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 The 4 Skeleton Cavalrymen rushed over on their tall Skeleton horses, and they were followed by Skeleton Infantry, who gave off a ferocious aura.

Even though there were so many Skeletons rushing at him, Zhao Fu's expression did not change in the slightest. When he raised the bronze command seal, four grey lights shot into the four Skeleton Cavalrymen's heads. The Skeleton Cavalrymen stopped as the blue tongue of fire in their heads suddenly flickered before they turned and started to attack the other Skeletons.

The other Skeletons seemed to be quite confused - why did the Skeletons, who had been their allies just seconds ago, suddenly turn into their enemies? Very soon, Zhao Fu's soldiers dealt with all of the remaining Skeleton soldiers.

After continuing onwards, they encountered another three waves of Skeleton soldiers, and Zhao Fu was able to bring 10 Skeleton Cavalrymen under his command. He had been preparing to return when he suddenly saw a trace of light ahead, which seemed quite piercing in the dark passage.

Zhao Fu could not suppress his curiosity, and he led his people onwards. The passage gradually became brighter and brighter, and it came to the point that the light became quite blinding. Everyone shielded his or her eyes as they continued. At the end of the passage, they arrived in a massive space.

The space seemed to be 1,000 meters high and have an area of 30 square kilometers. What was terrifying was that the 30 square kilometer area seemed to be completely covered with bones, forming a sea of bones. There were all sorts of bones from a countless number of different tribes: Humans, Elves, Angels, Orcs, Demons...

There were bones from countless races here, and there was even a dragon skeleton that seemed to be around 1,000 meters long. It was not a western-dragon that had wings but a lizard-like dragon like those seen in the east. However, it was a dragon that could fly without wings. It had antlers like a deer and scales like a fish.

"What is this place?" Everyone looked around in shock and felt incredibly stunned and curious.

At this moment, Zhao Fu saw a massive altar that seemed to be 300 meters tall and 10 kilometers wide. Zhao Fu couldn't help but start walking towards it.

"Your Majesty!" Bai Qi called out to Zhao Fu with a serious expression.

Zhao Fu nodded when he heard Bai Qi. He knew that this place was not simple, but he still wanted to have a look. He was not worried that the bones here would become Undead - if they could, the Forest of Horrors wouldn't even exist anymore because it would have been destroyed by the Undead.

Zhao Fu stepped into the space, and the white bones beneath his feet cracked. He walked forwards as everyone looked around warily and slowly followed behind him.

Finally, everyone reached the bottom of the altar without any mishaps.

At this moment, they all finally saw the true appearance of the altar. The altar seemed to be made of a jade-like rock, and it was a light azure color. There seemed to be mystical runes flowing within each jade brick, and the entire altar gave off a mysterious and ancient aura.

Zhao Fu stepped onto the jade stairs of the altar. When nothing happened, Zhao Fu was able to confirm that it wasn't a legacy altar, and everyone else followed behind him. Soon, they were at the top of the altar.

There was a massive magic formation at the top of the altar, and there were also many jade channels around it. There were crystal-like energy stones in the jade channels, and there seemed to be over 1,000 in total.

Zhao Fu knew that these energy stones contained massive amounts of energy, and they currently cost around 20 gold coins each. The energy in most of these energy stones had already been used up, and there were perhaps only 100 or so that had any energy remaining within them.

Zhao Fu pressed his hand against the altar and received some information about it.

[Heaven and Earth Refining Formation]: Description: One of the Six Great Heaven-Defying Magic Formations. It can refine anything and extract its source energy.

Zhao Fu was completely dumbfounded when he saw this information. The Six Great Heaven-Defying Magic Formations - just this name alone told him how mighty this formation was. It could refine anything and extract its source energy, and Zhao Fu immediately looked over at the bones in this space. He thought of something but was not completely certain of its feasibility.

Zhao Fu then looked around from the top of the altar. He found that there wasn't just one passage leading to this space; rather, there seemed to be over 1,000 passages that were the same as the one Zhao Fu had come through.

Zhao Fu said with a serious expression, "We'll stop here for today; let's go back. Don't tell anyone about what we've seen here."

They knew how important this matter was by how serious Zhao Fu looked, so they all nodded and replied, "Yes!"

Following this, they all returned aboveground.

"Your Majesty!" Just as they returned, Li Si walked over with a look of joy on his face.

Zhao Fu felt a bit surprised and asked, "What is it, Li Si?"

Li Si cupped his hands respectfully and replied, "Your Majesty, a group of Outlanders has come to pledge their loyalty."

Zhao Fu was quite confused when he heard this. Why would Outlanders take the initiative to pledge their loyalty? Zhao Fu went with Li Si to a vacant area in the village and saw 30 or so people there. They were about 1.3 meters tall, and their skin was slightly grey. They had powerful-looking limbs and looked a lot like humans - they were the lowest caste of Dwarves, Grey Dwarves.

There were 20 or so males and 10 or so females. There were a few children, but there were no elderly Grey Dwarves. They all looked quite downcast and seemed to have traveled a long way. Their clothes were covered with mud and grass, and many of them seemed to be injured.

When the Grey Dwarves saw Li Si bring a young man over, they understood that the young man was the Lord here, and a middle-aged Grey Dwarf walked over and said, "Guha Doloka!"

"System announcement! Solon has surrendered to you. Would you like to accept?"

Zhao Fu couldn't understand the Dwarven language at all, so he immediately accepted the system announcement.

Solon was the middle-aged Grey Dwarf, and after Zhao Fu accepted, a look of delight appeared on his face. He knelt on one knee, and the other Grey Dwarves did the same. They said, "We thank the esteemed Lord for accepting us!"

"You can all rise!" Zhao Fu said, and the Grey Dwarves all got up.

"Solon, what happened to all of you? Why are you all like this?" When Zhao Fu saw their pitiful appearance, he couldn't help but ask them about it.

Solon replied with a furious and sorrowful expression, "Lord, we were the villagers of Kaki Village, which is about 100 kilometers away from here. We numbered around 600, but we were attacked by a village of 5,000 or so Orcs. Most of us died, and we were the only ones able to escape!"


Zhao Fu felt quite surprised. Orcs were an incredibly aggressive race, and they were incredibly strong. They were quite violent, and normal Humans would find it impossible to win against an Orc one on one. What's more, there were 5,000 Orcs in that village - this was especially dangerous.

However, Zhao Fu was not too worried because the Orc Village was 100 kilometers away, so the Orcs would not discover the Great Qin Village anytime soon. However, he could not simply hope that the Orcs would not find them. As such, Zhao Fu took Bai Qi and the others to discuss the Orcs while Li Si started to make arrangements for the new Grey Dwarves.