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 At the banks of Seeping River, an elderly man with long eyebrows caught a blue divine fish.

"Not bad, Ol' Jiang; another blue divine fish," another elderly man said to the elderly man with long eyebrows as he laughed.

This blue divine fish made everyone around him feel a sense of admiration.

The elderly man with long eyebrows chuckled as he replied, "It's just a blue divine fish. Look at that young man; he's fished up four silver divine fish already."

Just as the elderly man finished speaking, a young man with a calm and steady aura caught another silver divine fish. The silver divine fish transformed into countless motes of light that entered his body, and a Fish Jewel appeared in his hand.

Those around him sighed in admiration, and some felt incredibly envious. Fish Jewels could be sold, and a silver Fish Jewel was worth five gold coins or $50,000 in the real world.

The young man couldn't help but feel incredibly happy, but he noticed the various greedy gazes around him. Right now, he had three silver Fish Jewels on him, which were worth 15 gold coins. They could make others want to kill him.

As such, the young man decided to move somewhere else or to at least sell the Fish Jewels first. He could deal with one or two people, but if there were too many of them, he wouldn't be able to resist them.

The others around him could tell what he was thinking, so they immediately threw down their fishing rods and went over to surround him. The atmosphere became incredibly tense.

Suddenly, a massive sound of something breaking through the water sounded out, creating massive splashes. This scene drew countless gazes, and all those who looked over were completely stunned.

The person at the center of Seeping River had dragged out a big fish that was ten meters long. The fish had golden scales and a pair of dragon horns, and it gave off a rainbow light. It seemed incredibly magical, and no one could look away.

After the divine fish was dragged out, it turned into countless motes of rainbow-colored light before entering the body of the person who was now standing in the air. At the same time, a rainbow-colored Fish Jewel appeared.

Everyone who was present felt his heart jump. Violet divine fish gave Gold grade items, orange divine fish gave Legendary grade items, and three-colored divine fish could give Epic grade items, so it was very likely that this rainbow divine fish could give a Divine Armament.

Divine Armament - those two words could cause anyone to go mad with greed. Such things were completely priceless, and even godly spirits would want to steal such things.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have caught a dragon fish. You have received 100,000 Divine Fish Points."

That was the system announcement that Zhao Fu had received after he had caught the rainbow divine fish, and a rainbow-colored Fish Jewel appeared in his hand. This delighted Zhao Fu, but when he saw the crowd of people staring at him, he immediately put it away before turning into a black blur and speeding off.

Only after they saw the black-cloaked figure rush away did the countless people come back to their senses and feel immense regret. If they could have stolen that Fish Jewel, they would never have to worry about money ever again.

However, they didn't act because someone who could obtain a rainbow Fish Jewel definitely wouldn't be weak. Just the fact that he could fly set him greatly apart from others.

The young man with the silver Fish Jewels immediately escaped when he saw that everyone's gazes had been attracted over to the rainbow divine fish. This made everyone who had wanted to take his Fish Jewels feel regret for being distracted.

Soon, news about the rainbow divine fish quickly spread, shocking countless people and making them guess as to who that black-cloaked figure was.

Many incredible figures had continuously appeared, completely outshining the Legatees - after all, this event was for normal people.

This time, no one thought that this person would be Great Qin's Legatee. Rather, they thought that it was another incredible person who had risen up. If he could obtain a Divine Armament, he would be able to cause massive bloodshed, making many feel anxious.

On a small hill far away, Zhao Fu felt quite excited as he looked at the rainbow Fish Jewel in his hand - would it really give him a Divine Armament?

After Zhao Fu chose to use it, the rainbow Fish Jewel gave off a brilliant rainbow-colored light and rose from Zhao Fu's hand. Suddenly, a wild gale started to blow, and sand and small rocks started to fly everywhere as clouds gathered above him. The rainbow Fish Jewel gave off a powerful aura that spread all around him.

This aura was nothing to Zhao Fu. He stared at the rainbow Fish Jewel in the air, and the light became brighter and brighter until it became quite piercing. Soon, it had become a two-meter wide orb of light.

Zhao Fu started to feel more and more anticipation because the rainbow Fish Jewel was about to open. Would it really be able to give him a Divine Armament? Zhao Fu wasn't completely sure.

After the light gradually faded away, a rhombus-shaped crystal that gave off a rainbow-colored light appeared in the air and slowly floated down.

When he saw this, Zhao Fu felt slightly disappointed that it wasn't a piece of equipment, but he stretched out his hand and caught it.

[Heavenly Domain Stone]: An extremely rare stone in this world; legends say only a few exist, and it has great uses.

After looking at the information regarding the Heavenly Domain Stone in conjunction with the information that he had received from god Kerr, Zhao Fu knew what it was. He was disappointed but not too disappointed.

The Heavenly Domain Stone wasn't a material, nor was it a piece of equipment. Rather, it was a special item. Zhao Fu knew what its effects were, but because they weren't useful right now, he could only put it away.

Zhao Fu then went to Holy Light City because he now had enough Divine Fish Points for a Gold grade City Creation Stone.

There were 100 Gold grade City Creation Stones in total - this didn't seem like a small figure, but there were many people competing for them. Zhao Fu didn't want to miss out, so he hurried over to exchange his points for one.

Gold grade City Creation Stones could be exchanged for 200,000 Divine Fish Points, but all of the City Creation stones had purchase restrictions - this meant that no matter how many Divine Fish Points Zhao Fu had, he would only be able to purchase one Gold grade City Creation Stone.

After exchanging for a Gold grade City Creation Stone, Zhao Fu returned to Seeping River. Last time, he had been at a relatively downstream region, and this time, he went to a more upstream region. If he could encounter another rainbow divine fish, he wouldn't mind at all.

However, things didn't go as Zhao Fu had wanted - not only did he not see a single rainbow divine fish, but he also didn't find any more three-colored divine fish. All of the ones he fished up were violet and orange divine fish.

Just like that, the fourth day of the Divine Fish Festival slowly passed.

Now, it was the fifth day. It was completely overcast and slightly chilly, and it looked as if it would rain at any moment. This was a good day for fishing.