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 However, it wouldn't be very easy for Zhao Fu to obtain these ten or so Windbell Fruit Trees because there were 30 or so Red Apes guarding them nearby.

The Red Apes' fur was a dark red color, and they were two meters tall and shouldn't be easily angered. What's more, these were only the ordinary Red Apes - there was one Red Ape that was three meters tall, and apart from its red fur, it had platinum-colored eyes and looked quite terrifying.

An ordinary Red Ape's cultivation was already at Stage 3, and all of them were Elite class, while that three meter tall Red Ape was a Stage 4 Lord class creature.

If Zhao Fu simply rushed over, he wouldn't be a match for a Stage 4 Lord grade creature supported by 30 Stage 3 Elite grade creatures. What's more, it was possible that the Windbell Fruit Trees would be damaged, so he had to find a way to lure them away and pick them off.

If he could obtain these ten or so Windbell Fruit Trees, his trip into the depths of the Forest of Horrors wouldn't have been in vain.

After thinking about it, Zhao Fu decided on a plan. There was a cliff that was hundreds of meters tall, and Zhao Fu wanted to use this to get rid of them all at once.

Among the 30 or so mature Red Apes, there were a few juvenile Red Apes that played by themselves. They weren't as intelligent or alert as their parents, so it was easy to deal with them.

Zhao Fu completely hid his aura and stealthily crept over to the juvenile Red Apes. He first rolled a few spirit fruits over, drawing the attention of two juvenile Red Apes. They were incredibly guileless and had no sense of wariness, so they came over and started to happily eat the spirit fruits.

The two juvenile Red Apes finished eating the spirit fruits in just a moment, and they looked like they still hadn't had enough. At that moment, a few more spirit fruits rolled out a bit further away, and they didn't hesitate to walk over and eat those spirit fruits too.

This happened a few times, and before they knew it, these two juvenile Red Apes had wandered further and further away from the rest of the Red Apes. Just as they stepped into an area filled with trees, preparing to eat more spirit fruits, a ghost-like figure appeared behind them and knocked the two unsuspecting juvenile Red Apes before lifting them up and running towards the cliff.

After running at full speed, Zhao Fu arrived at the cliff in five or six minutes. He tied them to the bottom of the cliff before waking them up and scaring them with his sword, causing the two juvenile Red Apes to scream and cry in fear.

Because they weren't too far away, the Red Apes immediately heard them and rushed over. Soon, the Red Apes reached the bottom of the cliff, and when they saw how scared and wretched the two juvenile Red Apes were, they immediately wanted to rescue them. However, they were stopped by the Red Ape Lord.

This Red Ape Lord's intelligence wasn't inferior to a human's, and it could tell that this was a trap. As such, it stopped the other Red Apes and warily looked around.

When he saw that his plan had failed, Zhao Fu immediately carried out his backup plan!

Suddenly, a sharp violet light shot towards the Red Ape Lord. This violet light was incredibly fast, and it reached the Red Ape Lord in a few moments. Just as it was about to hit it, the Red Ape Lord stretched out its hand, catching that violet ray of light, which turned out to be an arrow. The Red Ape Lord clenched its fist, snapped the arrow.

"Arghh!" "Arghh!"

The two juvenile Red Apes were instantly killed as a black-cloaked figure, who held a demonic sword and gave off a mysterious aura, appeared in the air above the corpses of the two juvenile Red Apes. It was evidently this person who had killed them.

At that moment, all of the Red Apes furiously roared and lost their reason as they rushed towards Zhao Fu. Zhao Fu immediately turned and ran.

The Red Ape Lord gave off boundless killing intent as it led the other Red Apes to chase after Zhao Fu.


At that moment, a massive sound rang out as a red sword light flashed and the top of the cliff fell downwards.

The Red Apes were completely startled and tried to run, but it was too late. Countless boulders rained down from above with immense force, smashing several Red Apes into meat paste, causing blood to fly everywhere.

After the dust settled, a small mountain of boulders had appeared at the bottom of the cliff, and there were arms and legs protruding from it, creating a grisly scene.

Zhao Fu was quite pleased that his plan had worked, and he stretched out his hand as the Slaughtering Ghost Sword turned into a red ray of light and returned to his hand.

When he saw that there were no survivors, Zhao Fu started to make his way back to take the Windbell Fruit Trees.


Suddenly, a massive explosion sounded out as countless boulders flew out. A figure covered with a platinum-colored flame rushed out from the boulders and charged at Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu was quite startled, and he immediately drew his sword as he spun and blocked.


An explosion rang out as the collision between the two parties resulted in a massive shockwave. Zhao Fu used his sword to block the Red Ape Lord's attack, and he was blasted back by a step. Opposite him, the bloodied and injured Red Ape Lord glared at him furiously.

"Roarrrr!!!" All of the other Red Apes were dead, and this person in front of it was the reason for this. The Red Ape Lord roared again as it swung its fist, creating a platinum-colored fist image.

Zhao Fu coldly harrumphed and slashed out with his sword, destroying the fist image.

However, the Red Ape Lord continuously punched out, causing the air to almost explode as the numerous fist images rained down on Zhao Fu.

Zhao Fu narrowed his eyes as he coldly said, "Godly Demonic Thrust!"

Zhao Fu's Sky Demon Sword gave off a large amount of black sword qi, and Zhao Fu thrusted out, causing a massive illusory sword image to appear and pierce through all of the fist images, sending the Red Ape Lord flying. A deep gash appeared on its chest, and blood quickly flowed out.

The skill that Zhao Fu had just used was one of the godly skills that he had acquired, and even though it was just a casual attack from him, it was incredibly powerful. Such was the might of a godly spirit's skills.

Seeing the Red Ape Lord fly backward, Zhao Fu rushed up, and just as he wanted to attack it again, the Red Ape Lord opened its mouth and spat out a terrifying platinum-colored beam of light.

This beam of light was incredibly bright, and it tore through the air, giving off a terrifying aura and forcing Zhao Fu to dodge.


The platinum-colored beam of light hit the cliff nearby, drilling open a one meter wide, ten-meter deep hole.

As Zhao Fu dodged, the Red Ape Lord landed, and its body turned into a platinum-colored blur as it reached Zhao Fu and punched with immense force.

In response, Zhao Fu stabbed out with his sword, causing an illusory demon figure to fly out and leap towards the Red Ape Lord.

At such close range, the Red Ape Lord was unable to dodge, and it could only give off a platinum-colored light in an attempt to block this attack.

However, Zhao Fu spun and lashed out with a roundhouse kick, sending the Red Ape Lord flying. A spear made of talisman papers then appeared in Zhao Fu's hand, and the Evil-Crushing Spear started to give off a silver light as silver arcs of lightning appeared around it.