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 These ten City Creation Stones all had different stats and effects. They were only slightly weaker than those that the Legatees had, and they had powerful stats. Even the Gold grade and Silver grade City Creation Stones had special effects.

It seemed that this was the system giving the ordinary players an opportunity. If they could grasp this opportunity, their lives would be turned around, and they would have the strength to compete with the powerful families and Legatees.

However, if they couldn't grasp this opportunity, the chance of them turning their lives around would become even smaller. This was because this was already a world where the large families dominated, and ordinary individuals couldn't compete with the large families in anything. Only a few people had the ability and luck to rise above those families, while the majority of people lived under the shadow of the large families.

Zhao Fu looked at the ten Legendary grade City Creation Stones' stats:

[Heavenly Sword City]: Grade: Legendary, Description: After using it, one will obtain the Heavenly Sword City's Legacy. Apart from the basic military professions, there will also be a Swordsman profession that can evolve and reach S grade.

[Universal Den]: Grade: Legendary, Description: A special Den that any creature can conquer. It will spawn creatures of the same race.

[Battle King City]: Grade: Legendary, Description: An ancient city with immense battle strength. All of the stats are related to battling, and they can greatly increase fighting power.

[Thousand Life City]: Grade: Legendary, Description: A Light legacy that has decent battle professions. It is far superior to normal Legendary grade villages.

[Great Iron City]: Grade: Legendary, Description: An ancient city primarily focused on defense. The walls receive an iron barrier effect that greatly increases defense. It has the Great Iron Soldier defensive profession.

[Ten Thousand City]: Grade: Legendary, Description: A city that greatly attracts refugees and wanderers. It spawns twice as many people per day as ordinary villages and has special professions, high-grade people, and stats related to population.

[Animal Raising City]: Grade: Legendary, Description: An ancient city focused on raising animals. It has a special Beast Tamer profession and also controls Pig Dens, Sheep Dens, and Chicken Dens.

[Holy Disciple City]: Grade: Legendary, Description: An ancient city established by believers of a faith. It has a Holy Disciple profession. There is a divine statue inside, causing the city to receive divine protection.

[Divine Water City]: A city situated beside water that receives water-related blessings. All residents automatically receive a swimming skill, and it gives storm-resistant stats and advanced skills for ship-building.

[Wine Immortal City]: Grade: Legendary, Description: An ancient city that focused on brewing wine. It possesses six secret wine-brewing recipes, and these mysterious wines can give bonus stats. The city also has the Wine Hero profession.

After looking through the ten City Creation Stones' descriptions, the one that moved Zhao Fu the most was, of course, the second-ranked Universal Den. Zhao Fu had never thought that the festival would have a Legendary grade Universal Den as a reward.

If he could obtain this Universal Den, he would be able to spawn Wyverns even faster, and this would be of great help to Great Qin. As such, Zhao Fu was determined to obtain the Universal Den.

However, because this was a festival for individuals, Zhao Fu wasn't that confident because he wouldn't have many of the advantages he had in the past, nor was there anything he could really prepare. After all, he couldn't use large-scale traps, and he would only be able to use his hands, a harpoon, or a fishing rod.

Zhao Fu felt that this festival would be quite difficult, so he returned to the Great Qin Town and discussed this matter with his subordinates.

Wei Liao thought for a moment before stepping forwards, cupping his hands, and saying, "Your Majesty, this festival is focused on individuals, but with how many people Great Qin has, we still have a slight advantage. We can have all of our residents participate and obtain as many points as possible. Even though we can't combine the points, everyone can still obtain some items for Great Qin."

Wang Jian also stepped forward and said, "Your Majesty, General Wei Liao is correct. There is no danger involved with this event, so everyone can participate. Even the soldiers can participate, and this will allow them to take a rest from fighting. This will allow many of them to break through to Stage 1."

Everyone else started to give suggestions, and Zhao Fu thought about it and felt that what they said was correct - it would be best for everyone to participate. They could gather as many points as they could and use the points to exchange for items that Great Qin needed.

Now, it was a matter of how he would participate in the festival. If it was using his hands, he would only be able to fish in the shallow regions. If he used a harpoon, he would be able to also dive into the water. If it was with a fishing rod, he would be able to fish wherever he wanted.

The divine fish weren't real creatures, but they acted just like normal fish. Those who understood fishing would have a decent harvest this festival.

Suddenly, Zhao Fu remembered that he had the One World Rod - now was the perfect time for him to use it.

The One World Rod had originally been Legendary grade, and it had become Half-Epic grade after Celia fused into it. After thinking about it, Zhao Fu took out the item that he had recently obtained, Spirit Power. The Spirit Power could increase his own spirit power or strengthen items.

If there were no side-effects, Zhao Fu would have used it already. However, now, it could be used to strengthen the One World Rod into an Epic grade piece of equipment.

The One World Rod didn't give any stats and was a special piece of equipment, so strengthening it would most likely be quite simple. Zhao Fu went to an empty place in the Great Qin Town and fused the Spirit Power into the One World Rod.

The One World Rod shined with a faint green light, floated into the air, and gave off an aura that was filled with lifeforce.

"Master! I want to fully fuse with the World Tree branch and activate the Ancient Elf Bloodline within my body," Celia's clear voice said in Zhao Fu's mind.

After he heard this, Zhao Fu saw the One World Rod shoot out a bright green light as the image of a grand ancient tree slowly appeared in the sky.

This tree was tens of thousands of meters tall, and it was so thick that hundreds of people wouldn't be able to put their arms around it. Its branches and leaves completely covered the sky, and a boundless aura of life rippled outwards.

A beautiful girl, who seemed to have been sleeping this entire time, slowly appeared in front of the tree and floated in mid-air. It was Celia.

After Celia's image appeared, it seemed to connect with the massive tree. A formless energy from the tree covered Celia's body, and Celia's body gave off waves of silver light as a noble and powerful aura spread out.

At that moment, all of the Elves within Great Qin seemed to detect something, and they all looked up at the ancient tree. Their bloodlines all stirred restlessly, and they started to head over.

What surprised Zhao Fu was that the Elves knelt towards the massive tree after arriving.