined with a faint light, and the stage below Zhao Fu's feet gradually disappeared. Afterward, Zhao Fu grabbed the statue and prepared to leave.

Suddenly, an incredibly terrifying aura appeared, causing the entire region around him to freeze. The water stopped flowing, and all of the creatures within Seeping River became terrified as a figure that was nearly 1,000 meters long appeared behind Zhao Fu.

Under this immense pressure, Zhao Fu's body froze, and his hairs stood on end as he looked behind him and saw a gigantic Clown Bone Fish.

The massive Clown Bone Fish was covered with gray scales, and it had sharp teeth that jutted out of its mouth. It also had a bone horn on its head, making it look quite ferocious and savage.

"The Royal Class being here is this Clown Bone Fish?" Zhao Fu didn't hesitate at all as he rushed away. He had just come here and destroyed a Clown Bone Fish Den, so the gigantic Clown Bone Fish was definitely here for vengeance.

The gigantic Clown Bone Fish condescendingly looked at Zhao Fu and opened its abyss-like mouth. A massive attractive force exploded out as a great amount of water was sucked into its mouth.

Zhao Fu's body was unable to resist as he flew backward, about to be sucked into the enormous Clown Bone Fish's mouth.

At that moment, a ray of golden light shot into the sky, breaking free from the attractive force.

The Clown Bone Fish was quite startled. Before it could react, the golden light had already vanished into the horizon.

Zhao Fu's body was covered by a ray of golden light as he flew through the air, passing by countless things in an instant. To others, he looked like a golden meteor streaking through the sky, and after landing in front of the gates of a main city, those who saw him were completely dumbfounded.

Zhao Fu completely ignored those gazes and immediately entered the main city - he could no longer stay in Seeping River, or that Clown Bone Fish would definitely find him.

Very soon, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Town and let out a sigh of relief. Royal class monsters were indeed incredibly powerful, and even a City Lord with a City Lord Seal most likely wouldn't be able to take one down. Zhao Fu had only been able to escape by using the Ten Thousand Kilometer Teleportation Talisman.

The Ten Thousand Kilometer Teleportation Talisman's effects were quite surprising, and if he had the opportunity, he would definitely try to obtain a few more. They were incredibly good for escaping, and if it wasn't for this talisman, he would've only been able to escape by using his Nation Armament, and even then, he would've had to pay a great price.

However, the most ideal location for fishing was now gone; he absolutely couldn't return there. In that case, where should he go? It was only the fifth day of the Divine Fish Festival, and he couldn't waste the final two days.

Afterward, Zhao Fu found out from his subordinates that there was a region that had a 'Dragon-Sealing Well!'

In the legends, the Dragon-Sealing Well was a place where evil dragons or flood dragon were locked up. In ancient times, flood dragons would often cause floods and tsunamis, so they would be locked up in the Dragon-Sealing Well to prevent them from harming the mortal realm.