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 Apart from these Legatees, many ordinary people had great gains as well. After all, the targets for this festival wasn't the Legatees but the commoners.

Within a region, a pale, introverted youth stared at the scene before him with wide eyes and an open mouth.

The youth was named Ye Ye, and his background was quite ordinary. Because he was quite introverted, he was often bullied, so he liked to hide in the Heaven Awaken World, a fantastical world.

When the Divine Fish Festival began, he was on a mountain, and when the gigantic fish turned into motes of light and descended, the small hill beside him had crumbled and revealed a stone spear.

A portion of the front of the stone spear was embedded in the mountain, and the stone spear was quite thin, a bit thicker than one's middle finger. It seemed to have been crafted with meticulous care and was extremely smooth. What's more, the stone spear gave off a strange light that looked quite extraordinary.

Ye Ye stared at it in shock, and there was no one else around. He felt that the stone spear was some sort of treasure, so he climbed up and retrieved the stone spear.

When he held the stone spear, he felt a wave of energy enter his body, and Ye Ye felt a legacy within the stone spear. He also felt many skills enter his mind.

Ye Ye looked at its information and found that the stone spear wasn't a weapon, disappointing him. At that moment, countless divine fish appeared in a small stream nearby. Ye Ye didn't know how to catch fish with his hands, so he tried to use the stone spear to catch fish because it wasn't very heavy.

However, when he stabbed the stone spear into the water, a formless energy spread out, and water sprayed into the air as the divine fish in the surrounding five-meter radius area were blasted into the air, and they turned into countless motes of light that entered Ye Ye's body. In response, Ye Ye stared at this scene in shock.


Elsewhere, Zhang Quansheng was a tanned, simple-looking youth who lived near the seaside in the real world. His family had been fishermen for many generations, and he had learned how to fish from an early age. He was extremely proficient at catching fish, and no fish had ever escaped from his hands before.

When he entered the Heaven Awaken World, he appeared next to a sea and awakened a unique skill called 'Fish Prison Hands.'

Zhang Quansheng didn't have many thoughts about the festival, and he just wanted to get some simple items to sell to support his family. When the Divine Fish Festival began, Zhang Quansheng had jumped into the water, and his hands became a formless cage. Any divine fish that came within two meters of his hand were unable to escape.

Once the divine fish were caught by Zhang Quansheng, they immediately turned into countless motes of light and entered his body, and his Divine Fish Points rapidly increased.


On a green plain, a handsome youth in white sat cross-legged with a zither on his lap. As the wind blew, his clothes fluttered, making it seem as if his body had fused with the stars in the sky.

This person was named Liu Yubai, and he was 24 years old. He had been born blind and was a musician. In the real world, he primarily taught people how to play the zither and lived an extremely tough life.

This was because everyone learned the piano and not the zither nowadays. Adding on the fact that he was blind and had no other skills, it was extremely difficult for him to make a living.

After coming to the Heaven Awaken World, he was still blind, but his other senses had been strengthened. Liu Yubai wasn't very interested in the things in this world, and the only thing that interested him was playing the zither.

Whether it was the Ten Thousand Flowers Festival or the Ghost Festival, Liu Yubai didn't participate because he didn't want to participate in this world's affairs. He would just go to a remote place to play his zither every day.

Today, everything was just like before, and Liu Yubai came here to play his zither. A beautiful, stream-like, gentle melody sounded out as divine fish started to leap out from the stream in front of him, turning into motes of light that entered Liu Yubai's body.

Liu Yubai's dead eyes started to shine with a faint light, and they started to have a trace of life within them.


Masanori Hano was a girl who had just turned 18 years old, and whether it was in the real world or the Heaven Awaken World, she lived next to the sea. She liked water a lot and felt that she had an affinity with water. She had learned to swim at a young age and was a swimming championship at her school.

After coming to the Heaven Awaken World, Masanori Hano liked swimming in the waters here. Her family background was quite good as well, and because her parents were both doctors, she didn't lack money. In the real world, she was also a top student.

Masanori Hano treated the Heaven Awaken World as a fantasy world and felt that the real world was more important. As such, she only played around in the Heaven Awaken World and wasn't interested in participating in the Divine Fish Festival.

However, when she jumped into the sea, countless divine fish came to her side and swam with her. At that time, she didn't know that her fate was gradually changing.


Within the Indian region, a brown-skinned man jumped into a lake holding a wooden spear. Every time he stabbed out with it, he would pierce five or six divine fish.

Countless divine fish turned into motes of light and entered his body, and he continued to stab divine fish. He was called Kabir, and he was quite famous in his hometown. He had been called a prodigy ever since he had been born, and he had immense strength.


These sorts of things happened all over the world. It wasn't just the large families that had a large amount of Fate; some individuals also had a decent amount of Fate that had started to awaken.

Large families' Fate came from their legacies, especially from the Fate passed down by their ancestors. Such Fate was filled with an ancient feeling, while most normal people's Fate was filled with vibrant life force.

As such, normal people weren't to be looked down on. After all, it was possible for normal people to become Kings, reign above large families, and even take down Emperors.

Of course, such people were incredibly rare, and they were almost one in a billion. However, they were destined to be extraordinary and become an extremely bright star.


Right now, Zhao Fu was sitting on his log in the center of his lake, fishing as he cultivated. His gains were quite great, and he had caught 134 blue divine fish and 45 silver divine fish.

It was just that he hadn't encountered even one rare fish, so Zhao Fu switched over to worms that had grown up eating soil filled with spiritual aura. They were extremely costly and cost 100 gold coins each. In total, Zhao Fu had only bought five of these worms.

More valuable bait would attract rarer divine fish because divine fishes' characteristics were like normal fishes'.

Soon, something tugged on Zhao Fu's line, and Zhao Fu smiled, feeling quite hopeful as he raised his fishing rod. However, what he saw greatly surprised him.