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 In that moment of crisis, Zhao Fu's body froze before he grabbed that last blade of Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass and turned into a black blur as he didn't hesitate to escape.

There was an incredibly savage light within the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon's eyes because there was a thief trying to steal its spirit grass. After all, it was the ruler of the Forest of Horrors and would definitely become furious and want to devour the thief.

However, when it saw that it was Zhao Fu, its expression changed, and it was so scared that it flew into the air. It looked at Zhao Fu in fear as it said, "Human, I didn't do anything to you, so why have you come here?"

Zhao Fu, who was in the middle of escaping, suddenly heard a young girl's voice from behind him, surprising him. He turned around to see the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon hovering in the air, looking at him in fear.

"The Six-Eyed Flood Dragon can speak?" Zhao Fu wondered. However, seeing that it didn't look like it was going to attack, Zhao Fu stopped and looked back at the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon.

"Ai, hurry up and say something, human."

When it saw Zhao Fu stop and look at it with his blood-red eyes, the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon thought back to the massive blood-red eyes during the Chaos Imperial Star incident. Immediately, the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon flew higher in fear.

From when Great Qin had obtained the Fate Legacy of the heavens and the earth to the Chaos Imperial Star's descent, Zhao Fu had given off an incredibly powerful aura that had terrified the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon at those moments. Every day, it was worried that Zhau Fu would come to make trouble for it.

If it wasn't for the fact that its den was quite hard to find and that every other region already had a super monster ruling over it, the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon would've fled the Forest of Horrors a long time ago.

It had never thought that Zhao Fu would actually come today. The Six-Eyed Flood Dragon was incredibly familiar with Zhao Fu's aura, which was why it had been scared into the air.

When he heard the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon's words, Zhao Fu thought for a moment before replying honestly and pointing, "I just want that black grass."

The Six-Eyed Flood Dragon looked down and saw it was just some grass that was completely useless to it. As such, it let out a breath and replied, "Alright, you may take it. Let's not fight."

Zhao Fu was quite surprised, and he couldn't understand why the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon seemed to be afraid of him. However, upon hearing its words, he was delighted. However, he still asked hesitantly, "Are you sure?"

"Hmph, I always keep my promises, but don't try to bully me."

The Six-Eyed Flood Dragon's voice sounded like that of a five or six-year-old girl's, and it sounded quite tender and cute.

It was quite difficult to reconcile the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon's domineering and ferocious-looking exterior with its cute voice.

As such, Zhao Fu didn't hesitate, and he started to harvest all of the Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass, delighting him. He had never thought that he would be able to obtain so much Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass so easily.

The Six-Eyed Flood Dragon remained in the air and warily watched Zhao Fu collect the Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass. As time passed, the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon confirmed that Zhao Fu had no intention of harming it, so it asked curiously, "Human, what do you want this grass for?"

"To help me incubate my dragon egg!" Zhao Fu smiled as he replied and continued collecting the grass.

"What? You have a dragon egg? Do you have any dragon essence blood? I can trade things for it," the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon asked hopefully as a surprised look appeared on its face.

Zhao Fu was quite surprised as well and wondered what the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon wanted dragon essence blood for. He only had a Wyvern, and even if it matured, it would definitely lose against the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon. Could there be some sort of misunderstanding?

After Zhao Fu told the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon about his Wyvern egg, the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon looked quite disappointed as it said, "So it's just one of those big lizards... I thought you had a true dragon!"

Zhao Fu awkwardly smiled - true dragons were at least Stage 8 existences, so how could Zhao Fu obtain something like that?

However, since he had taken so much Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass, Zhao Fu felt quite embarrassed, so he agreed to help it obtain some in the future if he had the opportunity.

"Thank you so much!" By now, the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon had completely let its guard down, and it even lay on the ground as it spoke happily to Zhao Fu.

Following this, Zhao Fu and the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon started to chat, and he found out why it had been so afraid of him and why it wanted dragon essence blood.

Zhao Fu could never have imagined that the abnormal signs caused by him would have given the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon such a massive fright, making it instinctively fearful of him. This explained why the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon hadn't attacked him earlier; normally, a massive battle would have been unavoidable.

The Six-Eyed Flood Dragon wanted dragon essence blood to help it transform into a dragon. In Chinese legends, snakes could cultivate for 100 years to become pythons, pythons could cultivate for 1,000 years to become a flood dragon, and flood dragons could cultivate for 10,000 years to become a dragon.

The Six-Eyed Flood Dragon definitely hadn't cultivated for very long, but it wasn't ordinary at all. It had the bloodline of the Devil Fiend Dragon, a Royal Class existence, which would allow the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon to easily become a dragon. The dragon essence blood would have just shortened the time necessary.

Above Lord class was Royal Class, Imperial class, and Emperor class. There were also even more powerful grades.

By now, Zhao Fu had finished collecting all of the Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass - there were tens of thousands of blades, which would allow him to mass-plant them back at Great Qin. What surprised him was that he got along with the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon quite well.

"I'll be going now!" After collecting all of the Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass, Zhao Fu said goodbye.

The Six-Eyed Flood Dragon was actually quite reluctant to see him go because it didn't have anyone to talk with. Now that it had finally found someone to talk with, the person it was talking to was leaving so soon.

"Zhao Fu, make sure you come and visit me from now and then!" Through their talks, the Six-Eyed Flood Dragon had found out Zhao Fu's name. It knew that it couldn't make him stay, so it could only hope that he would come and visit it regularly. At the same time, it no longer had to be afraid that Zhao Fu would make trouble for it or live each day in fear, making it quite happy.

Afterward, Zhao Fu left a few toys before leaving. The Six-Eyed Flood Dragon's personality was a lot like that of a five or six-year-old girl's, so it carefully controlled its strength as it played with them.

After returning to the Great Qin Town, Zhao Fu took out the Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass and ordered his people to start re-planting them. Not only could dragons be spawned from dens, but they could also be bred, so with a large amount of Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass, Zhao Fu would be able to hatch many eggs.

After this, Zhao Fu also re-planted the 17 Windbell Fruit Trees.

Afterward, Zhao Fu used the medicinal recipe that he had obtained to turn the Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass and some other spirit grasses into a bottle of medicinal water, which was as black as ink and gave off a gory smell.

Zhao Fu poured this medicinal water onto the dragon egg, and it was instantly absorbed into the shell. The dragon egg shined with a faint gray light, and the aura coming from it became somewhat stronger - it seemed that the Dragon Incubating Medicinal Water was quite effective.