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 Zhao Fu once again stabbed out and pierced through the next fish's body, and he raised it out of the water. This fish also turned into countless motes of light and entered Zhao Fu's body.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have caught a grass carp. You have received 20 Divine Fish Points."

This divine fish only gave off white light, and because it was also one of the more normal divine fish, it didn't give many points. Next, Zhao Fu's gaze turned to a divine fish giving off blue light.

Zhao Fu once again vigorously stabbed his harpoon at the divine fish, but the blue fish was much faster than the gray and white fish. However, this wasn't a problem for Zhao Fu, and the harpoon still accurately pierced into its body.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have caught a crucian carp. You have received 50 Divine Fish Points."

There were many divine fish in this lake, and Zhao Fu had already caught three different types. He hadn't seen any rare fish yet, but because there were so many fish, Zhao Fu decided to hold one harpoon in each hand to increase his speed. He sometimes missed, but at the very least, it was faster than fishing with just one harpoon.

It was a pity that there was only such an abundance of fish for an hour; after that hour, the number of divine fish started to decrease, and Zhao Fu was forced to go elsewhere to look for more.

During that hour, Zhao Fu caught 126 divine fish and obtained 3,200 Divine Fish Points, which was enough for some small rewards. However, it was far from enough to exchange for one of the ten Legendary grade City Creation Stones.

Zhao Fu looked at the people around him who were also searching for divine fish, and he decided to start using his fishing rod. He went to a place without many other people around because the divine fish were similar to normal fish in that too many people would scare them away.

As such, Zhao Fu went to a lake next to a mountain that connected to an underground stream. There would most likely be a lot of fish here.

Zhao Fu found a large rock and sat on it as he attached a worm to his hook. Even though Zhao Fu had never fished before, he knew the basics.

After attaching the bait, Zhao Fu flicked the hook into the water before silently waiting. What surprised Zhao Fu was that even though he didn't catch any fish immediately, his body automatically started cultivating, and the speed was six times faster than normal.

This wasn't because his grade had increased but because he was in some sort of state that greatly increased his cultivation speed, which shocked Zhao Fu. Why was his cultivation going up so fast?

Zhao Fu started to look for the reason, and he found that it was because of the One World Rod's third effect, Fishing Comprehension (This item is quite special as it contains a type of source energy. When using it, it will allow one to comprehend the heavens and the earth easier).

It turned out that this effect increased his cultivation speed. With his Earth grade status and the One World Rod, his cultivation progressed six times faster than before. Now, Zhao Fu's cultivation speed was simply monstrous, and there was definitely no one who could cultivate as fast as him.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu felt a tug at his fishing rod - there was most likely a fish biting at the bait. Zhao Fu lifted up the fishing rod, and a lively divine fish was pulled up.

The fish gave off a silver light and looked like a mackerel. It was only three finger widths wide, and after lifting the fish out of the water, it turned into countless motes of light that entered Zhao Fu's body.

"System announcement! Congratulations, you have caught a silver mackerel. You have received 100 Divine Fish Points."

Zhao Fu was quite pleased that the first fish he had caught with the rod happened to be worth so much, and after turning into motes of light, the silver mackerel also left Zhao Fu an item. It was a crystal orb that was as big as a longan fruit and completely transparent.

Zhao Fu looked at it and found that it was called a Fish Jewel, and it could give a random item. Zhao Fu was quite curious and chose to open it. The Fish Jewel flew into the air and turned into a few beast fangs, which were a Blue grade material.

Zhao Fu was slightly disappointed about this because they were only Blue grade materials. However, this was only normal - how could an ordinary divine fish give excellent items?

This was already quite good for the first fish caught, and Zhao Fu attached new bait before lowering the hook into the water again. Soon, he once again felt a tug at the fishing rod, which meant that another fish had been caught. The One World Rod was indeed very good.

Zhao Fu raised the fishing rod, and a divine fish glowing with blue light appeared. Zhao Fu wasn't very excited about this, and after the fish turned into motes of light and entered his body, he once again set up the bait and lowered the hook again.

From then onwards, even though fish took the bait quickly, the next seven times were all blue divine fish. This told Zhao Fu that the lowest grade that the One World Rod would catch was blue divine fish.

Blue divine fish also occasionally gave Fish Jewels, and the items that they gave were only Normal grade.

Zhao Fu once again cast the line, and very soon, the line was tugged by a fish. Zhao Fu lifted it up and found that it was yet another blue divine fish. Even though the frequency was high, Zhao Fu wasn't satisfied with just blue divine fish because he wouldn't be able to make great gains.

Normally, large fish were in deep waters, and Zhao Fu was currently sitting on a large rock by the bank and could only reach the shallow parts. As such, Zhao Fu went over to a large tree that was ten or so meters tall and one meter wide. Zhao Fu cut down this tree with a single strike and cut a chunk out of it to stand on in the lake. This method was simple but crude.

Standing on the tree trunk, Zhao Fu floated to the middle of the lake. The lake was about 2,000 meters wide, which was quite big, and he started to fish in the middle.

Indeed, things immediately changed. Even though most of the fish he caught were blue divine fish, there were now more silver divine fish. There would be at least one silver divine fish every three or so blue divine fish. This reassured Zhau Fu, and he continued to peacefully fish there.

At the other places, everyone was using all sorts of methods to participate in this event, and most places were lively and raucous. At a stream outside of a main city, there were countless players gathered. Some held fishing rods while others held harpoons as they stared at the stream.

Ordinarily, everyone would use tools because using one's hands was simply too difficult. As such, not many people were silly enough to use their hands.

Each of the Legatees used different methods to go about this. Great Xia's Si Ji killed a 300-year-old python and used its bones to form a python rod that gave bonuses to fishing.

Great Shang's Di Wutian destroyed an Ancestral Armament to reforge it into a bronze harpoon that was extremely powerful. Whenever it stabbed out, no fish could escape.

What shocked everyone the most was Great Zhou's historical figure Jiang Ziya, who used a normal fishing rod with a straight hook without bait, yet he still caught many fish.

Great Han's Liu Ye found a 500-year-old Clearheart Bamboo that he turned into a fishing rod that also did quite well.