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 After becoming Epic grade, the Great Qin Town's stats had once again increased. At the same time, the Heaven Prayer Platform also became more powerful.

Zhao Fu once again returned to his room and started to go through the information that he had received from God Kerr. After fusing with the Divinity, not only did he obtain some of God Kerr's skills, but he had also obtained a lot of information about all sorts of things.

This wasn't very surprising because God Kerr was a godly spirit that was far greater than mere humans, and it definitely knew much more.

Zhao Fu sifted through the information and found some information about the 'Heaven Domain Boundary' and 'Legacy Land.' Zhao Fu had been very curious about these things, so he looked into them. After reading about them, he was greatly shocked, and massive waves crashed within his heart.

It seemed that he had underestimated the Heaven Awaken World. This world...

This secret was something that the system prohibited anyone from saying - no wonder the Yin Soldiers knew but couldn't say anything. At that moment, Zhao Fu understood everything.

This secret was incredibly important, and it was to the point that it affected the life of Great Qin in the future. Zhao Fu's expression became serious, and he started to think. Now that he knew this secret, his plans for Great Qin's future had once again changed.

In the remaining time, Zhao Fu continued to go through the information he had obtained from God Kerr.

After the numerous leaders and Sect Masters returned to the real world, their eyes were dim, and they looked quite dispirited. The other four Legatees of the Great Dynasties also sighed and prepared to send a big gift to the Ying family as an apology.

They had completely lost this time, and what's more, Great Qin's Legatee hadn't killed them, giving them a lot of face. As such, they had to respond to this.

First, it was a matter of face and pride. If they didn't do anything, they would be mocked by others for trying to seal his Imperial Star to only be spared by him and not do anything about it. They would seem petty, while Great Qin's Legatee would seem magnanimous.

Second, it was a matter of strength. Now, Great Qin's strength was simply monstrous. Even though they would still struggle against each other below the surface, on the surface, they still needed to seem amicable. After all, it wouldn't be worth it to offend a powerful enemy like Great Qin.

Many people had the same idea, and they sent massive gifts to the Ying family. No one knew just where Great Qin's Legatee was, so they could only pass the gifts to the Ying family and hope that Great Qin's Legatee would take notice.

All of the Ying family's higher-ups were incredibly delighted. They had long since started to see Great Qin's Legatee as someone who was a part of the Ying family. They held a grand banquet and invited all sorts of important figures, making the Ying family's residence quite lively.

Ying Wu also felt quite happy as he received the benefits of acting as Great Qin's Legatee. Countless families and upper-class people continuously tried to curry favor with him.

Now, his life was hundreds of times better than it was before. Wherever he went, people would address him as 'Your Majesty,' and countless people tried to get on his good side. He didn't lack money or beautiful women.

With the number of women who wanted to curry favor with him, even if he slept with one per day, he wouldn't be able to get through all of them. However, Ying Wu didn't forget that he was just a fake, so he continuously developed his own faction.

Now, Ying Wu's faction had become a relatively large faction, and he had 20,000 people. Ying Wu was a bit apprehensive of the Ying family, so he developed slowly and cautiously so as not to displease the Ying family. Otherwise, with the things that the smaller families had gifted him with, he would have expanded his faction to 40,000 people already.

As for Ying Xi, after hearing her subordinate's report, she heard that her family's elders had decided to marry her off to Great Qin's Legatee as a concubine. When she heard this, Ying Xi felt that her time was running out!

Qiu Fengzi also received instructions from his Sect Master to maintain good relations with the Ying family. Who knew? If Qiu Fengzi made a good impression on Great Qin's Legatee, perhaps the Taoist Sect would escape calamity in the future.

Of course, Qiu Fengzi heard about the Sect Master helping to seal the Chaos Imperial Star, creating karma between them. As such, Qiu Fengzi understood the importance of this order.

Now, Qiu Fengzi felt a bit conflicted - should he tell the higher-ups that Great Qin's Legatee was, in fact, already in the Ying family's residence? After thinking about it for a while, Qiu Fengzi decided to continue searching for him by himself. Only then would he be able to maximize his profits because it was likely that he was the only person who knew this. As such, it was likely that he would be the first person in the world to find out who Great Qin's Legatee was.

This was a massive opportunity, and he couldn't let it slip by. However, after searching for so long, he still hadn't found Great Qin's Legatee's precise location, and he couldn't help but wonder where he was. What he didn't know was that Zhao Fu barely went out, making him quite difficult to find.

In the real world, within a building, two women were talking over a table filled with food.

A beautiful girl who was 17 or 18 years old, gave off a mysterious aura, and wore a veil pleaded, "Big sis! We're relying on you, and we hope that you can maintain good relations with him so that he doesn't feel any enmity towards the School of Yin Yang."

He Xianru lightly sighed, and she nodded as she looked at the girl and said, "Xianling, I'll help, and he isn't a bloodthirsty person. However, I hope that Sect Master will act cautiously from now on. From what I understand, his fate is something that even the gods won't be able to change."

When she saw He Xianru agree, the girl called Xianling smiled as she replied, "Thank you, big sis. Sect Master also regrets this and understands."

When she heard this, He Xianru relaxed. She didn't want to become Zhao Fu's enemy - only those close to him knew just how terrifying he truly was.

At that moment, Xianling asked, "Big sis, tell me what sort of person he is. What does he look like? Does he have a look of charisma?"

He Xianru looked quite surprised and asked, "Why are you suddenly asking about this? What, are you interested in him?"

Xialing slightly blushed and pulled on He Xianru's hand as she said with an embarrassed expression on her face, "Big sis, with his potential, he'll definitely become a grand figure. It's only natural to feel curious about him. Big sis, hurry and tell me about him!"

He Xianru lightly laughed before starting to tell the girl about Zhao Fu.

Within the Heaven Awaken World, Zhao Fu spent a bit more than a day to go through all of the information that he had obtained from God Kerr before summoning his important subordinates to discuss Great Qin's future path.