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 Liu Yubai obtained some sort of swordsman legacy, and his body started to give off traces of sword qi, making it so that no one dared to go near him for fear of being injured by the sword qi. At the same time, the aura he gave off became more powerful, and it became as sharp as a sword.


"Your Majesty, the third-ranked reward, Battle King City, has been claimed," a soldier walked into he hall and respectfully reported.

This news caused a slight change in Zhao Fu's depressed expression. Since the Universal Den had been obtained by someone else, he had to change his plans, and he couldn't let Great Qin's development come to a halt just because of this. The road to the restoration of the Great Qin Empire wouldn't be easy, and there would be greater setbacks in the future.

Zhao Fu deeply breathed in and calmed himself down. Since he couldn't claim the third-ranked reward, Battle King City, anymore, he decided to set his eyes on Thousand Life City, which he was only 10,000 Divine Fish Points away from.

As a Legendary grade city, Thousand Life City's stats definitely wouldn't be weak, and it would still be something good to claim. Now that the top three rewards had disappeared, Zhao Fu was determined to at least obtain the fourth-ranked reward. After thinking about it, Zhao Fu headed to Holy Light City.

Zhao Fu quickly went to the Exchange Stone Stele and saw that the fourth-ranked reward, Thousand Life City, was still available. However, after seeing another item, Zhao Fu decided to give up on Thousand Life City.

[City Upgrade Stone]: Can be used to upgrade Gold grade villages to Legendary grade. Price: 400,000 Divine Fish Points.

With this City Upgrade Stone, he would be able to upgrade his own Universal Den to Legendary grade. Right now, Zhao Fu's Universal Den was Silver grade, but he could gather ten damaged City Creation Stones to upgrade it to Gold grade before using a City Upgrade Stone to upgrade it to Legendary grade.

Between the Thousand Life City City Creation Stone and a Legendary grade Universal Den, Zhao Fu didn't hesitate to choose the Universal Den. After all, a Legendary grade Universal Den was simply too important to Great Qin, and comparatively speaking, Thousand Life City wasn't as powerful.

However, the City Upgrade Stone was simply too expensive, and it was 50,000 Divine Fish Points more expensive than the top-ranked reward. What's more, there was only one.

Zhao Fu didn't waste any time, and he immediately headed to Seeping River. If he didn't hurry, it was possible that he wouldn't be able to even obtain the City Upgrade Stone, and Thousand Life City might also be claimed.

This time, Zhao Fu borrowed Bai Qi's fishing rod, which was made of a 500-year-old White Willow Tree. It was a Gold grade fishing rod, and its fishing bonuses weren't bad.

A person could only equip two fishing rods, and for their effects to take effect, they had to be held in one's hand. Otherwise, if one simply left a fishing rod there by itself, it would be unable to catch any divine fish.

Zhao Fu went to Seeping River and held a fishing rod with each hand, feeling quite worried. He anxiously waited for divine fish to bite and wasn't in the state of mind to cultivate.

In order to save time, Zhao Fu even summoned Celia to help with attaching bait - it was clear just how rushed Zhao Fu felt.

It wasn't just Zhao Fu; the other Legatees weren't doing too well either. It was the first time that they had felt things go so poorly for them, and no matter how hard they tried, they simply couldn't obtain great gains.

If even Zhao Fu was doing so much and receiving so little, how could any of the other Legatees be doing better? The top three City Creation Stones had already disappeared, and all of them felt quite anxious as they desperately tried all sorts of methods.

All of the Legatees guessed that it was Great Qin who had obtained Heavenly Sword City - after all, apart from Great Qin, it seemed impossible that anyone could obtain it so quickly. Right now, the Fate that Great Qin's Legatee possessed was simply enormous, and the scene of the Chaos Imperial Star's descent was still etched into their minds.

Zhao Fu felt quite annoyed - he had continuously suffered setbacks during this event, and he was quite displeased with his gains.


On a mountain, a handsome-looking young man wildly laughed as he yelled, "Zhang family, Li family, Qian family, everything that you've done to my Gu family will be returned a hundredfold in the future!"

This young man was named Gu Qingyang, and he was the owner of Battle King City.

The Gu family was a decent-sized family, but it couldn't be counted as a large and powerful family. After all, the Gu corporate group had primarily relied on Gu Qingyang's father, who had been decently famous in that area.

It was a pity that the good days didn't last very long. After Gu Qingyang's father died in an accident and the Gu family lost its backbone, its business was immediately torn apart by the Zhang family, the Li family, and the Qian family, causing the Gu family to instantly collapse. In an instant, they had fallen from great wealth into immense debt.

The young master lifestyle that Gu Qingyang had enjoyed completely disappeared, but this caused him to mature and see the true nature of this bloody world.

He was also someone with great Fate, and on the first night of the Divine Fish Festival, when the gigantic fish had turned into countless motes of light, a bit of light had entered his body and perfectly fused with him.

Gu Qingyang had felt as if there were fish swimming in his blood, which was a marvelous sensation. Afterward, he was shocked to find that his blood could cause countless divine fish to swarm over as if they were obsessed with his blood. Whenever he dripped even a single drop of blood into the water, all of the divine fish 100 meters of him would be lured over, and he would continuously kill these fish with his harpoon. The amount of Divine Fish Points that he had continuously rocketed, and in two days, he had amassed enough Divine Fish Points to claim the third-ranked reward, Battle King City.

Gu Qingyang truly hadn't expected that he would have such good luck. He clearly understood the importance of this item - it could cause even the top-tier large families to go crazy for it, and now, it was in his possession.

If he sold this to a large family, he would be able to easily destroy the Zhang family, the Li family, and the Qian family. However, Gu Qingyang had greater ambitions. He didn't simply look in front of him. Instead, he looked even further. This decision was bound to change his fate and result in a glorious future for him.

In the future, he would become a King and establish the Gu Fish Kingdom!


Back at Zhao Fu's side, Zhao Fu held a fishing rod with each hand and continuously fished up divine fish, leaving Celia to reattach bait to the hooks.

Celia could feel Zhao Fu's emotions, and she quickly helped him set up bait and didn't dare to say anything for fear of disturbing Zhao Fu.

The day quickly passed, and Zhao Fu didn't relax at all as he continuously caught divine fish. His Divine Fish Points quickly increased, and soon, he had obtained 400,000 Divine Fish Points, allowing him to let out a sigh of relief.

By now, Zhao Fu had caught ten orange divine fish and obtained a 'Spirit Fish Raising Manual,' which allowed him to raise spirit fish below Stage 5. This would most likely be of great help in later stages, but Zhao Fu wasn't thinking about it at all. Currently, the only thing that he cared about was that City Upgrade Stone.

After packing up his things, Zhao Fu once again returned to the Great Qin Town and received more news!