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 This news was that the top eight City Creation Stones had all been claimed, which gave Zhao Fu a great fright. He hurried to Holy Light City and felt incredibly nervous, hoping that the City Upgrade Stone hadn't been claimed yet.

Very soon, Zhao Fu arrived at the Exchange Stone Stele and was relieved to find that the City Upgrade Stone was still there. He immediately exchanged his points for it, and when he looked at the square stone in his hand that gave off a violet light, he was finally able to relax.

Afterward, Zhao Fu returned to the Great Qin Town. By now, he had collected five damaged Silver grade City Hearts, and because he didn't want to wait any longer, he destroyed five of his Silver grade villages.

This caused Zhao Fu's heart to ache - after all, Silver grade villages weren't easy to obtain. He then took the ten damaged City Hearts to the Universal Den.

The Den was still a Basic Den because it had never been leveled up. Dens required the animals they spawned to go out and kill other animals - only then would they be able to gain EXP and level up, and it was impossible to divert a village's EXP to a Den.

The Gray Wolf Den and Black Forest Horse Den had both become Advanced Dens because Little Black and Little Gray often went out with the soldiers to fight, obtaining a lot of experience.

As for the Universal Den, even though the Void Beasts that they spawned were incredibly fast, they were only suited for running away and didn't have good offensive abilities, which was why the Universal Den had remained a Basic Den.

After arriving at the Universal Den, Zhao Fu chose to upgrade it. The ten cracked cubes gave off a faint silver light and slowly floated into the air as they went towards the Universal Den's lump of clay, which gave off a silver light as well.

Afterward, the lump of clay slowly fused with the ten cubes and gave off a piercing silver light as a massive pressure swept outwards.

Slowly, traces of golden light began to appear from the lump of clay, and the golden light became stronger and stronger as the silver light gradually faded.

Finally, a golden light shot into the sky - the Universal Den had become Gold grade.

Now, the Universal Den could spawn a Void Beast every two days. Zhao Fu then took out the City Upgrade Stone and chose to use it.

The City Upgrade Stone turned into a ray of violet light and shot towards the lump of clay, which gave off a gold light, and they fused together.

Following this, a violet light shot into the sky, and the Universal Den became Legendary grade.

Now, the Universal Den could spawn a Void Beast every day, and after the Wyvern egg hatched, he would be able to quickly spawn Wyverns.

Before, because the Universal Den only spawned one Void Beast every three days, that meant Great Qin could only open up a path to a new region once every three days.

Even though they were now spawning Void Beasts every day, Great Qin would still only be able to open up a path to a new region every three days.

This was because every region was as big as a province in the real world, and taking three days to make preparations for a new region was already quite rushed. Moreover, Zhao Fu decided to stock up on some Void Crystals because after the Wyvern egg hatched, the Universal Den would be used for Wyverns, and Great Qin would no longer have a supply of Void Crystals.

When that time came, they would be able to maximize the use of their Void Crystals, and the initial Void Beasts would have formed another Void Crystal as well.

Now, this matter had finally been settled. Even though Zhao Fu had suffered some setbacks on the way, he was still able to accomplish his goal. He was now able to relax, and a pleased smile appeared on his face.

In the remaining time, Zhao Fu continued fishing at Seeping River. It was only the third day right now, and there were still four whole days until the Divine Fish Festival ended.

Zhao Fu's goal was still to obtain some City Creation Stones. Even though it didn't seem that getting one of the top ten would be likely, there were still many other City Creation stones.

Zhao Fu started to leisurely fish on Seeping River, and he no longer felt any stress. He returned the fishing rod he had borrowed from Bai Qi and continued to use the One World Rod.

Zhao Fu continued to fish up divine fish after divine fish, and most of them were gold and violet, though there was occasionally an orange one.

Even though the number of divine fish that Zhao Fu caught couldn't be compared to others, no one else could compete with him when it came to the number of rare divine fish. At the same time, the number of Fish Jewels he had obtained was also quite shocking.

By now, he had 4,482 Fish Jewels from silver divine fish, 5,213 Fish Jewels from gold divine fish, 2,684 Fish Jewels from violet divine fish, and seven Fish Jewels from orange divine fish.

What excited Zhao Fu was that the Fish Jewels from the violet divine fish could give Gold grade items, and the Fish Jewels from orange divine fish could give Legendary grade items.

Now that he wasn't in as big of a rush, Zhao Fu became quite curious about the orange divine fish Fish Jewels, and he decided to open them.

After opening the first one, the Fish Jewel shined with a brilliant orange light and turned into an orb of light before revealing a long horn.

The horn was azure-colored and looked like it was made of jade. It gave off a ferocious aura and seemed to be a beast's horn. This was undoubtedly a Legendary grade material!

Zhao Fu opened the second orange divine fish Fish Jewel, and a talisman paper appeared before Zhao Fu.

This talisman paper was violet-colored, and there were many runes drawn with blood. It gave off a powerful and mysterious aura.

[Blood Unsealing Talisman]: A powerful unsealing talisman created using a Talisman Master's source blood. It can destroy all seals.

Zhao Fu looked at the talisman paper and felt that it wasn't very useful to him right now, so he put it away. He then opened the third Fish Jewel, and a large object appeared before him.

It was a wooden pillar that was three meters long and one meter wide, and it was a light red color. It gave off a powerful aura of suppression and was most likely some sort of sealing item.

[Mountain-Sealing Pillar]: A sealing pillar made from a spirit tree that was over 1,000 years old. It possesses a powerful sealing and suppressing effect. It can seal everything 10,000 meters around it.

After reading this, Zhao Fu also put this pillar away as he had no immediate use for it.

The fourth Fish Jewel gave him a material!

The fifth Fish Jewel gave him a spear!

The sixth Fish Jewel gave him a round shield!

These were all Legendary grade items, and after looking at their descriptions, he put them away and looked at the final Fish Jewel.

Zhao Fu opened the Fish Jewel, and after the light disappeared, a saber appeared. It was about three fingers wide, and its blade was only about one meter long. It was flame-red and gave off a searing aura.

[Inferno Sabre Intent]: This item contains a trace of a very powerful saber intent. It is a very dangerous item. It can only be used three times.

Zhao Fu felt that this item was quite good, and it could be used in dire situations, because -

Suddenly, Zhao Fu felt something bite on his fish line as a massive splash pounded the surface of the water. An incredible force pulled on the fishing line, and when Zhao Fu pulled back, his body and boat were dragged towards deeper waters.