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 Zhao Fu had ordered all of Great Qin's forces to cut off communications with Ge Nia so that he could develop well by himself. The final goal was obviously to become the City Lord, and now, Zhao Fu felt that it was time to go and visit Ge Nia.

Following this, Zhao Fu went by himself to Battle City and found that Ge Nia's Sword Sect had already become the biggest faction in Battle City. It had 10,000 or so people, which was a lot less than other factions, but the members were all elites.

There were both players and indigenous residents, and because Outlanders were welcomed inside Battle City as well, his faction contained some Outlanders.

The Sword Sect's members were dressed in white and had swords at their waists. Zhao Fu heard that Ge Nia's cultivation had already progressed to Stage 2, and by continuously fighting in the Arena, the Sword Sect's fame had grown more and more.

Ge Nia had been listed as one of the eight candidates to become the next City Lord, and Zhao Fu was quite pleased that his plan was working.

As long as Ge Nia could outshine the other seven candidates, he would be able to become Battle City's City Lord, and Zhao Fu would be able to obtain a system main city and its forces for free. This would provide him with immense help.

Zhao Fu didn't plan to do much because it seemed that Ge Nia and the Sword Sect were both doing quite well and didn't require any intervention from Zhao Fu.

However, Zhao Fu was still a bit worried that they would be forced to stage a coup d'état if Ge Nia didn't become the next City Lord.

Even though Zhao Fu didn't want to do this, Great Qin had spent a lot of resources and effort on this matter, and they couldn't let it go to waste. When the time came, they would have to kill the person chosen or even assassinate the current City Lord; regardless of how they did it, they had to make Ge Nia the next City Lord.

Afterward, when he saw that everything here was going well, Zhao Fu felt quite pleased and return to the Great Qin Town.

The next thing Zhao Fu thought about was the incubation of the Wyvern.

Wyverns were relatively weak within the Dragon Race, and they were only slightly stronger than Drakes. However, given the fact that most people weren't even at Stage 1 right now, a Wyvern would be able to decimate everything, as a mature Wyvern could have Stage 5 strength.

What's more, Zhao Fu hadn't bought the Wyvern egg to just raise a Wyvern. Rather, it was for Zhao Fu's Universal Den!

[Universal Den]: Grade: Silver, Description: A Special Den that any creature can conquer. It will spawn creatures of the same race.

Right now, the Universal Den was spawning a Void Beast every three days, which had allowed Great Qin to open up countless paths to outside regions. By now, Great Qin had already reached 34 other regions.

If the Universal Den was conquered by the Wyvern, it would spawn Wyverns instead. Even though they would no longer have Void Beasts, Zhao Fu didn't plan on opening up too many paths. Rather, having a flight of dragons would be enough.

Great Qin had already opened up many paths, and they were earning Great Qin a massive amount of money. However, Great Qin's military still wasn't very powerful, and it was unable to face off directly against a system main city's military.

However, if Zhao Fu had a flight of Wyverns, things would be different - they would greatly strengthen Great Qin's military and speed up the restoration of Great Qin. However, all of that would be far into the future - right now, controlling an entire region seemed like something far away, much less restoring Great Qin.

As such, Zhao Fu decided that he had to strengthen Great Qin's military, even if it came at a cost to their finances. After all, this matter was far too important to Great Qin.

Right now, the Universal Den was Silver grade, and if Zhao Fu wanted to raise it to Gold grade, he needed ten damaged City Hearts.

These things were rarer than even undamaged Silver grade City Creation Stones because no one was stupid enough to damage his own City Hearts. As such, despite being willing to pay a lot of money, Zhao Fu had only obtained two.

He could only wait and see, and if he really had no other options, he would have to destroy some of his Silver grade villages to upgrade the Universal Den.

After the operations with the alliances in North Nam, Zhao Fu had used all of the City Creation Stones, and he now had 502 villages in total.

Even though most of them were Normal grade, there were at least 20 or so Silver grade villages, so he had the ability to upgrade the Universal Den. However, destroying eight of them was still a great cost.

Now, it was just a matter of incubating the Wyvern egg. Zhao Fu ordered his people to look for secret techniques that would be able to reduce the incubation period to just one year.

However, even one year was too long for Zhao Fu, especially after finding out the shocking secret about this world. Zhao Fu absolutely couldn't wait that long.

As such, he ordered his people to see if they could find methods that could shorten the timeframe even more.

Afterward, one of Zhao Fu's subordinates reported that there was a type of spirit grass that could speed up the incubation of dragon eggs. The spirit grass was called Dragon Incubation Celestial Grass, and it was an incredibly rare Stage 4 spirit grass. It was said that it only grew where there were dragons because this sort of grass grew by absorbing the aura of dragons.

Zhao Fu immediately sent people to search for this spirit grass, but they were unable to find anything. As such, he had to offer a high price for information about Dragon Incubation Celestial Grass, and in the end, they indeed received a useful piece of information. It was said that there was Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass in the depths of the Forest of Horrors; however, it was only in the very deepest parts.

This caused Zhao Fu to hesitate because there were always super powerful monsters within the depths of each region. Even City Lords didn't dare to anger such existences.

These monsters were extremely powerful, and instead of having City Lord Seals, they could create beast hordes and summon all of the beasts in the vicinity to attack.

It was said that the monster in the depths of the Forest of Horrors was a 1,000 meter long black-scaled Six-Eyed Devil Flood Dragon.

Flood Dragons existed in Chinese legends, and they were incredibly powerful. They had the ability to control rain and floods, and although they were weaker than Dragons, they were quite similar. They had the slim body of a snake, the claws of an eagle, the scales of a fish, and the mane of a horse.

The greatest difference between Dragons and Flood Dragons was their horns; Chinese Dragons normally had a pair of horns similar to a deer's horns, while Flood Dragons didn't have horns. Even if they did, they would only have one horn, and the horn would be short and sharp.

Zhao Fu decided to head into the depths to see if he could find some Dragon Incubating Celestial Grass and to test out that super monster's strength. After all, if he wanted to conquer a region, he would have to take care of the super monster as well.

Zhao Fu knew that this expedition was quite dangerous, so he decided to go by himself.