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 This meeting went for three days, and even though Zhao Fu was prohibited by the system from directly revealing that shocking secret, he was able to hint at it. After his subordinates found out, they were incredibly shocked and started to suggest various ideas. This was why the meeting had taken so long.

After the meeting concluded, Great Qin returned to its normal operations but tried to act as low-profile as possible. Recently, they had attracted far too much attention to themselves.

After a few days of Great Qin staying as low-profile as possible, discussions about the Chaos Imperial Star gradually died down. Just as Zhao Fu had wanted, people soon forgot about it.

Because it was now autumn, leaves started to turn yellow, and it was also harvesting season. The fruits were ripening, and Great Qin started to become busy with collecting and harvesting.

Most of the harvested fruits were sold, and because there were so many of them, some were used to make wine.

These fruit wines became one of the signature products of the Westfall Restaurants, and they were greatly liked by women and younger people.

Seeing Great Qin steadily and peacefully develop, Zhao Fu was able to rest at ease. He returned to the real world, and just like usual, he asked his bodyguard to buy some food for him while he looked at the Heaven Awaken World forum.

Now, no faction dared to show any enmity towards Great Qin, and Zhao Fu also found out that countless factions had sent gifts to the Ying family. In response, Zhao Fu only laughed.

At that moment, a call came through, and because Zhao Fu looked at it and saw that it was from his grandpa, he picked up the phone.

"Fu'Er, it's your cousin's birthday today; come over and eat with us."

Zhao Fu slightly frowned and wanted to refuse because he wasn't interested in such things. However, he found it difficult to refuse, so he could only agree and go.

After arriving at his grandpa's residence, he was somewhat surprised to see that his cousin, Zhao Hong, was now going out with Zheng Jiao. It seemed that after what had happened last time, their relationship had quickly advanced, resulting in them becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

Zhao Fu didn't pay too much attention to this. After arriving, he found that everyone's attitude towards him was particularly good, especially his uncle and aunt. It was most likely because of what had happened last time. Even though they didn't despise him, they didn't like him either.

After eating, Zhao Fu decided to leave. He didn't bring a present because he wasn't used to such things - back when he and his mother were living in poverty, eating until they were full was already quite good; they didn't even think about gifts, and even if they did, they didn't have the money.

After everything was done, Zhao Fu was walking back to his own residence when a black limousine stopped beside him and the driver stuck his head out and asked, "Mr. Zhao, Big Miss wants to invite you to see her."

Zhao Fu recognized the driver - he was Wu Qingniang's driver, and Zhao Fu couldn't help but wonder what Wu Qingniang wanted with him. Zhao Fu thought about it and decided to see Wu Qingniang.

At that moment, Wu Qingniang was sitting on a sofa as she held a cup of coffee. There was a handsome young man sitting opposite her wearing a white shirt and black pants, and he looked like the young master of a big family.

Zhao Fu knew this young man - he was the Vice-President of the Student Council, Xiao Yunfei.

When she saw that Zhao Fu had arrived, Wu Qingniang smiled and asked Zhao Fu to sit down before telling one of the attendants to bring him a cup of coffee. Following this, she said, "Zhao Fu, do you need me to introduce you again?"

Zhao Fu sat down and smiled as he looked at Xiao Yunfei and replied, "No need. How could I not know someone as famous as Young Master Xiao?"

Xiao Yunfei smiled as he replied, "You must be Zhao Fu; Qingniang often mentions you."

When he heard Xiao Yunfei address Wu Qingniang as 'Qingniang,' Zhao Fu realized that they were most likely quite close. After all, Wu Qingniang had been the President of the student council.

"Zhao Fu, I called you here so that you could get to know Yunfei. He's helped me quite a lot, and you've also performed above my expectations as well!" Wu Qingniang smiled as she spoke in a praising tone.

Zhao Fu knew that Wu Qingniang was talking about Heaven's Choice, and he calmly replied, "It's nothing!"

"Zhao Fu!" Wu Qingniang suddenly became serious as she said, "There's something I want to ask for your help with. You're near East Green, and it seems that even Void Zones can't stop Great Qin's Legatee. If you ever meet him, can you represent me in trying to become friends with him or at least help maintain friendly relations?"

The way Wu Qingniang saw Great Qin Legatee was like how everyone else saw him. Before, they saw him as a threat and didn't want to seem weaker. They had also wanted to surpass him.

However, now, they realized how laughable that was. Not just Wu Qingniang, but anyone under the heavens could tell that none of them was a match for him. The scenes from the Chaos Imperial Star's descent were simply too terrifying, and now, no one dared to openly oppose Great Qin.

Wu Qingniang was the same, and now that things had turned out like this, she could only lower her head for now and do her best to develop.

After listening to Wu Qingniang and seeing how serious she looked, Zhao Fu did his best not to laugh. On the surface, he maintained his calm expression and agreed.

When she saw this, Wu Qingniang felt quite relieved. Even though she had her own people in the Forest of Horrors, she trusted Zhao Fu's abilities because she felt that she had never been wrong with her intuition.

"I'll have to trouble you then!" Wu Qingniang said with an apologetic smile.

Zhao Fu replied that he didn't mind. After all, it wasn't very hard for him to curry favor with himself.

However, sitting opposite Wu Qingniang, Xiao Yunfei couldn't help but frown because this wasn't the attitude Wu Qingniang usually had when speaking to a subordinate.

The three of them continued to chat, after which Zhao Fu and Xiao Yunfei decided that it was time to leave.

After walking out, Xiao Yunfei smiled, but his tone was slightly condescending and no longer amicable as he said, "Don't think that you're a bigshot just because you have a bit of strength. Remember your status; with your lowly status, you'll never be good enough for her.

"But then again, Qingniang's the State of Zhou's Legatee and has a noble bloodline, so she wouldn't favor you anyways. You're just a member of the Ying family's collateral family, but servants should act like servants. If I see you not treating Qingniang like your master in the future and you try to develop some sort of relationship with her, don't blame me for being discourteous."

Xiao Yunfei gave Zhao Fu a warning before walking off, not putting Zhao Fu in his eyes at all.

Zhao Fu didn't say anything, nor did he feel much. He only glanced at Xiao Yunfei and didn't mind his warning at all.

After returning to his room, Zhao Fu once again entered the Heaven Awaken World, and he realized that it had been a while since he had checked up on Ge Nia.