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 After taking care of these matters, Zhao Fu went to refine the corpses of the creatures that he had killed.

Zhao Fu wasn't sure what he would obtain, and he stood beside the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation's altar as he put one of the Stage 2 creatures onto the altar.

As the Heaven and Earth Refining Formation was activated, the corpse was brought into the air by a formless energy, and the corpse started to melt and became a skeleton. Two items appeared in front of Zhao Fu.

The first was a blood-red orb of light that gave off a weak blood-red light, and it looked like a Grade Orb.

[Grade - C]: A powerful item that can raise a beast's grade to C grade.

It was indeed a Grade Orb, but it could only be used by beasts.

The second item was a blood-colored, soybean-sized item that felt like a stone.

[Raising Stone]: Contains a massive amount of fleshly essence. It can be fed to animals to speed up their growth. Humans can also use it, but there will be side-effects.

Zhao Fu had never thought that the corpse would produce such an item, but it was quite good. Zhao Fu put it away. He would use it to feed the animals he raised, and he could also give it to humans. However, the side-effects would likely give them bestial traits and may even make them lose their minds, so Zhao Fu didn't plan to give them to his soldiers.

These two items were both quite good, and next, Zhao Fu took out a three-meter tall corpse - it was the Red Ape Lord's corpse.

After refining the Red Ape Lord's corpse, he received an SS grade Orb, ten or so Raising Stones, and an extra item.

This item was rectangular-shaped, and it was only a few centimeters long. It looked like a jade and gave off a gory smell.

[Class Jade]: Can be used to raise a creature's class, and the effects are dependent on the creature's class.

The Class Jade could raise a Normal class creature to Elite class or Chief class, and how much it was raised by depended on the creature's original class. Without doing some tests, Zhao Fu had no idea just how effective it would be.

Zhao Fu refined the other creatures' corpses as well, and only Chief class or above creatures gave Class Jades.

This was also quite a good item, and Zhao Fu smiled, putting all of them away.

In the depths of the Forest of Horrors, Zhao Fu had killed 300 or so creatures, and he refined all of them, obtaining many Raising Stones. With these items, he would be able to raise the Wyverns much faster.

It took a long time to incubate dragon eggs, and it took even longer for them to mature after hatching. These Raising Stones would be able to greatly cut down the time needed for them to mature, and with this item, Zhao Fu could almost already see an army of Dragonriders.

After taking care of all of the creatures' corpses, Zhao Fu went to Rising Qin Academy. Little Black and Little Gray were quite lively and vivacious, and when they were bored, they would join the army to go out conquering.

As for Little White, it was much more gentle. It would occasionally play with Little Black and Little Gray, but it would usually stay by Asani's side. Asani greatly liked Little White as well - after all, most girls liked cute and fluffy things.

"Your Majesty!" Asani said excitedly as she carried Little White in her arms and walked over.

Zhao Fu also smiled and nodded as he took Little White into his arms. Little White was a Void Beast, and its grade was ordinary. There weren't many of them, and the ones that had spawned in Great Qin had only become Elite class, which had to do with their grades.

The higher a creature's grade, the faster its class would rise. On the other hand, the lower a creature's grade, the longer and more difficult it would be to raise its class, which was why Little White was only an Elite class creature.

After subduing Little White, Zhao Fu had said that he would give it some opportunities, and now, it was time for him to fulfill that promise.

Zhao Fu gave Little White a grade Orb and a Class Jade, causing Little White's aura to become much more powerful. It became a Chief class creature, and because the Class Jade had been refined from a Lord class creature, Little White was most likely more powerful than an ordinary Chief class creature.

At that moment, a soldier came to report that Daisy had brought back a God Statue. When he heard this, Zhao Fu went to the Town Hall and saw Daisy waiting there with a statue on the table.

When she saw that Zhao Fu had arrived, Daisy respectfully said, "Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu nodded and looked at the statue. It was about one meter tall and carved out of wood. It looked like a woman dressed in ancient clothing. The statue looked very lifelike, and it gave off an aura of feminine gentleness.

Water Goddess Statue: Level 1, Description: A statue of a Water Goddess. It can protect boats on the water. It requires sacrifices of incense, and the more incense there is, the more powerful the Water Goddess Statue will become. Current stats: Gives Water Goddess's protection and resistance to natural disasters +1%.

This Water Goddess Statue was quite similar to the Earth Temple, but there were differences between them. Suddenly, Zhao Fu's pupils constricted as he discovered that there was a trace of a soul within it.

The soul within the statue detected Zhao Fu's gaze and immediately felt terrified because of Zhao Fu's God-Killer profession. However, after looking at it, Zhao Fu looked away.

The Water Goddess Statue was different from the Earth Temple because this Water Goddess wasn't an actual goddess but something formed by countless people's beliefs. Therefore, it had weak divine power. As such, its stats were inferior to the Earth Temple's because there was a real Earth God.

The trace of the soul within the Water God Statue was the entity formed by those beliefs, and Zhao Fu didn't plan on doing anything to it. This sort of soul was quite rare - it could only be created when someone with a great amount of Fate died and the next few generations continuously offered sacrifices and had faith in it.

This Water God Statue would be important in the future when they traveled on rivers and seas in boats. Even though there were no large rivers or seas near Great Qin, it would be important in the future, especially for battles on water.

Zhao Fu ordered some people to start building a temple for the Water God Statue.

Afterward, Zhao Fu turned his gaze to Daisy and thought about the Holy Hall Blood Crystal that he had obtained. It was most likely a Holy Light type bloodline, so it would be quite suitable for Daisy. As such, he took it out and handed it to her.

After receiving it, Daisy smiled and bowed as she said, "Thank you, Your Majesty!"

Zhao Fu nodded and replied, "Use it now. I want to see what effects it has."

Daisy started to use it, and the Holy Hall Blood Crystal turned into an orb of platinum-colored light before entering her body.

Suddenly, a look of pain appeared on Daisy's face as her body shined with a faint white light, and she almost collapsed to the ground when Zhao Fu caught her.

Beads of sweat rolled down her forehead, and she gripped onto Zhao Fu. After a while, the look of pain subsided, and her appearance started to change.