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 Daisy's long hair and bright eyes became platinum-colored, and her skin became lustrous. Her entire body was shining with white light, and adding on her beautiful face and mature body, Zhao Fu felt a bit moved when looking at her.

Daisy slowly came back to her senses, and when she realized that she was in Zhao Fu's arms and holding onto him tightly, she panicked, tried to stand up, and asked for forgiveness.

When she met Zhao Fu's gaze, she suddenly felt a sense of shyness within her heart and lowered her head, not daring to move.

Zhao Fu looked away and smiled as he asked caringly, "How are you feeling?"

Daisy's body was a bit stiff within Zhao Fu's embrace, and it was the first time that she had been so close to him before.

It had been a long time since Zhao Fu had caused the chaos between the four villages and subjugated her, and through her interactions with him, her impression of him had changed until she fully acknowledged him.

Right now, she only felt incredibly embarrassed and didn't have any feelings towards him. Of course, if Zhao Fu wanted her, she wouldn't be able to refuse.

"I'm fine now, Your Majesty." Daisy quickly looked away and smiled. Because it didn't seem like Zhao Fu was trying to push her away, she could only lay within his embrace as her heart rate sped up.

Seeing how weak Daisy looked, Zhao Fu wasn't in a hurry for Daisy to stand up. He first looked at her stats and found that the Holy Hall Bloodline wasn't bad at all. It had greatly raised some of Daisy's stats and added a special attack, which was that platinum-colored light.

"Mm~" Daisy suddenly moaned as her face became red, and she buried her head into Zhao Fu's chest, her hands tightly gripping Zhao Fu's waist.

Zhao Fu looking at Daisy's stats was akin to looking at her without clothes on, and he hadn't thought too much about it. However, because Daisy was in his embrace and they were so close, Daisy felt her temperature rising, and she could smell a very enchanting fragrance from Zhao Fu.

This was the effect of the Level 4 Flower Fairy's Blessing, which increased his charm towards females.

Zhao Fu also detected the changes in Daisy and felt quite surprised.

"Your Majesty!" Suddenly, an alluring figure walked into the hall, and when the person saw this scene, the person's face became red. The person immediately tried to leave.

"What is it, Liu Mei?" When he saw that Liu Mei had walked in but had tried to quickly leave, Zhao Fu quickly called out to her.

When she saw the scene in front of her, Liu Mei's heart rate sped up, and her face became slightly red. She knew that she had walked in on something awkward, so she had wanted to leave. However, she had been stopped by Zhao Fu.

As such, Liu Mei could only apologetically smile as she said, "Apologies, Your Majesty. I didn't intend to disturb you."

When she heard Liu Mei's words, Daisy's face became even redder, and she subconsciously hugged Zhao Fu even tighter.

Zhao Fu glared at Liu Mei as he asked, "What is it?"

Liu Mei hesitated for a moment before suddenly realizing that the person within Zhao Fu's embrace was Daisy. Daisy's appearance had greatly changed, and she was much more beautiful than before.

"Could it be that His Majesty..." Liu Mei didn't dare to think too much; now, if Zhao Fu wanted her, she wouldn't resist either. Not only was he her liege, but the antagonistic feelings she had once felt towards him had also gradually become favorable feelings.

As the Third Mistress of the bandit village, Liu Mei was somewhat experienced in affairs between men and women, and she had thought that men only thought with their lower halves. However, after meeting Zhao Fu, she realized that she had been wrong.

"Liu Mei!" Zhao Fu once again called out to her when he saw that Liu Mei was lost in her thoughts and just standing there.

When she heard Zhao Fu's voice, Liu Mei quickly came back to her senses and reported to him, "Your Majesty, the third Heaven Awaken World event has begun."

When he heard this, Zhao Fu felt quite surprised. He carried Daisy to a bed in a room nearby and told her to rest before he immediately headed to Holy Light City to take a look.

After arriving, he saw that everyone on the streets looked quite happy and that there were many festival decorations everywhere. Indeed, a new festival had arrived.

What sort of festival was it this time? Surely it wasn't as brutal as the Ghost Festival, where no one dared to come out at night. Otherwise, all of the system main cities would become ghost towns.

Zhao Fu looked around and found that most of the decorations had to do with fish - there were paintings of fish, fish lanterns, and clothes with fish patterns on them.

There were many different kinds of fish, and they all looked quite interesting. By now, Zhao Fu was sure that this festival was related to fish, and he found out that the festival was called the Divine Fish Festival.

While the last two festivals had been for factions and relied on numbers, this was more of an individual festival.

The Divine Fish Festival was a fishing festival, and all sorts of divine fish appeared in the various bodies of water all across the Heaven Awaken World. There were many different types of these divine fish, and they were all worth a different number of points. Upon catching a fish, it would become points and be recorded on one's stats page.

The points couldn't be traded, gifted, or stolen, and once a divine fish was caught, it would turn into points. The Divine Fish Festival relied on one's skill and luck; the strength of a faction was completely irrelevant.

What's more, using large-scale tools, such as nets, was useless. Divine fish could only be caught using one's hands, harpoons, or fishing rods.

The difference between divine fish and normal fish was that divine fish would give off a light and have inscriptions on their scales, making them look quite mysterious. In actuality, they weren't real creatures but illusions created by the world.

The Divine Fish Festival would begin at 12 AM, and it lasted for seven days. Because the Divine Fish Festival was about to begin, harpoons, fishing rods, and bait began to sell extremely quickly.

This Divine Fish Festival relied on individuals, and Zhao Fu wasn't in a rush to make preparations. He first went to the Exchange Stone Stele to see what sorts of rewards could be exchanged.

After looking through the rewards, a look of shock appeared on Zhao Fu's face. The Ten Thousand Flower Festival's main rewards were pieces of equipment, the Ghost Festival's main rewards were professions, and the Divine Fish Festival's main rewards were City Creation Stones.

What shocked Zhao Fu even more was that there were 100,000 Normal grade City Creation Stones, 10,000 Blue grade City Creation Stones, 1,000 Silver grade City Creation Stones, 100 Gold grade City Creation Stones, and ten Legendary grade City Creation Stones.

This was particularly shocking because only the major Legatees had been given Legendary grade City Creation Stones, and now, there were ten Legendary grade City Creation Stones up for grabs.