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 "A rainbow divine fish?" Zhao Fu looked quite surprised as he stared at the fish. He had thought that three-colored divine fish were already extremely rare, and he was ecstatic to now find a rainbow divine fish.

However, it definitely wouldn't be easy to deal with this rainbow divine fish. After all, it was currently ferociously looking at Zhao Fu as if it was looking at prey.

This rainbow divine fish had been lured over by Zhao Fu's bait, but it wasn't interested in the small fish that had consumed Zhao Fu's blood; rather, it wanted to devour Zhao Fu whole.

Zhao Fu quickly thought about what to do. He and his boat were being drawn towards the rainbow divine fish by the whirlpool, and the fish was currently opening its large mouth, preparing to eat Zhao Fu.

The whirlpool was simply too powerful, and with Zhao Fu's strength, he wouldn't be able to break free from it. Did he have to use his Nation Armament again?

The boat was sent spinning in circles as it came closer and closer to the rainbow divine fish, and the rainbow divine fish seemed as if it couldn't wait any longer because it started to swim towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu looked at the rainbow divine fish ahead, and its mouth that was giving off a massive suction power. It looked like the mouth of a demon, and it was about to swallow him whole!

At that moment, Zhao Fu's eyes narrowed, and he took out a flame-red short saber. He gripped it with both hands and sent his King's Power into it, causing it to burst forth with massive red flames. As a searing heatwave rippled out, steam and bubbles started to rise from the water around him.

"Arghhhh!!" Zhao Fu roared as he swung the short saber towards the rainbow divine fish. A ray of saber qi bringing with it a scorching aura flew out, and the entire world seemed to become a world of fire as that saber qi slashed towards the rainbow divine fish.

The rainbow divine fish was quite startled, and it formed massive water shields with the river water. However, that saber qi slashed through all of them.

"Roarrrr!!!" the rainbow divine fish roared in pain as a sharp wound appeared on its body and golden blood continuously flowed out.

This rainbow divine fish seemed to be alive, and its golden eyes furiously glared at Zhao Fu, wanting to kill him.

Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The rainbow divine fish raised up over 100 pillars of water, which started to crash downwards towards Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu once again slashed out, and a massive fiery saber light flashed out, annihilating all of the pillars of water.

This was the power of saber intent, something that could only be controlled after one comprehended the source of the world.

Seeing that the tables had turned, the rainbow divine fish turned to flee. After all, it wasn't a real creature and wasn't truly very powerful.

The massive whirlpool lost its controller, and a massive amount of water slammed down towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu maintained his King's Domain, and he was determined not to let the rainbow divine fish get away.

He sent a powerful slash out!

A terrifying saber light that was hundreds of meters long split the water in two and sent the rainbow divine fish flying, sending it crashing against a boulder and smashing the boulder apart.

At that moment, a massive amount of water crashed against Zhao Fu's King's Domain, but there was simply too much water. Cracks appeared on the King's Domain as Zhao Fu was slightly injured.

"Roarrrr!!!!" Another gash large gash had appeared on the rainbow divine fish's body, and it gathered a great amount of water, which turned into a ferocious water dragon that rushed towards Zhao Fu.

After Zhao Fu used the short sword three times, it disintegrated into dust, and Zhao Fu took out an Evil-Crushing Spear and sent his King's Power into it. The Evil-Crushing Spear sent out waves of silver light, and arcs of lightning flickered around it as Zhao Fu vigorously threw it.

The Evil-Crushing Spear turn into a massive silver ray of light, seeming to be an unstoppable force as it collided with the water dragon.


An explosion sounded out, turning into massive shockwaves as mud and stone within the river were blasted into the air, and water flew high into the sky.

Seeing that its attack had failed, the rainbow divine fish opened its mouth and devoured a massive amount of water before shooting out a gigantic water arrow. The water that it passed over was repelled by the sheer force it contained, creating a vacuum.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised and dodged to the side, narrowly dodging the water arrow. Only after it traveled hundreds of meters did it turn back into water and fall to the river.

Suddenly, the rainbow divine fish appeared beside Zhao Fu and tried to bite him.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed, and the One World Rod turned into a wooden sword, which he vigorously slashed out with. Immediately, a massive sword light flew toward the rainbow divine fish.

"Roarrrrr!!!" the rainbow divine fish roared in pain as its side was slashed by the sword light, which immediately tore apart its golden scales and left a deep wound.

"Black forest!" Zhao Fu roared out as he stabbed out with the Royal Wood Sword. It shined with a green light as countless black branches stretched out from the Royal Wood Sword, extending towards the rainbow divine fish. These branches were incredibly sharp, and they instantly stabbed into the rainbow divine fish's body.

This was one of the skills that came with the Royal Wood Sword, and not only were the branches incredibly sharp, but they also contained the power to steal lifeforce.

Immediately, wounds appeared all over the rainbow divine fish's body, and the light around it dimmed greatly. The rainbow divine fish struggled and broke free from the countless branches. Knowing that it wasn't a match for Zhao Fu, it once again tried to escape.

However, how could Zhao Fu allow it to leave? The Royal Wood Sword once again became a fishing rod, and Zhao Fu flicked the line out, which fell on the rainbow divine fish and wrapped around its body a few times.

Despite being caught by the fishing line, the rainbow divine fish continued to try to escape.

Zhao Fu gripped the One World Rod and tried to drag the rainbow divine fish above the water. As long as he could bring it above the surface, he would win.

The rainbow divine fish vigorously struggled, trying to go down while Zhao Fu tried to lift it up. The rainbow divine fish would be slightly lifted up by Zhao Fu, following which it would slightly bring the fishing rod downwards.

Seeing that this would last for quite a while, Zhao Fu called out, "Sky Demon! Slaughtering Ghost!"

A black sword light and a blood-red sword light shot towards the rainbow divine fish. Zhao Fu planned to use the two swords to heavily injure the rainbow divine fish, making his job much easier.

The rainbow divine fish could sense the imminent danger, and it suddenly flicked its tail. The water seemed to explode as it shot towards the side like an arrow.

Zhao Fu immediately pulled back on the fishing rod, and the fishing line became incredibly taut. Zhao Fu was horrified to find that the fishing line was on the verge of breaking, so he could only allow the rainbow divine fish to slowly drag him along and deal with it after it had run out of strength.

The Sky Demon and Slaughtering Ghost were unable to keep up with the rainbow divine fish, and they turned back into swords and returned to Zhao Fu's side.

A few hours later, the rainbow divine fish finally ran out of strength, and Zhao Fu vigorously pulled the rainbow divine fish towards the surface. The rainbow divine fish came closer and closer to the surface, but he suddenly felt that something was off because he heard many people's voices. This caused Zhao Fu to hesitate, and when he looked down at the rainbow divine fish, Zhao Fu didn't want anything unexpected to happen.

As long as he could pull the rainbow divine fish out of the water, it would be his. The rainbow divine fish was only about ten meters away from the surface now, so Zhao Fu decided to hurry and get it out of the water.