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 Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang...

The countless chains binding the Chaos Imperial Star all shattered, and the dozens of chains binding the three General Stars also broke.

The countless leaders and Sect Masters all coughed up mouthfuls of blood and collapsed onto their formations.

The entire world fell silent, and the massive pair of blood-red eyes gave off an immense heavenly might. In the next moment, it looked towards all of the people who had participated in the sealing.


A shocking explosion sounded out as the countless leaders, Sect Masters, elders, and Legatees were raised into the air by a formless energy, which was strong enough to crush them.

"Sect Master!" "Your Majesty!" "Elder!"

Countless terrified cries sounded out as people looked up at the important figures in the air, who were now completely defenseless. The others tried to help, but all those who rushed up were blasted backward by a formless energy and injured.

The people in the air felt their spirits tremble as an aura of death covered them as if they had been pulled into boundless darkness. In front of the pair of blood-red eyes, they were as lowly as ants.

"Are we going to die?" the people all thought to themselves as their bodies trembled in front of this power. They felt that they were going to explode at any second.

Indeed, the pair of blood-red eyes was thinking about killing them. The formless energy squeezed, and the people in the air desperately struggled. However, they were unable to get free.

Suddenly, the formless energy disappeared, and the people crashed back down onto the ground, their bodies covered with sweat.

All of this had happened too fast, and before anyone could react, the pair of blood-red eyes slowly disappeared, as did the Chaos Imperial Star and the three General Stars. All of the abnormal signs disappeared, and the world returned to its original state.

At that moment, everyone let out a sigh of relief. Those blood-red eyes had been too terrifying, and everyone had felt like there was a gigantic rock weighing down on them. They had been unable to retaliate at all, nor had they dared to make a sound.

"Sect Master!" "Your Majesty!" "Elder!"

The people around them quickly went over to help them up. Luckily, the pair of blood-red eyes hadn't killed these important people, and their followers breathed out a sigh of relief.

In the real world, the abnormal signs all disappeared, and within the Ying family's residence, Qiu Fengzi watched the Chaos Imperial Star disappear. As it disappeared, he let out a sigh of relief.

In the underground region, Zhao Fu's heart suddenly started beating, and his body was filled with lifeforce again. He slowly opened his blood-red eyes.

At the entrance, Bai Qi and the others felt that everything was finished, so they all entered the underground region.

By now, Zhao Fu had taken out a pair of white robes from his King's Ring and put them on. With his long hair, cold and handsome face, demonic blood-red eyes, and his powerful and mighty aura, he seemed like a different person.

Bai Qi and the others didn't dare to look at him right in the eyes, and they could only lower their heads and cup their fists as they nervously said, "Your Majesty!"

When he saw that his subordinates had come in, Zhao Fu retracted his aura and smiled, saying, "Alright, let's go back. Everything has finished."

Seeing that their mild Majesty had returned, they finally relaxed. Before, they had felt fearful after being told that Zhao Fu had fused with God Kerr's Divinity.

This was because God Ker was a demon god that was wicked and bloodthirsty. They were afraid that Zhao Fu would also be affected by its nature, turning him into a tyrant.

It seemed that they had been overly worried, and everyone smiled and followed behind Zhao Fu. Slaughtering Ghost and Sky Demon returned to their swords and hung at Zhao Fu's waist.

After returning to the surface, Zhao Fu saw the carnage from everything that had happened and bitterly smiled before ordering people to do repairs.

Zhao Fu returned to his room and looked at the system announcements that he had missed. When Zhao Fu had opened his eyes, countless system announcements had sounded out.

"System announcement! Your body has fused with a Divinity, which is re-shaping your body. It will be incredibly painful."

"System announcement! The demon god's Divinity, which contains boundless evil, bloodlust, and darkness, has caused changes to your Imperial Star."

"System announcement! The Chaos Demon Star has detected your aura, and it is willing to become your Source Star and descend."

"System announcement! The Myrtle Imperial Star and the Chaos Demon Star have started to fuse, and it will result in abnormal signs."

"System announcement!" Your Chaos Imperial Star has been sealed, which is an act that defies the heavens and changes fate. The Heavenly Laws have started to retaliate, and they have fused with your willpower."


There was a long list of system announcements, and Zhao Fu looked through them one by one. Zhao Fu was quite surprised about the Chaos Demon Star because he knew that the Chaos Demon Star was the most inauspicious star. He had never thought that such a star would want to become his Source Star.

The Myrtle Imperial Star was a Fate Star, and it gathered a massive amount of Fate, which was similar to a General Star. Those who obtained a Myrtle Imperial Star had Son of Heaven Fate.

However, a Source Star was different - it wasn't affected by anything, and it was tied closely to one's life. Compared to a Fate Star, which was more of an external force, a Source Star was part of a person's very being.

Now, the Myrtle Imperial Star had fused with the Chaos Demon Star to form the Chaos Imperial Star.

Next, Zhao Fu found out about the Chaos Imperial Star being sealed. At that time, his body was being re-formed, and it was painful to the point that his mind had nearly collapsed; of course, he wouldn't have been able to pay attention to that. Only when his body had been re-formed and his spirit in darkness did he feel something binding him.

Zhao Fu had felt incredibly furious at the time, and in the end, his willpower had fused with the Heavenly Laws and descended.

Those blood-red eyes weren't some higher power but Zhao Fu's eyes. However, no one had realized this. Back then, the Heavenly Laws had given Zhao Fu three opportunities to act.

Zhao Fu broke the suppression from the nine Nation Armaments, destroyed the chains, and tried to kill those who had tried to seal the Chaos Imperial Star.

However, in the end, he didn't kill them. This was because he had seen the disasters caused by the Chaos Imperial Star and felt quite guilty about them. What's more, he wouldn't be able to truly kill them, and because most of them possessed a great amount of Fate, the Heavenly Laws wouldn't allow such a thing.

At most, he would only be able to kill them in the Heaven Awaken World. He wouldn't be able to harm them in the real world. What's more, the nine Legatees were the Legatees of nine of the most ancient Empires, so Zhao Fu had given up on killing them.

This didn't mean that Zhao Fu feared them. It was just that they were too troublesome to deal with. Since he was unable to truly kill them, Zhao Fu decided to not make the entire world hate him even more.