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 Zhao Fu was quite shocked, and he tightly gripped his fishing rod. However, the fish's strength was enormous. Even though he used all of his strength, he was still dragged along by the fish.

Feeling the immense power of this fish, Zhao Fu guessed that it was extremely big, and he refused to back down and circulated his King's Power. He tightly gripped his fishing rod, pulling back against the fish. Under these two immense powers, the fishing line went completely taught, and the One World Rod started to bend.

Even Legendary grade rods would have been in danger of breaking at that moment.

Zhao Fu continued to hold onto his fishing rod. He had no idea what this thing was - it could be a divine fish or a fish monster that lived in Seeping River. However, it was definitely quite special, and because Zhao Fu had no intentions of letting it go, he continued to hold on.

The fish continued to drag Zhao Fu's boat forwards, but because Zhao Fu was pulling back with all of his might, the boat traveled quite slowly. Neither side wanted to lose, making the battle quite bitter.

Zhao Fu understood that this was a battle of endurance and that whoever gave in first would lose. As such, he wasn't in a hurry and decided to wait until this fellow ran out of strength to catch it.

Ten minutes passed!

20 minutes passed!

30 minutes passed!

After a full hour passed, the fish started to weaken, and the boat started to slow down.

At that moment, Zhao Fu unleashed his full strength and lifted his fishing rod, and the fish desperately struggled, causing them to once again struggle against each other.

Another 30 minutes later, the fish finally ran out of strength, and Zhao Fu mustered up all of his strength and raised the fishing rod as a gigantic figure slowly started to appear under the surface of the water.

It was a divine fish that looked like a whale, and it was three meters long. Its body was white, but it gave off red, green, and blue lights.

Zhao Fu was quite delighted - this three-colored divine fish seemed even rarer than gold divine fish, and it was something that normal people would never be able to see.

By now, the three-colored divine fish was out of strength, so Zhao Fu raised it out of the water. It turned into countless motes of three-colored light that entered Zhao Fu's body.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have caught a divine whale. You have received 5,000 Divine Fish Points."

Obtaining 5,000 Divine Fish Points with a single divine whale was excellent - after all, that was equivalent to 500 gray divine fish. However, Zhao Fu was disappointed to find that the divine whale didn't give him a Fish Jewel.

If this divine whale gave him a Fish Jewel, it would definitely be Epic grade, which excited even Zhao Fu. It seemed that committing so much time to this divine whale was a bit of a waste because if he had used his time catching other divine fish, he would have still been able to obtain at least 5,000 Divine Fish Points.

Even though the gains weren't great, Zhao Fu was still quite delighted to find that he would be able to fish up such creatures at this place.

By now, a trace of light appeared in the sky, and the darkness started to recede - the fourth day of the Divine Fish Festival had begun. Zhao Fu chose to continue fishing at Seeping River, hoping that he would be able to catch a few more divine whales and obtain a few Epic grade Fish Jewels.

The weather was quite good today, and the sun shined from above. However, when noon came, dark clouds covered the sky, giving off an oppressive aura. Sitting at the center of Seeping River, Zhao Fu started to feel quite parched.

However, soon, it started to drizzle, and it no longer felt as hot.

Zhao Fu suddenly thought of the One World Rod's fourth effect, which was a raincoat. It seemed that this would be a perfect time to use it, and he equipped it with a curious expression on his face.

The One World Rod gave off a faint light as a conical bamboo hat and raincoat appeared and automatically covered Zhao Fu's body. They looked quite ordinary, but Zhao Fu found that they had a recovery effect.

This recovery effect applied to everything, such as physical, mental, and cultivation fatigue, and it seemed to be quite a good effect.

It was good to fish while it rained because the divine fish would come to the surface to breathe in the fresh oxygen. He hoped that another divine whale would come.

After a few hours, Zhao Fu still hadn't caught another divine whale - it seemed that they were especially rare.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu discovered a whirlpool ahead - at first, it was only two meters wide, and because it was 100 or so meters away, Zhao Fu didn't mind too much.

However, the whirlpool suddenly expanded to 100 meters wide, and it instantly dragged Zhao Fu into it. Zhao Fu was quite shocked and immediately reacted, sending his King's Power around his boat to try to escape.

However, just as Zhao Fu's boat started to escape from the whirlpool, the whirlpool expanded to 10,000 meters wide, giving off a massive attractive force as if it was a gigantic mouth that wanted to devour everything.

Zhao Fu's boat was also swept along by the whirlpool, and Zhao Fu frowned, trying to use his King's Power to escape. However, he found that it was completely useless.

The gigantic whirlpool was simply too powerful, and if Zhao Fu didn't resist, he would be sucked to the center in less than a second. It definitely wouldn't be good for such a thing to happen.

Zhao Fu unleashed his King's Domain, and a four-meter wide black circle expanded outwards. The absolute control Zhao Fu had within his King's Domain allowed the boat to resist that attractive force and start to move towards the outside of the whirlpool.

However, before Zhao Fu could feel happy, the enormous whirlpool expanded to 100,000 meters wide, affecting more than half of the river. The sound was incredibly terrifying, and it was as if it was some sort of natural disaster.

Zhao Fu didn't hesitate anymore, and he decided to give up on the boat and use his Flight Stone. However, at that moment, Zhao Fu felt a massive sealing power blocking off the space above him, restricting him from using the Flight Stone.

Zhao Fu felt that the situation was becoming dire, and he used all of his strength to cast his King's Domain, expanding it out to 100 meters around him. This allowed him to greatly restrict the attractive force, and his boat started to move out of the whirlpool again.

Immediately, the whirlpool increased to 1 million meters wide, disturbing all of the water in Seeping River, and the ordinary people by the banks became terrified and quickly started to flee.

An even greater attractive force came from the center of the whirlpool, and even the stones and grass on the bank were sucked over. The sky seemed to darken. The scene was quite terrifying, and Zhao Fu's boat was helplessly drawn deeper and deeper into the whirlpool.

At the center of the whirlpool, Zhao Fu saw a big fish that was ten meters long!

The fish looked a bit like a carp, and its golden scales shined with rainbow-colored light. It also had a pair of horns on its head and two long whiskers.