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 The last time that a rainbow divine fish had appeared, the weather had been like this. Zhao Fu wondered if he had the luck today to encounter another one. If he could, he would be quite satisfied. Hopefully, it would also drop a Fish Jewel that would give him a piece of equipment.

Soon, it started to drizzle, and Zhao Fu used the One World Rod's fourth effect, causing the conical hat and raincoat to appear on his body.

The rain continuously fell on the river and also brought with it a faint fog. Zhao Fu sat on his little boat, not moving at all. Holding his fishing rod, he seemed to have fused with the river, creating an artistic scene.

However, it was useless - not a single three-colored divine fish had appeared, much less a rainbow divine fish. Could it be that he was at the wrong place?

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu felt that this shouldn't be so - after all, the water upstream was more still than the water downstream, and such a place was suitable for fish to reside, which meant that there should be more divine fish here.

Moreover, Zhao Fu had already caught many of the rare divine fish downstream, which was why he had decided to come here.

After fishing for another two hours, Zhao Fu still hadn't made any great gains. As such, he decided to go to the middle stretch of the river and then the downstream region. In the end, he found that upstream was still better, which reaffirmed what he originally thought.

It had been a long time since he had seen a three-colored or rainbow-colored divine fish; could it be that Seeping River no longer had these divine fish? However, Seeping River was the largest water region that Zhao Fu had access to - after all, Great Qin was quite far inland, and it was quite far away from the ocean. They would have to travel at least ten or so regions to reach the ocean.

So far, they hadn't expanded so far away, and none of the water sources in other regions were as big as Seeping River. Most were only small lakes and couldn't compare to Seeping River.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu thought of something - didn't his blood greatly attract divine fish? The small fish that had devoured his blood were great bait, and even that rainbow divine fish wanted to devour him. In that case, couldn't he just use his blood to directly attract divine fish?

Zhao Fu felt that he could give this method a shot. Zhao Fu had used a lot of blood to develop bait over these few days, and it was only because he had consumed many spirit medicines that his body hadn't weakened.

As such, Zhao Fu took out a dagger and made a cut on his arm. His blood dripped into the river and spread out, bringing with it the slight smell of blood.

After letting his blood drip out for nearly three minutes, Zhao Fu used the Royal Wood Sword to heal the cut.

Suddenly, the river seemed to go deathly silent - there wasn't any noise or a sign of life, and Zhao Fu suddenly felt his hairs stand on end.

Swish, swish, swish...

Zhao Fu saw countless fish that were about as big as his hand madly swim towards him. These fish looked quite terrifying - their heads looked like skeletons, they had gray scales, and they had two rows of sharp teeth.

These were most likely the fish monsters of Seeping River. Zhao Fu had never thought that his blood would attract countless fish monsters instead of divine fish. They were simply innumerable, swarming his boat from all sides.

At that moment, Zhao Fu wasn't feeling too worried. They would be able to take down normal people, but how could they threaten Zhao Fu? By now, Zhao Fu's strength was incredibly terrifying.

The One World Rod turned into the Royal Wood Sword, and Zhao Fu stood up and sent his energy into the Royal Wood Sword, causing it to shine with a bright green light. Zhao Fu stabbed it downwards.

The Royal Wood Sword instantly pierced through the small boat, and countless black branches stretched out and split before continuing to stretch out and split continuously.

Countless fish monsters were approaching because of their attraction to Zhao Fu's blood. The sharp branches continued to grow, and they pierced the fish monsters' bodies and devoured their lifeforce.

Soon, a strange scene appeared - a 100 meter wide black crown of branches had appeared underwater. There wasn't a single leaf on those branches, and there were countless fish corpses hung on the branches.

The fish monsters continued to rush over, but they were unable to harm Zhao Fu at all. They couldn't even come within 100 meters of him without being killed by the tree branches.

At that moment, a large fish that was ten or so meters long slowly floated to the surface. This wasn't a divine fish but a Lord class fish monster.

The Lord class fish monster looked at Zhao Fu with its sinister eyes, which shined with a blue light. Water began to gather towards it, forming two fish monsters made of water that then leapt out of the water and shot towards Zhao Fu.

"Sky Demon Slash!"

Seeing the two fish made of water flying towards him, Zhao Fu drew the Sky Demon Sword, and a ten or so meter long black arc of light flashed out, giving off a sharp sword aura. It split the two fish, and they fell back into the river.

At that moment, the Lord class fish monster swept its tail, creating a large splash and leaping out of the water. It opened its mouth and revealed its sharp teeth that seemed to be able to tear apart iron.

Zhao Fu dodged to the right, and while the Lord class fish monster passed him, he raised the Sky Demon Sword and hacked down, tearing through its defenses and leaving a gash through which its bones could be seen.

In actuality, this Lord class fish monster wasn't very strong - Lord class monsters that led small groups or herds were usually more powerful, while those that had massive groups or herds were less powerful.

This Lord class fish monster's main strength came from being able to command countless ordinary fish monsters, but they had all been killed by the black crown of branches.

After suffering this attack, the Lord class fish monster immediately tried to run away after falling back into the water.

"Godly Demon Devour!"

Zhao Fu once again used a godly skill, and he raised his sword and swung it. Immediately, a massive, ugly face appeared, and it opened its large mouth and unleashed an attractive force as it moved towards the Lord class fish monster.

The Lord class fish monster was quite startled, and it suddenly gave off a large amount of blue light, forming a blue protective shield. The massive face continuously bit at the shield, and soon, countless cracks started to appear across the blue shield.

At that moment, the Lord class fish monster dove into the water and started to quickly swim away.

Zhao Fu immediately unleashed his King's Domain around himself before jumping into the river. This Lord class fish monster was quite weak and would be quite easy to kill, so Zhao Fu didn't plan on letting it go.

The fish monster was quite fast, but Zhao Fu wasn't slow. He followed the fish monster the entire time. By now, its blue shield had already shattered, and its body had been torn by the large face. However, the Lord class fish monster had turned to bite the face, destroying it in return.

At that moment, Zhao Fu saw a round stage at the bottom of the river, above which there was a floating statue of a fish monster.

Zhao Fu had never thought that he would have followed the Lord class fish monster to its Den!