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 After the Chaos Imperial Star was sealed by the countless chains, the blood-red light it gave off became dimmer and dimmer, and its massive aura gradually disappeared until it became just a slightly-red star, losing its demonic look.

"The heavens and the earth, mysterious and righteous forces, and all living creatures, listen to my command: seal!"

"Amitabha, salvation to the masses, Buddha's light shining on the world, eradicating all evils: seal!"

"Yin Yang Five Elements, Five Elements nourishing one another, Five Elements destroying one another, Five Elements fusing into one: seal!"

When they saw that the Chaos Imperial Star no longer had the strength to resist, the various leaders and Sect Masters didn't hesitate, and they started to chant their sealing techniques, wanting to seal the Chaos Imperial Star as soon as possible to prevent anything unexpected from happening. After all, the Chaos Imperial Star was simply too horrifying.

Following this, the countless leaders and Sect Masters unleashed their seals, and the sky seemed to slowly drag the Chaos Imperial Star and the three General Stars upwards.

In the underground region, Zhao Fu's heart still wasn't beating, making him seem like a corpse, while Bai Qi, Wei Liao, and Wang Jian did their best to try to resist. However, it was completely useless, and not only were they unable to help the Chaos Imperial Star, but their own General Stars were also being sealed.

Now, Great Qin didn't have the strength to resist so many Nation Armaments, Schools, and Sects.

At the Westfall Restaurant, He Xianru watched as the Chaos Imperial Star was slowly sealed and sighed. This wasn't something that she could change, and it had completely exceeded her expectations. With how terrifying the Chaos Imperial Star was, it had caused all of the world's Schools and Sects to suppress it, and since her own Sect Master had acted, how could she intervene?

In another region, Zhang Heng rode on his donkey as he watched the Chaos Imperial Star being sealed. His expression became grim, and he inwardly sighed. This was a great loss for Great Qin, and it was a pity that the star had been simply too inauspicious. Otherwise, it would have been of great help to all of China.

Su Yan looked up at the Chaos Imperial Star being sealed, and he couldn't help but laugh. Great Qin's strength had weighed on his heart all this time, and it had made him feel quite uncomfortable.

The countless Legatees all looked quite delighted. From the very beginning, Great Qin had been dominating them, and it had revealed incredible power. It had been feared by countless people, and now, it had been suppressed by the rest of the world.

If the Chaos Imperial Star and the three General Stars were sealed, it would be a heavy blow to Great Qin. The Fate that it possessed would be reduced to the same level as other nations, no longer having ten times as more Fate compared to other nations.

Great Qin was in dire straits because it was standing against the whole world. How could Great Qin fight against the rest of the world? No matter how powerful one was, one couldn't stand against the whole world, and the result was the Chaos Imperial Star being sealed.

After this incident, Great Qin became estranged from the rest of the world, and all of the large factions knew that their actions had angered Great Qin and that they would suffer for it in the future.

Even though they had been forced to do this, they were still afraid of revenge from Great Qin.

However, this also gave the various factions a chance to develop. Now, Great Qin didn't have much left that could make them fearful. Most factions were overjoyed that Great Qin's Imperial Star had been sealed.

The Demon Star and the three General Stars were pulled upwards in the sky, and the top of the Chaos Imperial Star couldn't be seen anymore. Soon, the entire Chaos Imperial Star would disappear and be sealed.

By now, to most people, the Chaos Imperial Star being sealed was already inevitable. What else could stand up to the nine Nation Armaments and thousands of chains? There was simply nothing.

In the underground region, Zhao Fu lay naked on the altar with no signs of life coming from him at all.

Suddenly, a round symbol appeared on the back of Zhao Fu's right hand. It was a circle with eight mysterious and profound-looking symbols within it, and they were spaced evenly around the circle with a black dot at the center. This was the Earth Realm Mark.

At this moment, the Earth Realm Mark gave off a faint rainbow-colored light, causing Zhao Fu's right hand to slowly float up and grab at the air.


An explosion sounded out throughout the world. No matter where one was, one still clearly heard this noise.

Immediately, the various leaders and Sect Masters were incredibly startled because the spiritual aura of the world and a massive amount of Fate started to gather towards one place. The wind started to quickly blow, and everyone could clearly detect the flow of the spiritual aura and Fate.

At the entrance to the underground region, Bai Qi and the others could feel these massive flows, and they were astonished. They quickly looked inside.

The leaders and Sect Masters felt that something was happening, and they tried to complete the sealing as soon as possible. However, the blue sky once again dimmed, and the darkness returned. All of the leaders and Sect Masters were horrified to find that their sealing had failed.

A pair of gigantic, blood-red eyes, filled with coldness and evilness, slowly opened in the sky.

Immediately, cracks appeared in the sky as a supreme might descended. No matter who it was, whether it was a Legatee, elder, or City Lord, they all felt their bodies sink as if there was a hand gripping their hearts. They felt a chill run down their backs, and their legs became weak - this was an instinctive fear.

The blood-red eyes were incredibly cold, and they didn't contain any human emotions. They were filled with a demonic blood-red light that was filled with boundless evil.

These eyes appeared directly above the Chaos Imperial Star, and below the pair of gigantic eyes, the Chaos Imperial Star was between the eyes and looked incredibly small.

The pair of blood-red eyes gave off a shocking heavenly might, and the eyes looked down on all living creatures. Below, everyone felt a chill in their hearts.

Massive waves of shock crashed within the hearts of the leaders and Sect Masters, and they didn't even dare to look up at the eyes. This was because they felt the power of Heavenly Laws, which was this world's source of energy.

They had failed to defy the heavens and change fate. They had never thought that this sealing would be disrupted by the Heavenly Laws in the end - it seemed that it wasn't so easy to defy the heavens, and the leaders and Sect Masters all felt incredibly bitter.

The blood-red eyes first looked at the nine Nation Armaments!

Immediately, the images of the nine Nation Armaments collapsed, and the nine Legatees felt an immense wave of energy attack them. They were blasted backward and coughed up a mouthful of blood, the bones in their chests completely broken. They powerlessly lay on the ground, heavily injured.

Following this, the pair of blood-red eyes looked at the bound Chaos Imperial Star with its terrifying gaze.