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Zhao Fu vigorously threw the Evil-Crushing Spear out, which turned into a silver ray of light and gave off an immensely powerful, sharp aura as it shot towards the Red Ape Lord.

The Red Ape Lord, which was still flying backward in the air, roared and crossed its arms, giving off a brilliant platinum-colored glow as a platinum-colored shield of light appeared in front of it.


The massive silver ray of light hit the platinum-colored shield of light, resulting in an enormous explosion. The platinum-colored shield shattered into countless pieces and disappeared, and the silver ray of light became much dimmer and continued onwards towards the Red Ape Lord.

The Red Ape Lord clenched its fist and punched out a massive platinum-colored fist image, clashing against the silver ray of light.


A massive blast resulted, and shockwaves rippled outwards. The Red Ape Lord was sent stumbling back.

"Sky Demon Slash!"

Zhao Fu's body suddenly appeared at the Red Ape Lord's side, and he slashed out with his sword, sending out a sharp black arc of light.

The Red Ape Lord was greatly surprised, and it twisted its body, punching out vigorously and shining with a platinum-colored light.


The platinum-colored fist smashed against the black arc of light, causing the black arc of light to disappear, while the Red Ape Lord's hand became incredibly mangled.

At that moment, Zhao Fu once again slashed out with great force as black sword qi swept towards the Red Ape Lord like a flood.

"Godly Demonic Thrust!"

A massive black sword image once again appeared and stabbed towards the Red Ape Lord. In response, the Red Ape Lord immediately crossed its arms and summoned a shield of light, but the sword image pierced through the platinum-colored shield and left a deep gash in the Red Ape Lord's arms.

"Roarrrrr!" the Red Ape Lord roared in pain and savagely looked at Zhao Fu as it opened its mouth, brilliant platinum-colored light gathering at its throat as it prepared to shoot out that powerful beam of light again.

Zhao Fu took this opportunity to stab his sword into the Red Ape Lord's stomach, and he sent his energy into it, cutting off the Red Ape Lord's attack. The platinum-light that it had been gathering disappeared, and it coughed up a mouthful of blood as it smashed its fist towards Zhao Fu.

At that moment, Zhao Fu dodged to the side and took this opportunity to stab his sword into the Red Ape Lord's chest. However, the Red Ape Lord exploded with platinum-colored light and tried to protect its chest.

Zhao Fu immediately felt a wave of resistance, but he immediately sent his King's Power into the sword and pushed, and the sword became covered with a black glow as it pierced the Red Ape Lord's chest.

The Red Ape Lord's eyes lost their focus, and the Red Ape Lord fell forwards towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu pulled his sword out and moved to the side as the Red Ape Lord fell to the ground, dead.

After dying, the Red Ape Lord dropped three items, and Zhao Fu looked at them with great interest.

The first was an orb of white light that didn't look too special, but it gave off a spirit-like aura.

[Spirit Power]: The spirit power left behind by a powerful creature. It can be used to strengthen items or be devoured by a person to increase his spirit power. However, there will be side-effects.

Before, Zhao Fu had planned on devouring this item, but after seeing that there would be side-effects, he decided not to for now.

The second item was a white jade plate that was about the size of a normal plate, and there was an eight trigrams diagram on it, making it look quite profound.

[Eight Trigrams Unsealing Plate]: A powerful unsealing item that can break through all sorts of seals. Single-use consumable.

This item could only be used to unseal seals, and it didn't seem too useful to Zhao Fu right now. He still had two Unsealing Stones from the Sky Ghost Treasure Sacks, so he put away the Eight Trigrams Unsealing Plate for now.

The final item was a platinum-colored crystal that gave off a familiar aura and was only a few centimeters long. This was quite similar to the Azure Bird Blood Crystal's aura that Zhao Fu had seen at the auction.

[Holy Hall Blood Crystal]: Contains a trace of the Holy Hall Bloodline, which is an Advanced Bloodline. After using this item, one will be able to obtain a trace of the bloodline.

As expected, this was a Blood Crystal. The Holy Hall Bloodline was most likely the Red Ape Lord's bloodline, and even though it was an Advanced Bloodline, Zhao Fu felt that it was inferior to the Azure Bird Bloodline. Also, it would only give a trace of the bloodline.

In other words, if he used it, he would only have a trace of the Holy Hall Bloodline, perhaps not even half of the true Holy Hall Bloodline. This meant that this trace was weaker than the true Holy Hall Bloodline.

However, with a trace of this bloodline, through one's efforts, one could continuously strengthen this bloodline until it became a pure bloodline.

The Holy Hall Bloodline wasn't of much use to Zhao Fu; after all, he hadn't even been interested in the Azure Bird Bloodline, so how could he want the Holy Hall Bloodline?

Right now, Zhao Fu's bloodline was the God-Killer Royal Bloodline, and Zhao Fu wanted to maintain its purity - perhaps it would be of value to him in the future.

He currently had no use for the three items, so Zhao Fu put them away. Even though the Red Ape Lord hadn't dropped a Gold grade City Creation Stone, he was still quite pleased.

At the same time, Zhao Fu put the Red Ape Lord's corpse away - it contained Gold grade materials, so he didn't want to let it go to waste.

As for the Red Apes crushed under the boulders, he didn't bother digging them up because he planned to go back to take the Windbell Fruit Trees.

"Owner, don't go yet! There's so much fleshly essence here that I want!" Sky Demon's voice suddenly said. After all, there were 30 or so Stage 3 corpses there, and they contained quite a lot of fleshly essence. This was a grand feast for Sky Demon.

When he heard this, Zhao Fu didn't mind, and he agreed to wait. Sky Demon was incredibly pleased, and it turned into a ray of black light and stabbed into the pile of boulders as countless black auras covered the small mountain of boulders.

When he saw that Sky Demon had started to devour the fleshly essence, Zhao Fu went to the Windbell Fruit Trees. The remaining juvenile Red Apes came over and looked at Zhao Fu in fear from afar.

When he saw that the juvenile Red Apes weren't very special, he didn't bother killing them. Instead, he just chased them away. As for whether they would be able to survive, that was none of his business.

Now, Zhao Fu started to dig up the Windbell Fruit Trees, and the method was quite simple - he stabbed the Slaughtering Ghost Sword into the ground, which cut three or four meters deep into the ground, and pulled the trees out by their roots.

After half an hour or so, Zhao Fu had dug up all of the Windbell Fruit Trees. There were 17 of them, and he put all of them into his King's Ring.

At that moment, a black ray of light shot over - Sky Demon had finished its meal, and it happily returned to Zhao Fu's side. After obtaining so many Windbell Fruit Trees, Zhao Fu was quite happy as well, and he smiled as he continued looking for Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass.